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this is Steve at alpha building inspections I'm working with Kevin Fredrickson he's doing a chimney repair on a 250 year old chimney I'm just going to take a shot he's working up inside the chimney right now is coming out pretty tight quarters hey Kevin I'm right here videotaping you're coming out of there Wow how often do you have to do that once a week nice so Kevin here does all of our level one chimney inspections he's repointing and once you tell us what you're doing it on this chimney real quick brought it down crawl 12 feet up inside had to bring it down another six feet so for a 200 what's this 250 old chimney probably I'm just gonna shoot the inside of it where he came out of might be 250 or I'll chimney right yes and was it safe before you got here do you think to burn no yeah that's pretty cool great so we look forward to having Kevin at your house possibly inspecting your older chimneys and making sure that they're safe to use this is Steve at alpha building inspections and Kevin Fredrickson and integrity chimneys thank you you

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