Home Maintenance: Electrical Breaker Box

hi my name is Arturo Prince black and you are watching E uia TV now today we're gonna talk about some common tips that you can use to help improve the health and safety of your home we've got Tim shaver inside let's go see what he's going to teach us all right so here we have your circuit panel box and in here you'll find all the circuit breakers for everything inside your home mm-hmm starting at the bottom here you have the main circuit breaker so hopefully you should never have to touch this one but this would cut off the power to the entire house mm-hmm all these other ones are for different different appliances different rooms things like to have to about the house everything is labeled on the side here you can see you've got kitchen disposal dishwasher things like that so now if one of the breakers were to trip inside the house you'd see this would be clicked over to that side so if you come down here I need to do to reset it click it back over there now in your bedrooms we have this which is called an arc fault breakers it's a little bit more sensitive a little different and it has a test button here which is very similar to the GFCI outlets once a year you're going to want to press this test button you'll see this disengage to reset it you want to go all the way off that way and then all the way back on that way okay all the way over and then all the way back you

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