Home Remodeling Seminar - Normandy

Home Remodeling Seminar – Normandy

well about once a month here at our Normandy showroom in hinsdale we host seminars that basically have a wide variety of topics they range from kitchen remodeling two bathrooms to basements curb appeal and even home edition so the first part of the presentation typically is going to be me architect or designer discussing a little bit about their background you know projects they've worked on their credentials or education and then they're going to jump right into the presentation of the actual seminar so different things such as trends products materials things that you know people are really looking for as far as you know what's popular things to maybe shy away from and just trying to be informative about what's out there in the market these days and then the really fun thing that we like to go over is a case study where we can look at an actual project that we've worked on here at Normandy from before photos all the way through the execution of the project when looking at how we solve their problems the solution and how we got to that point after the presentation we invite our attendees to join us in a light lunch here we have in our showroom where they can spend some time with some different designers it'll be available to answer you know particular questions they may have and just really spend time you know learning more more things about particular products or no materials or poking around in our really fun material selection Center we have on the other side of the showroom our seminars and become really popular so it's great as soon as you hear about these to sign up as soon as possible because they tend to sell out we really just want to be as informative as possible make people feel comfortable just as a starting point you know a lot of people really like to just get a taste for what's out there and what to expect when you are remodeling or starting the whole process so that's really why we put together these seminars so so people can just feel comfortable and not feel pressured into anything and just sit back and enjoy the presentation but also have some time for questions and answers with designers one-on-one just to feel like they you know can get the answers that they're looking for royal wedding

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