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this John Hill Starmark home inspections and when you're building a new house one of the key times during the construction process is at the pre drywall stage this gives us a chance to look behind the drywall and see what's actually in the walls we find a lot of issues during this stage you know the walls are open so you can see all the electrical and the plumbing and things like that in here here's some electrical lines here that are through the top plate properly connected and fire stopped and protected here's one that's not we typically find this a lot where that hole needs to be fire stopped to prevent the spread of fires you know there's another hole here these are typical things on the structure itself the structure needs to be anchored to the foundation this anchor bolt has not been tightened here's one that's missing the nut all together of course this anchor bolts out of place these are all kind of issues that we see of course this strap here holding the the framing down that's done properly here you can't really see it in in this picture but this entire length of this wall is not sitting on the foundation it's hanging off about three inches so there's very little support along this entire wall here definitely something that would need to be corrected with the structure these joist hangers are not fully nailed off so that compromises the strength of it here this steel beam is not fully supported on the full width that also contributes to structural issues potentially these joist hangers here not nailed off completely like they should be here's some roof trusses this truss here has been damaged along the bottom cord here same roof truss here this middle connector plate is off this bottom cord has been broken you can see it here it's all cracked these are critical issues with the roof trusses here's where they have repaired it this repair unfortunately was not done in accordance with the manufacturers requirements so they to redo it right here we see a broken trust member these are very common here's a repair where the Builder just nailed a piece of 2×4 on the side of a broken trust that's just not acceptable here's a broken trust again and here's another trust that's been repaired when these trusses are repaired they need to be corrected here we can also see the water lines and here these lines are not properly protected where they go through the walls so these are the reasons why you need to do a pre drywall inspection to catch a lot of these issues they can only be seen before the drywall and insulation gets put up so if you're building the house you definitely want to think about doing a pre drywall inspection and you can give us a call at 7:04 six zero six eight three three three to schedule this service

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