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Home Cleaning Tips | Cleaning Motivation | Free Printable Download

Hey everyone, welcome back to another of Sweet Magnolia Home Please excuse my voice today. I’ve been sick for a few weeks now So during this video my voice may go in and out. But today we are going to be cleaning my home I’m hosting a ladies brunch tomorrow and I really like my house to sparkle and shine when I have guests over but we’re gonna do this very quickly, and I’m going to show you how Be sure to go down into the description and download my ultimate cleaning guide It’s full of all kinds of cleaning hacks and tricks and tips that you will not see in this video So please make sure you go and download that is completely free And if you’re new here, be sure to hit the subscribe button and let’s get cleaning Okay, so we’re gonna start in my kitchen today, which is one of the largest rooms in my home Right here is a little breakfast area and then it goes into my kitchen and then my dining room is on the other end. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna set a timer on my phone for 20 minutes and I’m gonna clean this entire area in 20 minutes or less hopefully less but I’m just gonna time myself so that I do it quickly, and I’m not trying to Be here all day long. I’m not gonna do my floors yet and we’ll save those for last but Everything else is going to get a good wipe down and a good cleaning. I’ve already taken my curtains down Over here and we’re gonna start by cleaning the window sills. So let’s go Okay, timer is set Music playing for my granite I’m using a mixture of rubbing alcohol and A little pro tip I have is if you have a lot of things in a room that just don’t belong Like I have a lot of these little toys and stuff that blow into my kids and they do not blowing in my kitchen So what you need to do is get a basket or a bag And just throw those items in instead of taking the time To go ahead and carry them to the room that they belong to Just throw them in a basket and when you are done cleaning your whole house Then you can go back grab the basket and take the basket with you into the areas where the things belong and this just saves on time and Saves you from having to run all over the place putting things back Where they go Okay, we’re pretty much done in this room I still have some dishes that I’ll need to clean up later. But we have one minute and 20 seconds to spare Hooray for us. Let’s go into the next room. Okay We’re in my living room now and I’m gonna go ahead and set 20 minutes on my timer I may end up needing a little more time Because I will be cleaning out my fireplace And cleaning under my sofa and stuff, but we’re gonna try 20 minutes and see how it goes If you don’t like to smell a fireplace one thing you can do Is spritz it with a little vinegar and water and it will eliminate that odor I’m not going to do that today because I don’t mind it Okay, I’m gonna clean under my sofa. Now. What I’m actually gonna do is I’m going to flip it over I have a sectional and it has five Recliners in it and it’s really heavy, but I’m going to flip it over so I can get a good cleaning up under there This is what it looks like under your sofa when you have three kids Okay, so my 20-minute time just went off but I still have just a few more things to do in this room just gonna dust the bookshelves really quickly and then we’ll move on to another room Always make sure you clean your bathroom when you’re having guests over because There’s a high probability that they’re gonna use your bathroom and you want it to be clean Okay, we’re in my master bedroom And I’m gonna do the bedroom and the bathroom And I’m thinking it should take me no more than 15 minutes I’m gonna put 15 minutes on the clock and hopefully I can do it quicker than that Timer has begun Real quick. One more thing. I have a video on a romantic bedroom makeover So if you have not seen that yet and go ahead and check that out You can click up here or I will link it in the description, but go ahead and check that out when you get a chance Okay, my timer just went off The only thing I have left to do is to clean this toilet and I’m gonna give the shower door a good wipe down Okay, I’m in my home office now and I’m not gonna spend any more than five minutes in here I’m just gonna straighten up a little bit and that’s gonna be it Okay a minute and 20 seconds left so we’re gonna move on I’m gonna quickly give my staircase a good sweep So there’s all the stuff that came off of my staircase and we will come back and get that later Okay on to the laundry room and I’m gonna give myself ten minutes to clean this room Okay, I’m done with the laundry room and with one minute to spare Okay, so it’s time for me to go pick up my daughter from preschool. So while I’m gone, I’m gonna let my IRoomba robot do a little spot cleaning around the house. I’m gonna put a link to This in the description where you can get one of these this thing is literally a lifesaver for me You can see the dark floors that I have this thing Can be scheduled to clean at a certain time every day And so it automatically cuts on every day and cleans my whole house Like the floors downstairs and it is a life saver. I couldn’t I couldn’t keep my house clean without this thing Okay, so we’ve gotten the floors clean with the robot vacuum it’s time to mop and I’m going to be using my Sharp steam vac mop you can use that on hard floor and tile and Supposed to be safe for all surfaces, and I’m going to put a link in the description where you can get one Now I’m going to give my stairs a quick mopping Okay, that’s it for us today the house looks and smells amazing I cannot wait for my brunch tomorrow Make sure you go into the description and get your free download of my ultimate cleaning guide Be sure to hit the subscribe button and the like button and I’ll see you in the next episode


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    Do not leave without getting your FREE printable download of my Ultimate Home Cleaning Guide! Enjoy!!

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    February 24, 2020

    Great great tips! Great motivating video! Your home looks so lovely! Love that it gets so much light!:)*


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