Home Improvement: Spring Cleaning [Sermon]

thank you so much for checking us out here Life Church for further information putting additional content inserts and business online live trade show model for download the white church are mine for the after-school will appear hope you enjoy the message that as a positive [Applause] well good morning my name is pastor Don I do discipleship with small group ministries here at the church I have got the honor of bringing the word to you this morning this pastor Jonas suffering for Jesus in California and so so this morning we're gonna continue in our service series called home improvement and the message this morning is going to be entitled spring cleaning who likes spring cleaning anybody you're not normal alright who likes the results of spring cleaning right like everybody right but but the cleaning part's not always the fun part right it's dirty it's work you got to get rid of stuff that you didn't even know you had in fact whenever I was preparing for this I thought about this we often miss the mess in our lives that others see you ever go to that person's house and immediately you walk in and you're like what is that smell right and if you have never done that somebody's done that to your house I'm just telling you or you all kid and you're like I would have never in the world used that wallpaper on my wall right like uh so you walk in and you see things that people have just begun to become comfortable in that environment and that's what we're gonna talk about today we're going to talk today about spring cleaning we're going to talk about sweeping sin out of our lives we have become comfortable living in in preparing for this I I thought about this show I don't know if you've ever saw this show but there's a show that's on the History Channel we've got a picture of that here maybe there we go who's ever saw this show anybody ever see this show alright that's one of my favorite shows I'm not really a big TV guy but I love this show just because of the fact I love history and it's staged and there's no way that those guys know everything that they know about every item that they grab they're like oh this is a bullet from so it's those gun from the Civil War that was fired at this look it's like whatever dude and so basically if you've never saw the show what they do is they go dig through people's storage units and their houses and all of their clutter and they sell it overpriced to a bunch of millennial people on HD that's what they do and they call it vintage and and so I love the show but it's amazing when you watch this show as they dig through and they get these finds the people's faces like they get all excited and they say one of the two things they say man I never realized I had that or they say I forgot I had that in their sin works a lot the same way a lot of times we're like man I forgot I had that in my life or we say something like I never realized that that was there and the Bible says this in Luke it says for nothing that is done in secret will not be revealed nor anything that is hidden will it not be brought to the light I experienced this in a really powerful way this weekend this weekend we had immense ministry event and so we traveled down to this place called the Boyd Nebraska and if you've never been there there's nothing there literally there's a lake and we passed this place in fact called jimbob's ice cream and I was like why not and so we stopped the got ice cream and it was the best ice cream I've ever had in my life but we were down there at the fishing tournament this week for men's ministry and my son and I we brought back some hardware yeah we were the champions and someone a preach with this right here today and so there's a lot you can learn about this this trophy right here see it's more than just my son and I winning the fishing tournament and I'm trying to convince him of that as he was trash-talking everybody because he brought his trophy today too but there's more than just this trophy this trophy tells the story see my dad and I if you've never met my dad I love my dad he's an incredible guy my dad's clothing line consists of bib overalls and Crocs that's about all that he owns and and so my dad and I though we never really had a lot in common growing up but one thing we both loved to do was we love to fish and I remember when I was a kid fishing with my dad I would come up with the craziest concoctions in the tackle box I would have like this big rubber worm chasing this rattletrap were chasing this other alert and it looked like a wind chime and I would throw this thing out there and my dad would tell me the same thing every single time even say boy that's not gonna work he said that's not gonna get you the results that you want and so I begin to pass this on and teach this to my son as he was coming up with some really dumb ideas to fish with I was like you're not gonna catch fish with that the reality was my dad loved me enough to share something with me that I could pass down to my son that would get him the results that he wanted and so today that's all we're doing today we're gonna break open the Word of God and I'm gonna share with you that there's some things maybe in your life that you're doing that's not gonna lead you where you want to go there's some things that you're doing in your life that's not gonna get you the results that you might want you see my mom I believe she was prophetic at times and she would say this same to me often not even realizing the significance of it she would say boy she would say cleanliness is next to you're a bunch of prophets to see there's a lot their reality is this the reality is this clutter in your life blocks reception from God and so today we're gonna have some spring cleaning we're gonna sweep away some of the junk that we've allowed in our lives before we do this we must all be on the same page and have an understanding of 7 things the 7 things are this number one God is real can I get an