Home Maintenance: How To Flush or Descale a Noritz Tankless Water Heater

welcome to another episode racing to learn we are a nonprofit that uses radio control to get kids excited about math and science and today we're doing a little bit something different we're doing a little home maintenance just that we shoot a video on this because some some of you might find is useful so we're gonna actually flush our tankless water heater no tankless water heaters are great because they don't have a tank they don't have a you know a huge 30 40 gallon tank that they have to keep the water warm it's it's basically hot water and demand but you do a little bit of maintenance it you have to do maintenance on those ticked water here's as well we have to flush them at least once a year same thing with the or similar thing with the tankless you actually have to run a solution through the water heater to descale it they call it so we're gonna actually use vinegar we've got four gallons of vinegar as well we picked up this 1/6 horsepower submersible utility pump from Harbor Freight I think it was $60 and there's a twenty twenty percent coupon that you can usually get at Harbor Freight we picked up these stainless steel washer hoses you don't have to use stainless steel but we were actually gonna replace the rubber hoses with the stainless steel washer hoses anyways just for longevity and for extra peace of mind so we picked up this this 2-pack of steel stainless steel washer hoses and then you'll need a five-gallon bucket we put some soapy water in the bucket we're gonna wash down just any any residual manufacturing oils from that that stainless steel hose and also we're just gonna run a little bit of that soapy water through the pump to just to clean it out because you know this is going into your home system probably a little bit of overkill but better safe than sorry in my book always better just to have everything as clean as possible so even those these these things are new from the factory there are residual manufacturing chemicals and greases and this is something going into your water system that you may consume although you should really be drinking the hot water out of the the sinks and faucets and whatnot anyways but if you happen to drink some that this is you know you just want to keep everything as clean as possible so we'll go ahead and get the sir is our tankless water heater what you want to do first is you want to unplug the power from it so that is this line over here and then you want to turn off the gas to the unit so ours is right here I'm gonna turn off the gas here yeah so then we want to hook up the pipes the the tubes to these two to these two outlets here so that's what we're gonna hook up the bypass cap on the cold side came off easily but the one on the hot side we're gonna have to use these channel lock pliers to help pry okay so here is our setup we've got the hoses connected we followed the instructions according to the nor it's video which was to first close off the gas then close off the hot and then cold and then open up these outlets to drain any excess fluid one trick here was that you know the painter had painted over these handles here so they were a little bit jammed you don't want to take a some pliers to him directly what we did here is you can actually take with the soft end of these pliers you know clamp them around that that handle here and use that as leverage a little bit softer but still giving you some increased leverage there without breaking the actual handle that would be a bad thing requiring some plumbing work as well so we are running that it's three gallons of vinegar in this bucket you're supposed to run this for an hour let it come for an hour continuously you know go ahead and look up the video from your particular manufacturer on YouTube the at least Nora's had one and we'll go ahead and let's run north said that four you know if you want to or for optimal cleaning you can change the solution a half hour in we'll see how we'll see how clogged up that solution is or you know how cloudy it is see anything is actually visible or else we'll just let it run so we'll keep you guys posted all right this is the vinegar after an hour or so running a little bit longer than an hour there's some black debris at the bottom the solution as well we're just gonna keep this ready for a little bit longer and see how the fluid looks I ended up running the pump for about about four hours of four and a half hours and I'm glad that I did you can see the color of this black vinegar after that's a lot of a lot of junk being flushed out of the water heater so thanks again for watching let us know if you guys liked videos like this please like comment subscribe and we'll catch you next time

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