Home Design Process

Home Design Process

I'm Elise Glink with expert real estate tips net how long does it take to plan the house or home improvement project of your dreams it might take longer than you think what I used to tell my clients when they would come and start the design process with us but almost everybody would assume they could do it faster than that is reality and they would assume that it would be the architect that was holding them back the reality is that when you get into the process of making something that's an expression of yourself it's really like the most wonderful form of art that you can engage in they don't want to rush they can't you know your dreams are dreaming your house you start imagining new things that you hadn't imagined before it's a process of refinement and so as everybody involved brings their full attention to it it does take time but that time is value it translates into something tangible at the end that you can feel when you walk into the house so on average if we can say that I wouldn't try to go through the design process in less than six months I would probably allow year you can if you have that flexibility and I would try not to give yourself an absolute deadline because the biggest problems I've seen in construction process of when a client is aiming for their daughter's wedding on July eleventh you know the following year it's really hard to make something based on that goal it's possible but you end up with you know health problems all around the Builder to the architect of the homeowner and it's just not worth that kind of strain let it take its time let it evolve and then you'll find that you end up with something fabulous out the other

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  • AJ Foxx

    July 14, 2019

    Wow! That's probably the best advice I've heard on building and design! Thank you!


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