amen y'all are quiet today number two Satan is real right a heaven is real hell is real we have free will sin is real and so are the consequences of it right and we all need the Holy Spirit I think it's fitting that we're preaching this sermon today on Pentecost Sunday for those of you that don't know what that it was that was seven weeks after Easter whenever the Holy Spirit fell on the believers in the Bible time and so the way that happened was they had to remove some of their wants and their desire send them out of the way in order for God to do well good morning for God to do what he wanted to do see a lot of the time we we don't like to talk about sin one pastor even says it this way says whatever happened to sin because sin is the thing in our life that we hide I love this set right did indeed you'll do a good job with this Rob built it an angel did all the decorating I love Pastor Mike Pastor Mike was like standing back and he had a notepad he was looking at it and he was determining how he would decorate this and Andre come in and he's like dude what are you doing and he's like well I'm figuring out what we're gonna use for decorations he's like we're dudes we don't do that let angel do that and because if we had our way it would be a del n heart sheet right here right over the window and there were but the reality is this is not what your home looks like right like this might be what your home looks like before a guests show up right and you do the amazing like fly through the house and clean up everything and shove the dishes in the stove and pray nobody turns it on and that kind of cleaning like and it like looks like this what everybody shows up they're like your house is beautiful when you're like oh excuse the mess and they're like what mess and it's like to mess you don't see that's hidden everywhere right and let me take your coat for you the reason people do that because they don't want you to open their closet right spring cleaning is this spring cleanings whenever you you remove the clutter out of your life so your life looks like this so that you know where stuff's at so that you know if the areas of your life that you need to work on and it doesn't just build up over time can I tell you this the scenes that you saw today will be the fruit that you eat tomorrow we love to point out to sin and everyone else around us our our lives as lives but we we don't like it when people point fingers back at us but everything that is hidden will be revealed I was telling you about my dad all I'll tell you one of my favorite stories about my dad this morning he my dad is a very amazing guy he can fix anything in the world I always said you know they always say like he was on a deserted island and you can take three things what would you take I was like baling wire duct tape from my dad we would not be on the island for more than a day and so my dad's an amazing guy he can fix anything just not correctly and and so my dad one time he doesn't think things out like in advance he just gets an idea and he's like we're running with this and he had bought a house and it set on a really high on a hill and he noticed down the roadway that the the light poles were leaning really bad so the electrical company was coming through they was replacing them with straight poles and getting rid of all the crooked ones and my dad struck up a deal with them that he wanted all the old poles because he was gonna build a bedroom on the back of his house and and so he built a bedroom and it was actually kind of impressive he went to all the farmers and collected the wood and and such that he would need and he put the bedroom out there on these poles off the back of the house and got his changed phone cut a hole in the side of the house like my dad doesn't and uh and when he built it it lead really really bad like you had a bad pitch to it so my dad didn't want anybody that was great with ingenuity would do he screwed two by fours to the floor so the furniture was like this and uh and my dad had this idea halfway through the project it would be great to build a master bathroom with the new master bedroom and so he went to the local hardware store and bought all the plumbing supplies out of the clearance section right and so the PVC didn't line up the it was different gauges it was different types of materials and he determined that he would use duct tape and liquid and he'll to hold all the PVC together and it seemed like a great idea was gonna run down to this septic system and I'm thinking this is the worst idea in history but we're going with this because I want to see where this goes so I helped my dad dig the trench and we put the piping in and we ran it to a septic system and to my amazement for like two weeks it worked flawlessly I don't know if it was the the big angle that everything was flushing down but it worked amazing well after about two weeks it started backing up really really bad so my dad calls me and says dude you need to come over we need to look at this so we dug the piping up and sure enough there was a bubble about the size of a basketball in the duct tape off of one of the the pipes and we were like what in the world is going on here and so my dad goes up and he just continued to flush and plunge and do all this stuff and while I'm outside I get to see this basketball explode and it was full of manure all over the neighbor's house and I realized in that moment everything that's hidden will be revealed see we we love to look at the sin that's in everyone else's life but we hide the reality of what's in our life and one thing we say at this church is we believe in being transparent we believe in being open and honest and real people doing real life together and the Bible gives us great insight on this it says that we're to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and it says that were to take the plank out of our eye before we start focusing on the speck and our brother's eye it goes on to say