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when we come back right here on 93 WIBC oh we got to get to bard let's see if we getting pulled up here Bart Fisher joins us from mishaela score nation hey Bart you were one of the guys that got father Glen's email were you not I was one of the gentlemen they got father Glen's email eternal email as we call it around the men's club at st. Suzanna go ahead and tell that story they're guys that machinists are so active in their community and you do so much but you're part of the men's group there that Glen had been a part of so tell the story of how father Glen after his passing got an email out tell us his story after after he had passed on Thursday we were coordinating who's going to take care of the parking lots yesterday for the visitation and the service from from noon to 8:30 and that on Thursday we got a thank-you email from father Glen out of the blue and it was it was quite it was quite well received and and it made us all kind of smile one of the gentlemen was like last time I got a email from father Glen it contain a virus but I was got openness [Laughter] and yesterday went very well the parking lot was pretty much full at st. Sue from from basically noon to 7:00 and we were parking people across the street at Meijer and we had the great Plainfield police department helping us out and the discharge pretty much went off without a hitch so it was a good how are things that Michelle has are you guys busy slow or you in between seasons house things you want to Mishael us right now no with the with the things we do as diversified as we are even when it's done in 50 the leads are coming in people are calling us to help them out for the plethora of things that we take care of and it's good it's really good I've got a simple question for you I've got a call in from or an email in from a WIBC listener and you heard George Weber maybe earlier talking about wood rot and wood trim having to be replaced around certain types of windows is that too small of a job for mishaela so you do those type of repairs in and around Hall if you have sighting damage soffits need some attention do you guys do the little jobs – we do the little jobs of it if you're talking like a window replacement it's gonna be one of the things that George and his crew will be able to take care of a whole lot more efficiently than we would so you know if it's if it's something that we were hired we're buying product from a professional like like Faber we're just gonna pretty much tell you to head that way but if it's a multitude of things small things then you know we'll come out and look at it you bet you're a good one Bart Fischer thanks for all you do for that West Side community that's think Susannah my brother goes to a church out there Tom moved down from a Huntington Indiana and got a chance to know father Glenn but all you guys that men's group that was a powerful men's group and in his honor I hope you guys are able to keep it going okay oh of course it's it's been around for twenty thirty years and we do a lot of stuff out there and hey Danny I'll be happy to see you in a couple weeks at the annual meaning Plumbing Heating and Cooling oh cool yeah I'll be speaking down there that's April 17th I'll look for you come up and introduce yourself okay Bart I will be excited to hear the knowledge that you will be in Playboy it's like Sunday on Wednesday that's what it is good to talk to you and give our best to everybody with Michelle it's okay all right well there you do alright buddy that's the machinist corporation construct renovate restore

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