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so how are you guys today feel pretty good after I show you this how Stewart remind me to tell you about the fallout the story that I have about today because that was my fallout earlier it severely pissed me off to where I almost just turned off the game and want to turn it back on tilts it pretty hard yes Jenna hello Brendan how are you doing good how old and all didn't have it so welcome back to Port a nice guys things got so extreme so good thing Jack forgot that sweet hey how do I hear underneath er come over here come over to where we are why did you say Bay yard that's not you that's nice yeah that was figured out oh what's in it whoops I threw a bomb at it Oh guys since the last part I've spent probably about five hours four hours building our base I screwed up yeah it's the last game part apart so that's this part of this part to Dow I forgot she's not in any other parts but uh yeah she's you fell down you did yeah all right don't don't look at it yet stay stay right down here all right I'm ready oh you ready oh I fell down and give me things hold on I'm in third person should I be in first person oh yes you will I feel so we have a mailbox we have a drop where did you get it's Rob rich I bought one how many people did you rob for our house to look like this actually not many oh they're not I like yourself Thanks I wanted to make sure I did something different than you guys though I didn't complete that yet you know we only have two floors done I'm not there they're not completed yet oh I'm still swimming so friends like you kind of look like Elsa from frozen I was like yeah that's totally what I was going for except I saw the mustache and I wanted the mustache Hey right here yeah oh you're the person captain behind you yeah so I've had a cool portrait and I gave it with your brendan yep bathroom is the downstairs bathroom I the taupe so one thing I found out is if you destroy stuff and you don't pick it up right off the bat if you leave for like three seconds it disappears so the tub we had disappeared Brent did I thin it I destroyed something that it was in and then pick it up Brendan we Raman Alfred for that no for that I know but this is our downstairs it's so much that's gonna be to our backyard but I just started that today what's this yes oh that's an artery station so we can make crossbows and stuff oh I thought I was gonna shoot it I think station right here lets us build furniture and whatnot and then the altar oh yeah that was creepy was looking at us yep so it gets to see everyone that comes in so you ready for the second floor through all the stuff that I found oh my gosh you like it for this my goodness I'm still missing some stuff because I kind of find some more of the torching stuff that's in the corner stables you buy them yeah I'm proud of you for not stealing everything Alfred kick can't provide this whole house here No so missing some of the smaller features but I'm getting there this is so cool and then we have a secondary bathroom that's getting installed at this time unless we're using the same to relieve ourselves yeah this is our eating area and then upstairs is gonna be our bedroom but I am still in the process of Nancy yeah it's not completed yet oh oh good luck getting out now you got a break now you got a break this to get out Brenton well you're not meant to fall in there I should have roped that off that was bad on my part I should have known what you that I should have made it as kid-proof as possible what's this would you get this what did she fall into place are you talking about where did I get what this oh I made this this is the thing that we need to do does not have enemies spawn on our base oh yeah yeah so once we're done with the bedroom out places somewhere else but for now I just have it here because it only covers a certain area and it covers our base and our front yard perfectly so we're gonna have to build two of these so I'll probably put one up front and then one up back and that should cover our entire base wonder if I can just place these guys destroy you know commit data I have to get a third bed nice all right I put ah you're welcome I made it a time there's a chance I might have stolen bed from someone because I was like oh they already have to let's get me a third that is her Brendan I love how much it's changed and how much nicer it looks the mess that we created yeah you know I spent so it took like five and a half hours to get to this point it's mine yeah but the biggest issue was moving all the shit that you place down it took forever for me to like figure out were the fuck to put shit and move so I finally just threw everything into the yard and today was the first time I actually cleared out our yard but yeah this is our house guys a little bit better than it was it'll be completed probably in like two or three parts or masses the rat yeah and they figure out what to name him cuz Brendan name is Stewart oh so did I tell you guys my plan for cats and dogs for names cats are gonna be named after League of Legends characters and my dogs are named after Batman villains and we like yes in real life okay so like my first boy dog if it's a German Shepherd like I want it to be that'll be Bank Bane if it's a girl German Shepherd it's going to be ivy