I welcome to a foreigner in the Philippines well limit I'll take this chance to to clear something up so in a minute I don't I I told you I don't see far I have a problem on the i-44 I don't know who she is or if she's the right woman I don't know we don't know but I just wanted to take an opportunity that someone someone said that we get paid for our work well we do get to trial let me show you how we've come out on this trip we don't know where it's going to end and we come out and we do this job so this is we're on top of the world that this is our pay because how can you how can you find a job where you do this for month a choice let's just look what's this look there's some houses down there some nice houses and some nipa houses or look at the view look at look at everything around it's just just so incredibly beautiful but right now that would be going in the wrong direction and for the lady calling us over there and probably she's the lady that we've come to see so let's keep the camera on and go and see so it's not likely that any other trip will be passing this way so we just leave the truck parked in the mobile Road [Applause] what if you see one lady one lady on one child look that's a tiny tiny little nipa hut how many children I don't know sure girl be fuzzy let them know bitch yeah and this one is I know who I am anymore leave they day hello Dave how are you gonna shake in the park and let's walk this way we raising babies daily okay all right nice that's a nice t-shirt you have okay so is this nice your house come on can we look yeah so this this is the house I believe a little bit thinner so it doesn't get much more traditional in build than this look at those two there honey [Applause] Ellen why people you can risk album that didn't home washing whether we get water they're always like and I will let you go on oh yeah just I spy – it's well yeah tell me looking so yeah no no okay okay is it okay so what are we looking at something this about this room is about 8 feet maybe maybe 8 feet by 8 feet and then I was a divider and then this is about six feet bar oh not even six feet back by that and an outside an outside place very very tiny and of course as with the NEPA with the need for rubes you can see that it's full of holes so in the wind and the wet weather it comes in well and of course the the floor is the strip bamboo okay c'mon bear Cilic at school so how many children you have five well by Choi what what do you think they fancied a name pop on bangles so where do you cook would you can we see this I know you anything you I know your budget every delicious no good it's very far it's very far for us to get materials yeah let's just hope that the deliverer really going to deliver the hardware may I wonder I wonder if it will be best to build like we did for pregnant lady yeah but if they're going to 11 then you just do the cement because that's the long listen well the cement yes I'm just thinking about the block yeah we're young we can decide that later so if they don't have a see our of course let me see I know yeah but it's okay because there's a lot of farm there's a lot of trees where you can hide so could we build copper in my network can I be a canal do this I want a while until you get the Anglophone back by this very property but the outcome is a GC is size you see her toughest then Church is uttering upon the symbol disco ball goes it's all killing me new perfect make it a minute another sagging a foreign policy mmm this is the ugly stand open aw what a lame-o delicious creature you know they have land also somewhere eat a thing if they're going to build in my house it's nearly a day oh so the house will be built in a tactic yeah okay under we know we're next without a little in the town in the next bottom they're going to win a vista somebody okay so they would have to show us that but they live they live here right now yeah but the problem is the word grace very far yeah yes what here would be very difficult yeah it would be but in itself a we could we could do it so they would leave this and and relocate in Tassie be careful okay well we've seen it and and now we would have to see where where the other house would go mmhmm yeah how do the children how do the children get to school right now margos we go you blow this yeah they just walk on that hair and they wore oh wow so is there a shorter way if that's what I don't get my candy and step out yeah Oh crossing over the creek so well if although the living underneath it or okay okay so come on Nick McConnell is now a Moodle Moodle is not divine I believe women assessment wounding because remember on there's a big house there a cement those were the one is still delivering here the total yeah the company that where did you buy the materials we deliver after that area Sarika television yeah as long as it's not raining right so if we built the house here could we build it it just happened with their shares and so here only okay so what they have anyway to live while we were building I said I summon a quote upon your new time and I thought well I'm not an NBC says they would been absent but up buh-buh-buh-buh-buh feel of the needle divisible you know my side you yeah somewhere here around the corner day because if we share also also yeah yeah see well what we're looking at is houses built on a steep hill right now with an outside cooking arrangement as you can see another thing is that is actually very steep so the logistics of building a house here even a simple house like we built for the pregnant lady the logistics are building that house are so completely different when you think about trying to build it there so this is why when going subscribers often right and they asked me how much to build a house like this where is it going to be to build a house on a flat land next to a hardware store is not the same as building one on the edge of a hill like this and that must be fairly obvious so if anybody ever thinks that well why did we spend this much more on that house as opposed to that well now you have the answer you you're able to see how look at how this little house has been built it's been built absolutely the traditional way with all natural materials naper roof and it's a whole different ballgame to actually trying to build a house here look down here I would be I would be reluctant to even walk down there but apparently the well where this family get their water is down there so it's one thing to walk down there and then it's completely another to think about carrying say two or one five gallon container back up life can get quite difficult so what we've been talking about is that this this family do have a small piece of land which is close to at a fee that would be much better a much saner thing for us and then the kids wouldn't have to walk to school there are five children in this family and whether they have anything is fairly evident and the way that they're having to live right now you traveled up here with us in a different video and now you're seeing the house about the only model thing about this house is that part of it has a corrugated tin roof and that's about the only thing so we're looking at trying to get this family into house number 19 and of course it depends who is touched by what they've seen if you if you're living in the West imagine for a moment if you had to cook meals for a family of seven here and that's what this mother does mother of five children does every day at work several times a day and that's what that's why we're trying to help so this has been the end of this little story of this family here thanks for looking in we're looking at well let me see I'm not even sure what name we could possibly give to this fill top house maybe that's best the name the hilltop house this is a foreigner in the Philippines thanks for looking in and me and back and for this little guy here that joy but Joey look up look up but you're he will say goodbye hope to see you again sir thanks for looking right

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