Home Improvement Projects : What is a Gable Roof?

all right I am Tim Gipson I'm going to talk to you about what a gable roof is now essentially what a gable roof is it's the roof that makes a triangle shape so the roof comes up to a triangle shape and you can have different types of gable you can have a front-end gable we're actually looking at it from the street and you see the gable such as this house right here and then you can also have combinations where you can have the gables on the end of the house so in other words they're on the side so they're on the sides or they're on the front and rear the gables are gabled roof they have different pitches you can see anything from a 3:12 pitch all the way up to a 12 12 pitch depending on where you are if you're tend to be looking at homes which are more in the northern hemisphere you're going to find greater pitches to the roof line into those Gables because of the snow they actually you'll see a lot more steeper pitch roofs which allows that snow to come off and not collect on the roof and create me additional weight on the structure and then beyond that when you get into southern regions or Midwestern regions you're going to see a lot of different type of gable roofs that really just give you some different looks architectural and gable roofs are really more style over function although you're seeing a lot more come into play as far as finishing out attic space or putting in bonus rooms over garage where you actually have vaulted ceilings on the inside so I'm Tim Gipson with some information on gable roofs

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