Home Decorating & Storage in Small Rooms : Home Storage & Organizing

hi guys I'm Carl champ Lee and we're going to be talking about home decoration and storage in small rooms starting with the bathroom now in my bathroom here I've got this medicine cabinet I haven't just mounted it on the wall I've recessed it in the wall because it's eight inches deep so check this out it goes back much farther and it only protrudes two and a half inches that's important because that way it stretches the space and it doesn't take up too much room let's check out something else in the bathroom so now we're in the shower now when I built this home I allowed a space to put in a niche for the shower recently I've got one two three four shelves of shampoos and conditioners what have you folks you want to take advantage of that wasted all space because as you can see here it works really well if it's a remodel take it into account and make sure you allow for something like that folks large mirrors do a lot for a small space now still losing all of this wall surface what I've done is I've applied a mirror to the front of a door so that's enabled us to get a full length mirror now all I've done is I've taken the dimensions of the door I've gone on my wholesaler for glass they've cut me a piece of mirror just a little bit less dimensions in both directions I've show them where the door hardware is gone so they can allow the holes for that I used a specialized silicon for mirrors you can't use a standard silicon I've laid it flat I've applied it and now I have a full-length mirror but i still have my wall space sliding doors folks are a great solution to a smaller room does your typical swing dork and really rob the room of space and also to furniture layout now you may not realize this but a lot of real estate agents what they do is they go through small places and they take the doors off to make it feel larger so having a sliding door whether it's built into the wall or a sliding system like that which is called a barn door because it's mounted on the outside works great because you can see the full size of the room quite often a lot of people complain that they haven't got enough storage space in the kitchen so my tip is is to utilize that entire wall space take the cabins from law all the way to the ceiling and that highest space can be used for items that you don't use every day so there you have it folks remember if you've got any questions just reach out to me by my website which is carl champ lecom thanks for joining us you

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