the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life no this sin is fun and if you say sins not fun you're not sitting right but but sin is fun but it has a payday someday sin will catch you on the backside and so there's a great story that illustrates this beautifully is found in Joshua 10 and we're gonna look at our 7 I'm sorry and we're gonna look at verses 10 through 25 we're not gonna read it all for the sake of time I'm gonna park on two verses but I want to tell you the story and sets us up for you so Joshua has taken over from this great leader by the name of Moses and if you don't know Moses was an incredible man of God he he did some great things in the Old Testament he trains up this guy named Joshua Joshua his kick and tell he he's a he's a great military leader he he takes the city of Jericho which was like a big feat and then he goes to this little city called AI which he should had no problems taking and they're getting slaughtered they're getting killed they're getting taken out and God speaks to him it says the reason is because the last city that you took that I told you before Jericho that you took that I told you destroy everything in that city all of the people all the stuff all the possessions destroy everything some of your Israelite people someone in your camp took some of that stuff they stole it and they're hiding it it's hidden in their tent there's a guy that comes forward after some dialect and his name is akin and a king comes forward and he says what has been revealed to you as correctly and we're gonna read verses 20 20 and 21 here he can replied it's true I have sinned against the Lord and against Israel this is what I have done when I saw the plunder a beautiful robe from Babylonia 200 shekels of silver and a bar of gold weighing 50 shekels I coveted them and took them and hid them beneath the ground of my 10 and the silver underneath it and so just stopping there eventually what happens he brings it forward and they're told to not only destroy akin but go back and destroy this stuff like God told him to do in the first place see what was hidden was revealed but not only what was it it was revealed but what was hidden began to cause problem throughout the whole camp for everyone else the sin in your life doesn't just affect you and so today we're gonna look at three years we're gonna to know in order to to have spring cleaning in your life and in my life number one we've got to see the sin we've got to get perspective number two we need to want to change the sin and get it out of our lives we've got to get motivated at number three we have to do something about it and I call that get activated you got to get perspective get motivated and get activated and so number one you've got to see the sin you've got to get perspective you got to realize sometimes that the mess that we live in is not normal or acceptable to God well God's okay with it no he's not well God understands he understands one thing he understands this and this is what moves the kingdom well God understands my emotions yes he does but your emotions don't change the kingdom this changes the kingdom and if your life doesn't line up with this everybody's freaking out yes the lights flashed if if you're if your life doesn't line up with this the reality is this he doesn't change this around your life he says change your life back to this you have to see the mess see others often see what we tried to hide you ever tried to hide something in your house and somebody walks by and they kind of give it a look you're like holy I wasn't supposed to see that right you got to understand why you need to clean setup in your life and you got to understand this God doesn't wink at the sin of your life and excuse it away when he died and humbled that cross he wasn't thinking this is for everybody else but you because you're a special circumstance we're all held to the same standards guys see we have become so sensitive that we cannot be told more wrong and this is why social media has exploded because it's a world that we control and if you say something I don't like I delete you I ignore you this is why the video game industry has exploded because it's a world that we control but the reality is the world that we're called to live in the Bible says we're in this world but not of this world the world were called to live in you've got to know how to play the game you got to read the manual see it's obvious because this week I put on my face book I said hey share with me what your biggest pet peeve is right and a couple weeks ago I said share with me what God's doing into your life and I like 25 comments I had 157 comments in 3 days alright people just whining and complaining I realize most of them wasn't pet peeves people just needed all access in Jesus cuz they was bound up and offended right it's like somebody leaves the toilet seat up it's like yeah okay so I was just looking for things like my biggest pet peeve in life and my family knows this I hate stuff on the floor right you can set it on the chair you can set it in the closet I hate it on the floor I hate coming in and falling and stepping over stuff and so I was just looking for little stuff and people started like I was like man getting ready to call angel like so-and-so needs counseling this week see we can't be told we're wrong I remember a moment I had a reality with this last 12 years old and I was changing in life and my mom we were in a public place and she's walking around she's looking around like moms do sometimes she walked up to me and she said dude you smell right and I looked at her like how dare you tell me I smell like I am entering into to manhood like this these pits are like they smell glorious you don't know how hard I've tried to get this Mel and my mom was like you snake and the reality was she loved me enough to tell me something I didn't want to hear because everybody around me already knew it that's what sins like in your life you're like it's not that bad and God's