and if it's a cat if it's black it's gonna be Nocturne if it's a mouse and if it's a girl I think I was going with Shabana all right my guys name is gonna be Sora nice all right sorry so let's go so yeah are we guys ready to go to another world of course we are I have Sora we are fine oh hey Jenna where are you I got him oh yeah where where'd you go no thank you yeah this is Jenna back to nothing less yeah III cooked the Rockets and it said something about like it's a consumable and it lets you fly and I was like wait what and I clicked it that's what it does so basically you use it if you fall down and you need to get up that helps you get up easier if you start falling can use it to like catch yourself from falling I have another try yep there's actually really useful if you start to fall the edge of the world so the goal today is probably to get other than to show the house other to get a probably another world or two discovered so I'm gonna fast travel us I think now all you gotta do is find the portal what's up because we beat the person here unless we want to do missions and we can do missions oh what you completed a quest nice I complete a quest – thanks guys Oh what the quest was what we were doing but thanks guys I don't know what it was either wait what alright now we got to find the portal and or complete the quest and the quest are the guys in orange oh yeah I didn't know portaling timer question time we could probably do one of the quests that are here and then try to portal why'd you go I went down another cave you know all we all we did here was there was that slime queen boss that are we have the thing of we just first her and then we basically called it good was called for it's been like two days at coalesce use for the furnace okay so like if we ever need to smell anything we need coal so we do need coal sorry Mary I have like 200 blocks but I I'm gonna go through that we never need coal got it no we need we need everything we don't need anything at all got it all burn our house down got it and I would be very upset if you did that I know you would you probably I spend a lot of time yeah I thought I was gonna get a quest I didn't realize like there yeah who's Brandon level six now no axe to grind would you do Oh the guy needed a lumberjack axe and I had one so I just have to build a new one now if I want to actually go cut what down we're just fine there's just a blue shard sitting here as well as XP probably cuz I'm over here fighting all of them that's why I just think gravity maybe I was fucking oh yeah that's what I do are you a mage but but I'm a warrior I don't consider anybody else helpful I found some Scout armor that's even stronger than my armor which is kind of weird if it's Scout armor should really be that heavy and that strong come on little Sora let's go No so I don't have any I do I'll do sure it's what I'm saying but I don't have enough to fill this portal one I have nine yeah there we go so now we can go to the next round you guys ready yeah new world so we only did towel 548 total the last video so we saw them a lot how are you chewing cuz just sitting here you just silently he really amusing because it was during the loop so there's just of this like meet the cool sound and then balls are gone much he hit me once I got my I can't dodge each Dennis haha I was like a guy but at least you got him dang pretty big my friend let's jump oh okay I like no shoe I'd like no health oh my gonna explore these mines the exciting thing is when you have no health we can see that your little name blows red that's why that does that yes Jim was it but nowhere near as much as you do oh they all they commit suicide oh my god nice one Ruby in one cut what I'll get I got ivory serger boots oh I like how Jenna's a mage and she should be staying back too and she just goes like I'm gonna buy you can I tell your mouse I hope not to do so Wow accidentally hit mine before without it out and I like this whole gaining experience same time she doing anything that's one like three feet ahead of me at all times that might be better oh here here is it the same hey Celeste you would need this commit oh my god this is the greatest thing ever watch her watch her Oh on the buttons there it is alright hold on while you're doing that I got something else yeah real Robin Hood please Michael I am already played love those things see this is why I emptied everything before we left Brendan yeah and then I went to go do the same and every chest was full I wonder why hey Betty do one it was full when I went over there yeah is this where we go up yep alright I'll fill this away up yeah I got it whoops whoops wrong one oh dear god it's gonna take us a year for this no we're up here the ideas again though yeah can I get some dirt some what I think it's this one here alright bye Oh Mike wheeler oh it says Mike the miner ow Oh Celeste I was a taking if there's something here and I'm in the middle of talking to him so I was like I can't move that huge guy we got a bat to our right ear Allah oh oh well we're hearing little red orbs what do those do guys guys what oh yes I'm shooting arrows at him Thank You different things I got skills nice that's what I've been needing uh-huh Wow yeah you really don't have any skills Brendon scales oh so us what is what is he saying you gotta