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hello mr. 33 security is everything okay now he started shaking and I was like Lord Jesus what is going on he said do you need help and I was like yes help me I'm dying when I first moved into my home I refused to move in it until I got an alarm system I'm glad that we got this box for her it saved her life saved her life so this right here has saved her when I came out of the bathroom I started feeling dizzy my hair kept jumping and then when I looked try to turn look this way I saw my panel my 82 years old and it was a blurred vision only thing I'm really could see was the red button which is the top button and not automatically does push that right away hello this is Reggie see security is everything okay I'm sorry helping on the site yes help me I'm dying okay I'm not able to understand you farmer 39 when I operate all four teams just emergency this is ADT security we have a fire alarm president's is Monica Barksdale I couldn't understand what the person was saying it was like they were crying or screaming somebody is in there okay anything changes call effect thank you I heard some knocking at my door but no one's opened his door and so this is time getting out the fire department Rebecca called me and said I'm coming to get you something's wrong with Mark occurs get coming through her windows and all so but I'm lemur and I got back they had gotten inside through the window upstairs well when I came in I was downstairs and they wouldn't let me come up and I said I'm her mother what's wrong with my daughter so then she said I don't know did they took her last door I'm glad that I be able to get to meet the people that saved my life the paramedics they got me to the hospital the firemen that found me on the floor good morning everybody I'm Joe O'Connell with ADT we're here to celebrate Monica's life-saving event healing into the home he fell on the patient on a second floor and obvious distress and just makes me forget that I've seen in a better situation where what a worker first time I saw this is different because you know not all the time that we get recognized for things like this but it was very comforting to see her looking better than she did that day where I'm just glad she's going okay she's not going nowhere she's gonna be able to me for a long time a very long time and what I'm looking forward to is getting back to my normal self being healthy again getting back up on my feet getting my strength back and thinking a lot of people for being here for me mentally and physically and I thank God that I'm still here now you

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  • Dev Patel

    April 13, 2019

    hello, am looking for a sensor. that if my house door is broken by a thug the alarm starts ringing that alrets the scurity company or the cops. have you guys got one?


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