looking at you going bro you smell that stinks to me and I don't just ignore that I'm telling you you need to do something with that I remember I remember I became a youth pastor god bless you sir I wherever you're at and I did youth ministry for 15 plus years and junior high boys god bless them I remember my mom's words would come back to me and it was like do I love them enough to be honest with them right now and so there was times where I had to have conversations it's the same way I told my son I said son there there's a slogan I live by in life and it's nisus don't wait until you're thirsty to dig a well because if you do you'll die so I tell my son all the time I'm like we were coming home and he's staring at his trophy and he's like that I can't believe we did it and I said really I said we did this before we ever stepped in the boat Zeke he said what are you talking about and I said remember what I taught you and I told you I said you prepare for fishing before you ever show up at the lake see what I was teaching my son was don't wait until you're in the boat to save me and I wonder if I have this or I wonder if I need that you have everything in line when you get there we saw the most beautiful picture of this last Sunday our doors are manned every Sunday by Usher's and one of the most faithful men that I have ever met in my life in ministry his name is Scott he's one of our Usher's that was at the door over here he's getting ready for church last Sunday and he passed away while getting ready for church and he stepped from his basement into heaven in a second and we believed that we could be like oh that's alarming but the reality was this he was ready he didn't wait til he was thirsty to dig a well in fact he he had that well dug that every Sunday when he stood at that door he was ready to go he was prepared she cleanliness is next to godliness James 4:4 says this therefore anyone who chooses to be a friend of this world is automatically an enemy to God first John 510 you might say here and say pastor I'm good this morning but the reality is first John says this first John says that if we say we have no sin in our lives we are a liar and the truth is not in us and so I don't care if you're the oldest person in the room or the youngest person in the room or anyone in between that applies to all of us we all have things we tuck away we all have things we we hide away things we don't want to deal with and we say it like this and I hear this in ministry all the time will pass where you don't know what I struggle with you know a struggle usually means I have sin in my life I don't want to deal with that's usually what it means it means God understands that I struggle with this because I don't want to deal with this it's not I don't know how it's I don't want to see we got to what to change it but reality is most times we're comfortable in our chaos it's Netflix and chill it's if we know the house needs clean but five more episodes right we're comfortable in our chaos we were content in our crisis we were captivated by the crutches of the sin that we lean on and we really don't want to change it what if Joshua had said ache and it's okay I understand you took a few things keep him under your tent reality was the presence of the Lord departed from them and would not return until they did what God told them to go and do see we often make excuses for our pet sins that we want to keep in our lives we either try to hide them from God or we start what I call the but system you ever done the bus system see it looks like this Lord I I repent and I say to you today I'm sorry but I can't stop gossiping but I know I love you Lord but I also love blank and I know you gave me these desires to what I really want to follow you but I don't really feel I need to change this area of my life Lord I I know I need to change but I don't really want to you that bad I want more of you but I also want more of blank and I know you'll understand because of where I'm at right now but Lord you don't understand but Lord is acceptable the Lord doesn't convict me but lord I like it but Lord they like it but Lord I would rather but Lord I want to but Lord I don't have enough time I I don't have enough money but I don't have enough energy but I don't have enough resources I'm gonna change this in my life God but not right now but Lord that way that you're talking about is so hard but Lord you have no idea how far I've come but Lord I deserve this but lord I can't God I really I want more of you but if that means I have to have less of me and what I want I'm really not that interested in you that bad and I'll tell you what I've learned from the bus system or bus get us in a lot of trouble and God can't move in our life until we get our bus out of the way I'd also learn the delayed obedience is disobedience when God tells you to clean up an area of your life and you say I'll do it later you're immediately in disobedience when I tell my kids go clean your room and they say I'll do it later you're immediately disobeying what I told you to do right now and you block blessing until you obey can I tell you there's no right way to do something that's wrong God's very stern on this he says in Luke chapter 6 verse 46 why do you call me Lord Lord and yet you do not do what I say let me break that down in the Greek the word Lord means this owner he's saying why do you say owner owner why do you keep saying I own you I own you but yet you go off and do whatever you want to do you fill your house full of things that I told you you shouldn't have in there and then you come and you say what's going on in my life and God says you know what's going on in your life you need some spring cleaning I love this Matthew chapter 7 and this is an eye-opener it's labeled in my Bible true and false disciples Matthew chapter 7 verse 21 it says not everyone who says Lord Lord our owner owner will enter into the kingdom of heaven but only the ones who do the will of my father and lastly