bring a head them off oh shoot I knew I knew that dude I was not prepared to target suicide hey Doc buy it real I have hit you yes if anyone has a wand of fire and wants to give it to em and then the Sun would you can hear ya makes a noise what is that no I wanted it oh oh you have it following you Steve yeah dang it my bag was full that's why I kind of grabbed him so there was a there was a owl down here in a cage I knew as a friend so I could destroy the cage and right when I went to get it said back force less sniped it from me behind him tried this God and because his bag was full it decided go to bed so kill yourself get in the house come out close the doors oh oh you little mouse a trapped outside let the mouse how does it tie it up the door oh no it's a dog eat it okay thanks for bringing that in and not shutting the door shut it I accidentally talked to the dude instead yes Oh stinky cheese oh I'm not ready for that oh yeah but you stole Jenna both your eyes and run into that room as fast as possible what is that that is the thing we have to fight okay okay welcome you're welcome chin it was good I bet it was stay up late get a good I meant for the healing that I did oh yeah I know they usually thanks I appreciate that we're taking these gigantic goats a she's right Brennan oh so what you're thinking that wasn't even in concession of al goth or ha get it okay it's gone are you still the doors what did you did you go talk to the guy yeah okay cuz after this I think I'll I'll teleport back for a base so we can drop off everything oh I like his cape I wish I could steal his clothes off his back yeah that'd be great yeah I want to keep oh you don't have a cape well guess what I have not find us before jump off the world and I doing it yeah what do I have to drop off I need to go see ya thank you alright come on upstairs it's time for dinner hey do you think it offer it has a toilet and a bath that we could you can go see if you want all right I'll Fred well Ivy good job well we open one of these in let's see that I had 12 Meyer not told is taking up spots too I'm just gonna trash him why do we have all these I wonder what's taking up space oh how about this decorative bottles that has no need at all I don't think you can use the railroads so that's one reason why I was like oh no you can't I don't think so there's no good I open up everything and I see decorative shit everywhere like scrolls and stuff it's like we don't need Scrolls you know it also takes up space but in you you take it it's gonna say you I'm glad we both think alike get inside nope it's just decorative fun fact now we have a railroad half in our yard like you said I got now I see why was Achievement Hunter why I like Matt gets just so annoyed and doesn't care about what he built anymore cuz he when he does yeah they just destroy it they just destroy everything he builds do you think I feel bread did all that time I spent on the Minecraft stuff and you were like yeah I'm gonna make it this color instead no he way I did it destroy I just changed it there's a difference we changed it and destroying everything I just thought that Brendan was just like oh you guys didn't make me one yet and that's because like that's before we even knew that he that he had Minecraft I'm like no no we'll make you say he's like well I'm mad I'm gonna go with destroy bunch of stuff went pretty please as you're in creative mode he could destroy anything on a dime yep and you start throwing it chickens at me a furnace cool so what are you doing let's type in his name I'm gonna put you back in survival mode Brennen chicken eggs thank you very much what did you can eggs sometimes turn into chickens breakfast each portal has a hard mode it's concerning the wrong person Rendon there's an angry something on the other behind making help alright finally see yourself part yeah so we got to do are we already been over there trying to return to the wizard with the wand of fire on top of figuring out where the hell the portal is oh yeah it's not so obvious when you get further along cuz they're all like a bump ground easily and it gets harder I think yeah it gets this one we're like you actually can't see them anymore come to sleep – nothing we're the treants that might have fallen down a mine and there's people down here mine I'm just one of them there's two of them yeah there's two one's yours Brennan one's mine Matt no to die down here it's like we're both like this is why we can't be friends with you oh I think I found it dude come over here where's what there's only one way out apps what Jenna Jenna Jenna this is how we die there's something there I don't know what it is but there's something oh don't worry Jenna purposely trying to kill me right now Oh what is that what is that what was that what was that oh wow Wow I felt oh this is sad what is it there's like nothing down here so there's only one way to end this episode because there's so I think that is do it sorry we didn't get to multiple worlds we weren't expecting that portal to be pretty hard to find but I guess it is going to be hi so yes for watching see you guys on the flipside take care yeah holy crap I lost fifty or thirty five coins yeah okay it's a lot more of these levels well anyways take care guys

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