Home Improvement -- Randy goes to Costa Rica (1998)

Home Improvement — Randy goes to Costa Rica (1998)

boom smoke I'm roasting Joe and I don't hear any screams he's obviously taking them like a man no no in honor of Randy going to Costa Rica I'm roasting coffee beans when did that gone why not cuz I told him Jill didn't wanted to go so the trip is off just like that Jill must be very upset if I didn't join Billy reason I told in that because Jill was worried about his health and safety I mean he's not going to be home for Thanksgiving we won't see him at Christmas he won't be here when I finished the hot rod is this little bit of birthday down like party pictures you don't want to pick up a copy neces you grab the lights go back at him have you ever heard of a play no no no no plays no ballets no chamber music none of that just give it to me straight I'm talking about the Shakespearean comedy as you like it now in this play the young Rosalind is unconnectable expressing her feelings for the nobleman Orlando the only way she can speak her mind by pressing up as a man the shepherd ganymede hey what does a cross-dressing sheep lover have to do here well I suspect justice Rosalind masqueraded as Ganymede perhaps newer masquerading this jail huh Halloween for God's sake I'm talking about masquerading your feelings I mean is Jill really the one who miss sharing the hot rod with Randy of course you see what are you suggesting I stopped going because of my feelings well I've asked it can only come from the masquerade all right all right it's right on the panel Randy back ya know when he gets back I'm going to tell her that I'm okay with my problem I don't want him leaving for you know protecting your feelings on making urns in the Nile Valley you have all these emotions you I expressed to them these don't know how to do it yeah you could just tell them that I caused you Randy guess what good news here are your right pants you are going back Costa Rica what what's changed I talked to the middleman I'm getting well it's complicated ah here would you slice this you remember you for solid food over seven months old you didn't remember your mom tried to get you that would be rice cereal I gave you a bratwurst vegetarian so what am I going to Costa Rica yeah it's complicated did you become 16 already oh I woke up one morning I was 15 and thought what the heck let's keep on going back to the Costa Rican I'm gonna miss you the longest I've ever been away from you have been there's been a week and I visited you in the hospital every single dance it's not comfortable about you leaving like this no we we haven't got a chance to do half the stuff I've talked about doing like what when they're stupid enough even a bison Oh dad don't you remember I was a first six year old ever to be pulled over for speeding if you just ducked in that alley that cop was ever sick again no I'm not leaving till Saturday what do you want to know and I'm only gonna be gone and neither yeah yeah we can call you know you know when you get back we can doing that fly fishing trip we talked about yeah I'd like that you know it takes a lot of courage to go to this strange country mm a lot of kids to be scared to do to be honest I am scared and I've talked to a lot of people who've been down there but I don't know what I'm getting them for any trouble questions and just thought those were intended for you Thanks absolutely just for admin do we think so yeah you survived every natural disaster on the moon right here in this house I guess this is it yeah have a good trip bring me thanks mark and uh here's the video I made a deal or anything you're a very odd boy but I'm gonna miss you this is do you I'm not gonna miss so much have a good trip buddy maybe three four meetings you got it dad I guess yeah look Press reporter record 2010 we'll send it back to us we put some stuff on there like this where's that blog don't forget to fry never look at monkey in the eye Thanks mom I'm fine okay I've got some snacks in your backpack in case you don't like the food on the plane for celery there's carrots or if you are mixing together there so a great time don't forget to write call when you get there call before you get there now I can open the emergency door and just yell out the plane history gives the most stable country in Central America

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  • MrJ0mmy

    June 12, 2019

    why was randy not in the final ep The Long and Winding Road (Part 3)

    and wtf he was not even in the farewell Backstage Pass


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