this morning we we can't only see the sin we can't only want to change the sin but we have to get activated we have to do something about it if you refuse to kill sin sin will kill you and you have to know going into it it's work I III know this a couple weeks ago we we cleaned out my garage right and my son he took the gift of my father that if you see something on the side of the road he thinks he needs to drag it home and I'm like dude we don't need that in the garage it's a table with no legs he's like we'll use it somewhere it's like no we won't and so we cleaned the garage and we get everything looking really nice and it was work and I think back of you you ever you ever see something in your house you know needs addressed but you try to outweigh your spouse to take care of it you ever do that right am I the only one you see the dishes in the sink and you're staring at them like I can wash the dishes or maybe I can wait my wife out and she'll wash the dishes and so when she goes to tuck the kids in you run over and wash one spoon so you can get ice cream and you set it in the thing and then you go back and you tuck the kids in you love you I love you you pray with him you come back and get the one spoon and she's like for real I know there was no spoons in the drawer right the reality is we want everybody else to fix the stuff in our lives you're responsible for you I'll say it again you're responsible for you I am responsible whenever I stand before God he's not gonna say what did Andre do what did your life he's gonna say what did you do why didn't you do what I told you to do why didn't you get rid of that when I told you to James one 22 says this that we are to be doers of the word and not hearers only we have turned Sunday morning church in America by far into developing here's coming get a good word and people leaving they're like I wasn't fed you're not called to be fed here you're called to be equipped you're called to be equipped that you could go back and adjust things in your home in your life I used to tell parents when I did youth ministry I'm not your kid's parent I can't fix in one hour what it took you 20 years to mess up right we saw a shift in Church in America when youth ministry came into the church because parents kicked the back and when they kicked back they viewed it was the church's job to take care of their family and God is saying to the generation today step back up clean some stuff out make room if there's something in your life that God's told you to deal with deal with it I'm going to close with this illustration I remember I first got saved honor you guys could go ahead and come up I remember I first got saved and God was like I want to deal with you and I'm not convicting anybody else that that listens to this or does this I'm saying God said to me I want to deal with you you need to clean some stuff up and I thought I was gonna be a professional DJ in high school right and so I had I was gonna be the first guy to spend CDs and I collected CDs not tons and tons and tons of CDs and God said I want you to take the CDs and I want you to burn them in the burning barrel in the backyard I want you get rid of those and I remember I piled them all in and I had tears and it wasn't because it was an emotional moment with God it was because I was about to burn up treat his Clearwater Revival and I was throwing the CDs in here and I put him in the burning barrel and I lit him on fire God it was I was like there I did it and God said what about the ones you left in your room I was like god you're not touching Lynyrd Skynyrd and he said I want I want all or nothing see that's how you work he doesn't bargain with you I want all or nothing now went back and I put him in there I was like I could sell these and God said why would you sell something that's killing you so I put him in the box and took him outside threw him in the barrel and immediately the presence of God hit me it's not because I'm burnt up lynyrd skynyrd the presence of God hit me because I was obedient to what he told me to go and do what is he telling you to do today what is he doing it not in your life I asked the worship team to come up here in the last five minutes we're gonna do this we're gonna end a little bit different today than we normally do the prayer team's gonna come up if you need prayer for anything but this is that we're gonna end today we're gonna end today that if you've never accepted Jesus as your Savior I'm gonna invite you to come but I'm also going to invite all of the people that set out every single Sunday they say they're not accepted Jesus I'm walking with Jesus and I would say to you what do you need to clean up today what do you need to move out today what do you need to sweep clean in your life today what's the thing you've been staring at putting off and I'm gonna ask you to come to the altar you don't have to pray with anybody it's you and God but it says the sign of obedience it's you coming and then I'm gonna pray with everyone as we close today and I wish I could tell you this morning but this was a message you would walk away you'd say wow that was a great word today but this is a word where you're gonna walk away and you're gonna see a clean room here to say man that was work today but it was worth it that was work that was tough today but it was worth it you see Romans 6:23 reminding you says the wages of sin is that you can't keep living for you and you and you and you and get to the end of your life and say God you understood right he's gonna look at you and say no I did not I told you to get that out of your life evidence-room hell is real God is real Satan his room and you today sitting looking at me you have free will what will you do today I'm gonna ask these guys to play prayer team's gonna come dim the lights this morning I'm just going to invite you to the altar to spend some time with God then we'll close the prayer this morning you

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