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Hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel. I’m Rachel the messy minimalist and it is so good to see you all! I’m
gonna jump right into this today we are going to talk about goals! Now I’m sure
that by now you’ve already set your new year’s goals or you might be one of
those people who says, “I’m not gonna set goals, I’m not a goal setting person.” or “That’s not what I do in January”, and that’s fine. I personally love to set
goals in January and I mean I like to set goals any time of the year. I am a
person who is motivated by goals! I get a kick out of them. I feel like that’s the
kind of thing that once I’ve committed and put something to paper, it doesn’t
mean that it has to get done, but it means that I have focus and I have
purpose in my life. If we don’t have purpose what are we doing?? If you’re
struggling to find purpose for this next year, I would love to help. You have
all probably heard the phrase “living my best life”. “This year I’m gonna live my
best life.” “Go to the beach and live my best life”, “an avocado toast in the
morning: living my best life!”, “Ran three miles today: living in my best life” Whatever it is. haters gonna hate – I’m not a hater though I definitely don’t mean
to hate on it. It’s easy to see other people living their best lives and to be
like, “I want to live my best life, how do I do that?” And we can get down on
ourselves. I’m gonna help you carve out a way to eventually get to your best life, but it’s not what you think. In order to live your best life you have got to do
one thing very important, you truly can’t live your best life until you do this
thing: You have to focus on yourself. You have to focus on YOU. It’s not selfish
to say, “I’m gonna get myself right before I go on and do the things I want
to do – before I go on and have an impact on anything. before I do well at my job” Before you go and have whatever it is that is your best life you have to focus
on yourself. Let me give you four launching points so you can start
setting goals that will help you be your best self — so then you can go eventually
and live your best life. Launching point number one MIND. Now when I say mind these are goals for your mental health, this is not goals to
expand your mind, its goals to ease your mind. Goals to make yourself feel at ease,
to feel positivity, to feel like everything is going to be okay with
yourself. So what are things that we can do to prioritize our mental health and
to keep us stable secure and feeling good in that department? For me it’s kind of a no-brainer:
I want to continue keeping my space clear and organized,
decluttered! Right? Why? Why do I want my space to be clean and pretty and neat
and decluttered? Well it’s because when I walk into a space that’s messy with
stuff everywhere I feel anxiety! I feel suffocated. I feel tightness in my chest
it doesn’t feel good. I feel cranky. I wake up feeling more tired if I open my
eyes to a messy space. So that’s my “why” – it’s because I don’t like the mood that I’m in when I see my own (and my family’s own) messes. That’s WHY I want to have a
cleaner space. Launching point number two is a BODY. It’s very easy for all of us
to obsess over body image and how we feel about our body. We are surrounded by
beautiful people on the internet and it’s very easy to get down on ourselves
and this kind of takes right back over to mental health, if we’re always looking
over at what other people are doing and how other people are looking — how other
people are living… We’re not gonna feel right at home. we’re not gonna feel right HERE (inside). Rather than setting these big huge goals for yourself, let’s just work on
having small goals. There are things that you can do that don’t necessarily mean
working out for 30 minutes every day that sounds really hard! I know that I
would do that for like a day and a half and then I would call it quits. That’s
not something I can commit to. So you’re setting yourself up for failure if you
set goals that are too lofty or that are too far outside of your regular schedule –
that are too far outside something that you already do. Instead try setting goals
like dancing in your living room or your kitchen, in your pajamas! You know what I
mean? Just dancing. Turning on music and deciding to dance. That feels really good
and most of the time after having a bust-out dance session, I’m winded! That’s
a good little workout. If you want to cut back on sugar and sweets don’t just say: I’m gonna cut back on sugar and sweets you’re gonna fail. Instead say what do I
need to do to cut back on sugar and sweets. “Why do I want to cut back on
sugar and sweets?” Because if we’re setting a goal for ourselves we need to
know why. If you want to lose 10 pounds why do you want to lose 10 pounds? Is it because you want to feel better about yourself? In which case we also need to
work on our mental health. Is it because you’re actually tired all the time? That also might go into nutrition. So maybe instead of working out, you actually need
to adjust your nutrition. When you answer why you want to set a goal, it’s going to open up the door
to how to achieve that goal. The next launching point is spirit. Spirit is my favorite one because spirit has to do with your happy place! Right now, me sitting down talking to you guys, this feeds my spirit. This makes me feel
good. I mean, this makes me feel RIGHT. I feel right. For you spirit could be
something very different. Spirit could be painting or doodling, making music, calligraphy, filmmaking, it could be building things! gardening! Think of your hobbies. Your hobbies and what you identify as a hobby – that’s probably
something that feeds to your spirit. It makes you who you are. What do you need
to feel the warm fuzzies? That is spirit. More than anything, this is an important
one to really dig deep down to yourself because you don’t want to be doing
something that’s somebody else’s “spirit thing”. This is not about being somebody
else, it’s not about achieving somebody else’s “best life”, right? This is about
achieving YOUR best self. So to be your best self you need to
actually ask yourself what makes you happy.
