• Buddy Webb

    April 14, 2019

    Often times, I get comments or questions about items not addressed in a video posted but those items were addressed in other videos such as, "WHERE IS PROOF OF A MURDER ATTEMPT WITH POLICE INVOLVEMENT?" or "WHY DON'T IS SEE PEOPLE ON CAMERA?" or "WEREN'T YOU CALLED CRAZY?"

    Many times these comments are defamatory, insulting and insinuating untruths because the viewer is ignorant of the facts or they're actually trying to spread misinformation about the crimes here.

    All of these questions are answered in other videos with evidence shown. I'll list a few of those other videos so this misinformation isn't spread any further.

    WHERE IS PROOF OF A MURDER ATTEMPT WITH POLICE INVOLVEMENT? – I think we can all agree that if I wasn't shot with my gun then I was shot with another gun and that means somebody came to my home and shot me? The lab report showed that the size of pellets removed from my foot were 2.5 sizes different than what was in my gun proving that I was not shot with my gun. The evidence logs shows that no empty shotgun shell was found proving that I wasn't shot with my gun. Lisa Rodgers was documented as saying that I was shot with a .45 handgun. The ER doctor stated that he removed a large amount of plastic from my foot which would not be found if I had been shot with my gun. A voice recorder which had recorded the burglar alarms going off before I was ambushed and shot was stolen by police after I told them where it was at. Phone records will show that I called the El Paso DEA and then the Midland DEA and reported a suspected tunnel two weeks before I was shot from two inches above ground and not with my gun. I had just filed divorced five days before I was shot from a three month marriage and the ex-wife is now alleged to be involved in the shooting by her former boyfriend. She had taken my life insurance books from my home without my knowledge a few weeks earlier. HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (https://youtu.be/jqfNb_5tuR0)

    WHY DON'T I SEE PEOPLE ON CAMERA? – The answer is they're hacking my security cameras. It took me a long time to prove this but I finally did and I have a couple of videos showing that. This is besides hundreds of videos showing burglar alarms going off or police reports with me reporting these same felonies. I saw a person in my attic one day and I was shot with burglar alarms going off in my attic. The evidence shows that I wasn't shot with my gun so that is a murder attempt! PROOF OF (https://youtu.be/ToxkpEs2CZc)

    WEREN'T YOU CALLED CRAZY – Four months before the murder attempt, the ex-wife was recorded as admitting to trying to extort around $1800 a month from me over these crimes and if I didn't pay up then she threatened to tell everybody that was crazy. I didn't pay and she carried out this threat two years later with her childhood friend, Detective. Rodriguez, when both of them testified that I was delusional in a protective order hearing on 12/18/13. Rodriguez had personally called the hospital and tried to have me committed even though she isn't a doctor and proof shows that I wasn't shot with my gun. Furthermore, MPD Officer April Chandler, who is the last known person to have my now stolen voice recorder that I had told Detective Rodriguez was the proof at my house declares that I'm a paranoid schizophrenic two days after I was ambushed and shot. This was a lie and I had not been diagnosed with this disease nor do I have it. I was cleared by mental health at the hospital because of these ludicrous allegations which were clearly meant to destroy my credibility and obstruct justice in this capital murder attempt. CALLING THE CRIME VICTIM CRAZY (https://youtu.be/n8_NKrZysMA)

    Not all things are known but we can be sure that I wasn't shot with my gun which makes this a capital murder attempt. Obviously, a half dozen people saying that an underground facility and/or tunnels are being here and proof showing that I wasn't shot with my gun means they're here and that is what is being covered up. I've recently uncovered some very important evidence that has been hidden from me which is coming out soon. It's only a matter of time to when the truth comes out.

    I'm going to start pinning this comment on each of my videos to stop the troll comments because the truth, the evidence and God is on my side.

  • Buddy Webb

    April 14, 2019

    I have several other videos showing some of the things that I've found inside and outside my home since surviving the murder attempt which could be related to the rigging of this home with hidden access that was used for 10,000 felonies that include the capital attempted murder.

    28 LAYERS – This video shows that the bottom 3 levels of bricks on my home were buried under a foot and half of dirt sometime after it was built in 1982. This huge amount of dirt also buried the wood pickect fence and covers almost the entire lawn.

    THINGS TO SEE – This video shows what can be seen just by driving by and it had tens of thousands of views on Facebook.

    BURGLARS IN MY ATTIC – This video was made inside my attic and it shows some of the weird construction items found which include lumber that is noticablly a different age than the rest and the many places where my HVAC duct work had been broken apart by the home intruders.

    IS THIS A SEX TRAFFICKING TUNNEL? – This video looks at the wall in my alley that seperates the homes from the secluded trucking lane. I also drive around to the other side of the wall where the two side by side manholes are at next to where the live tree was taken out in 2015.

    CAUGHT DIGGING!!! – My dog, Bella, alerted me to this noise coming up from the ground in the backyard which I recorded with my phone. This happened next to the my shed in the backyard so it's only about 15 foot from the two side by side manholes and the "thing" that was in the neighbor's backyard. I wondered if it was a tunnel entrance but it was removed around the same time as the live tree was.


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