Home Maintenance: Cleaning Exterior Windows

hi I'm al Toro Prince black and you're watching EUI ATV and right now we're gonna get your home ready for spring we've got Tim shaver he's inside let's go see what he's up to alright well this is what you wanted to show me windows take it away alright so at this neighborhood we have vinyl windows installed some of our neighborhoods have wood window frames these happen to be vinyl so I'll show you how these work first off you've got these two two latches here pretty easy if you're let's say you want to clean the windows mm-hmm you unlatch them you pull them up a little bit then you have a clip on this side here and you've got another one on this side mm-hmm if you pull them in just a little bit the window will lean in so you can get get to this side you can clean it off pretty easily very easy the top sash does the same thing you pull down a little bit okay you helped me out with that one oh yeah sure up here all right teamwork exactly and then you can clean that one as well so good to put them back you just reverse the process put that one in there make sure it's fully closed hmm and do the same here and it's important to make sure that these clips fully engage otherwise that window might not close properly mm-hmm go ahead and put the bottom sash down and another key here is you want to make sure that the top sash is fully engaged to the top here okay you want to give it a good shove there make sure it's fully up otherwise the window might not latch you might get some drafts oh gosh and that's a counterintuitive to what we want cuz we want to have a comfortable home so if it's not totally shot you're gonna lose your hot air or your cool air absolutely mm-hmm all right so that's about it well we do do windows here at ey a and thank you Tim for helping us with that absolutely appreciate that problem excellent tips to help keep your home ready for spring thank you you

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  • Rita Kvist

    April 13, 2019

    Need to find out how to clean a wooden sash that doesn't tilt.


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