Heroes Home Repair Program-U.S. Army Veteran Shawn Mitchell

hi I'm Shawn Mitchell is my wife Cara so I was a 19 Delta the the job was basically to get out there find whatever we needed to find and give as much information about the target as possible we were in the field in the elements indivisible with liberty and justice room so on we thank you very much for your honorable thing for service to our country 14 years with a lot especially on top of that consortin Iraqi oh thank you very much sir which was done for this country Cara thank you for supporting him on the home front on behalf of State Farm our family of employees that are eating sweets we just want to say thank you so much for your sacrifice in your service and preserving art freedom and we know your family has been through so much and we hope that this is just a reminder of how much we truly could be appreciate you yeah when she told me that they were doing front yard the retaining wall the floor in my front room and my fireplace to make it safe again I honestly think I teared up a bit and just said they're speechless for a while the living room was all uneven and when you walk you could feel it it was buckling when it gets dark I tend to lose my balance a lot and having uneven floor was horrible trying and trying to walk around good night so having a flat surface to walk across is beyond amazing and in our backyard the retaining wall was just too much force because would have been disintegrated but today we are wrapping up the project with all these volunteers we went ahead remove the existing raft and we're going to install drop on landscaping be very low maintenance it's going to really help with your monthly water bill and we're going to help address the California drought I've been asked repeatedly you know if there's any quotes or any statement that I would like to save garden is but I really don't have words to describe the feelings of gratitude and just Sherlock you know I had I wasn't sure what was going to happen when it started but instead of being absolutely amazing I from the bottom of my heart of so thankful to all of you I grew up here in this house so seeing the landscape change and the improvement the backyard is huge not just for me and hand but our three girls you know this is everything to us this is our home

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