Heroes Home Repair Program-U.S. Army Veteran, Rosa Ibarra

I did 367 days in Iraq two tours back-to-back and all three Oh fourth I also served 18 months in Korea and then around the United States from 95 to 2006 I was a remote and medically discharged my grandfather's in a service my dad was – it's something I would wanted to do I was a diesel mechanic I worked on the trust and revived him when they broke down and steadily had 20-30 minutes to recover them voilá mission and if we couldn't fix them we had to leave them on the side of the road it was an experience and a horrifying wind I know in father some extent home or not my house near PTSD from which what dr. riders BPPV I don't know how to pronounce the full term but basically I have crystals that are builded in my blood down and then recently diagnosed would be chariot and bones in my neck and my spy well my neck is really really weak so I loved what I did and I left sort of the military it's something that with you all over again if I read that you dreamed of being a military and you dream to jumping out of airplanes that was my childhood I was nine years old well we're here today to honor and celebrate our veterans by giving back to one of their own through our heroes home repair program this is our program aimed at creating a safe and healthy homes for our veterans and what home strong home depot and a prom is all doing they're putting the veterans first I want to thank you what everything to eat and we want to recognize you know State Bar home strong and Home Depot it really is an honor for us to be able to partner with organizations like home strong and get out here and just help make your home beautiful and safe for you to live in we have volunteers from all over the Inland Empire here to help you today don't we both committed to veteran over the next five years they're going to donate 80 million dollars for each type of project all around the country with great partners I come on behalf of State Farm we're honored to partner with one strong USA and the Home Depot in making the arrows home repair program possible to get back to a military family was given so much back to us into our country godavari your service your sacrifices are greatly appreciated and being here is the least that we can do show you our gratitude they fixed our floor the dining room and kitchen because the work wasn't done very well they did electrical in the kitchen replaced a window work on the toilet and installed his Nevada Lords they painted put up the vinyl fence in our front yard we did the gas heater and we mounted it according to regulations and put on screen doors for painted the outside of the house prepared some stuff from the roof we move the swing set they tighten up with all proper ease cut the grass and just put them all the trash around the property and by you coming out and doing what you did you kind of give me a drive back but what I did was for a reason it reminds me that it wasn't for nothing besides my problem it was for a greater cause and I think you guys from the bottom of my heart and to me every single one of you can take the Cheryl because take this a heart and the left we've got for you guys to give your time and just a thank you so better look back in my book you guys better thank you so much [Applause]

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