Heroes Home Repair Program-U.S. Air Force Veteran, Deonne Grote

I worked in the command post I I tracked flights answered phone calls when I first was enlisted I went to Vietnam you know there were a lot of military members who had married Vietnamese women and so as a result those babies were considered American citizens and so we were some of the last flights to bring those children and those women back to the United States I did six years and that I in the meantime married an officer and he got out in 1988 and he did about 28 years and he got out as a full colonel we got to see a lot of the world my kids lived in Germany Japan Okinawa and as a result my daughter joined the army and she was in the Pentagon during 911 so that was a scary experience they did windows and oven I actually love them and the fact that their dual paned and everything so I'm really excited I'm hoping my energy bills go down and they changed my plugs and they did the handicapped toilet they hung some blinds I had four outside they're fixing the skirting and then they put in better motion lights I had had a garbage disposal and so yeah I bought it but couldn't get anyone to put it in for me home strong and home depot both their wonderful to do this and support it's been a great experience having them here and the work they did was fantastic you

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