Heather [RISD CE Photography and Interior Design Certificate Graduate] #risdceSPOTLIGHT

Heather [RISD CE Photography and Interior Design Certificate Graduate] #risdceSPOTLIGHT

HEATHER: What I love about
the way photography is taught in RISD is really not about the
latest technology [INAUDIBLE].. It’s really about
the message you’re trying, as a
photographer, you’re trying to convey
to your viewers. Because anything you
do can be creative. And I think the program
brought out that awareness. So it’s hard to
explain, but once you go through this program,
it becomes a second nature. I don’t take pictures
just for taking pictures. I– even if it’s most mundane
things, I can take a photo and think of something
because the weather, because it’s the fall,
because the feeling of sadness or loneliness, or just a
leaf flowing in the sky. And those, everything comes to
me, I can see something in it. So that was really amazing
because before, I didn’t. I didn’t have those abilities. I think I had a little
bit of creativity before, and this program definitely
completely elevated that to a different light. If it’s a little flame, they
nurture it into a big bonfire. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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