Home Maintenance: Prevent Exterior Water Intrusion

so some basic things we can see just walking up to our house and being aware of what's going on to our house is our is our house being being exposed to any any threat that it doesn't need to be as soon as you walk up here where there's a good space between the bottom of the stock of the web screen and the surface or the soil and up here you can see where where the soils been allowed to to gather a little bit higher and come up above the level of the weep Street the weep screed is kept far enough away from the soil it'll stay dry it'll stay solid but as we come in here and we pulled some of this away what was put here to retain moisture is doing just that to the house it's allowing that moisture to be retained right up next to the house and this weep screed is soft and pliable because it's been allowed to rust and just deteriorate this moisture is just being allowed to wick up into the house into that stucco possibly deteriorating the felt paper behind it good rule of thumb is at least 2 inches between soil and the bottom of the weep screed if you can allow for more than that that's always better but a good rule of thumb is at least 2 inches will allow that water to come down hit the foundation rather than the stucco and then work its way away from the house local codes require as much as 5 inches but the reality is we can't always get that so let's always strive for at least 2 inches here of free airspace between the soil and the web screen

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