Case in point, I took a class on Skillshare. Now Skillshare is actually
our sponsor for this video, it’s an online community of classes that you can
take to learn about web design, productivity, entrepreneurship,
illustration, — whatever it is that you’re interested, in they probably have a class
for. So anyway, I was taking a class because it was all about styling and styling your
space. And something that I struggle with while I’m trying to for instance do my
spirit hobby — I struggle with finding a place that I can shoot a video. Part of
that is because my place is really messy and that gives me anxiety- queue back to
the mental health goal-setting.. but in general I was trying to figure out how
do I make my space feel better so I can shoot in it. And that brought me to a
video that was all about interior styling. A class about finding what your
true style is and it was mind-blowing because I am trying to constantly live somebody else’s best life – I’m trying to live
somebody else’s style as opposed to my own. I thought for sure I knew what my
style was, but when I did the quiz I did not get “my style” – I got the style that I
think is actually completely contradictory to minimalism .The
interior style that I got for myself via this quiz was ‘boho’ – like bohemian – and 70s which is silly because I think that in my mind, I’m like, No No! I am
mid-century / Scandinavian! But that’s just simply not true. For the most part I
got straight-up bohemian. This is part of why I’m having trouble fulfilling this
aspect of me. This is why I’m having trouble in the spirit department. I’m not in my happy place, because I haven’t arranged my space to feel good for me — to
be my happy place. Part of my goal is to continue to learn more about what I
actually like when it comes to space and styling and to put that into my life
more. To stop living somebody else’s style. It’s silly. Which by the way if you
want to take that quiz I am linking it down in my description you can get two
months for free of Skillshare with their premium membership which means you get
access to any of the courses there and after that it’s just about ten bucks a
month so it’s definitely something that is worth trying. The last launching point that I have for
you is heart. Now heart is about the earth.
It’s about leaving the world in a better place than it started with when it comes to you and your physical impact
on the world. So this is gonna be different for everybody — this is part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, there are certain needs that must be met
before you can focus on other things. You probably can’t quite get to heart until
you fulfilled a few of these other categories. Rachels hierarchy of goals! 😉
But heart is the one that probably comes last, after you’ve really worked on yourself. You’ve worked on your mental health, your physical health, you’ve
worked on your spiritual health, your ‘happy place’. Before we can go on to live
this amazing life, we need to fulfill certain needs in ourself. We’re pretty insignificant in the world. The average person doesn’t necessarily have a huge
impact on the world. But to think that way on a regular basis means that we’re
not doing our part. If we feel like we don’t matter in the world,
it’s like voting! Every single person who “doesn’t matter” eventually they DO add up. I live in a town small enough where the votes came down to like four votes.
That’s crazy! That shows that every person counts. So when it comes to your
heart, there are things that DO matter. For me, things that I’m working on more
are composting more. I live in the country… there’s no reason that we can’t
have a thriving compost pile! Recycling. We recycle a lot of stuff but I know I – I KNOW – that I don’t recycle everything that I can. I’ve always said that you
need to work on yourself first, if for your own mental health, you need to just
get stuff out of your house – do it! I truly believe you need to do it. Focus on
yourself first. But once you’ve achieved that – once
you’re feeling in a good mental state, then we can start saying, “okay, can I make
time to properly recycle this metal?” “Can I make time to pull apart the paper
separate out the plastic?” Clean out the jars when you’re done with it so they
can actually get recycled. A small contribution I’m making this year for me is changing up the cleaning products that I use. Are the cleaning
products that you use in your house environmentally friendly?? It’s not trying
to guilt anybody, it’s just when you’re ready – as I said, when you’re on down
rachel’s hierarchy of goals – “I’m feeling good about myself, my mental health, my
physical health, my spiritual ‘happy place’ health”, when you’re feeling good about
that, THEN you can ask yourself do I want to pour that cleaning product waste down
the sink? Do I want to put this bizarre artificial fragrance on my hands when
I’m washing? There are so many things that we use just in our everyday lives
that are not good for the environment. So when you’re ready to say, “I can start
thinking about the environment” that’s where we want to go to HEART. That’s
where we want to take baby steps to doing better for the earth.
That’s what I’m talking about. when I say heart. These are the things that I’m talking about. So, anyway! It was lovely talking to you all today. I hope that our for launching
points: mind, body, spirit, and heart have helped you to at least start identifying
goals that you can take with you throughout this entire year. And I would
love to hear what goals you’ve set, if you want to throw them down in the
comments, I will be reading all of them as I always do. If you made it to the end
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you in my next video. this is my first time shooting in this space and I’m also shooting with my husband sitting at the other end of the table as me which is a
little bit strange because even though when I shoot my videos I’m talking to
seemingly tens of thousands of people to have somebody actually right there in
front of me is very difficult. Stranger danger! Got a stranger in the
room and I can’t shoot my film…! All right so I’m gonna do jazz hands so I know to cut
into this part of the video because the rest of it is just nothing. So when I see
jazz hands in the editing room I know too
start here. ….it’s like a worst jazz hands ever! Four? What are these? Four nodes?
they’re four…

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