hi guys hi guys welcome back to the camera on their show and today we will be doing me gingerbread house challenge the gingerbread decorating challenge so some of you guys have been requesting that we do this challenge and we wanted to decorate some gingerbread houses anyways so thank you to you guys who suggest it thank you so much and here it is you ask anybody shall give whatever we can find in a gingerbread townhouse cake yes so this is Gabby's house that's what hearse is supposed to look like she doesn't necessarily have to make hers exactly like Justin's on the back oh there is there are some suggestions on the track Gabby has a cough so she's probably gonna be coughing throughout this video oh sorry about that and this is what mine looks like and they also have suggestions in the back and yours is a gingerbread house yes it is so that's why yours is – these over so you guys can actually see now that you saw what our houses are supposed to look like and we're going to decorate them however we want we could try to do it like that or whatever ten minutes on the clock and you guys at the end will get to decide who who wins yeah whose house do you like the best and we'll pull up pull card up there it's on your corner it's right over there so don't forget to vote in the poll card whose house you think is the winner we have all of our stuff it all came in these kits and you got ten minutes on the clock yeah here we go one I got a good ideas I gotta get ideals I see I think you guys excited oh my god this is it this is what we got what's all something just though alright so here's what they look like from here and now we're going to show you guys they've closed up okay so here's Gabby's house it's just the front the door well there's a little casing it um it's hanging from this whole thing that hangs a key to open that door it's okay and on this side we have some little peppermints mm-hmm with little gumdrops um side of the roof okay and on the top here are some Christmas colored lights I like the Christmas green red then there's nothing on the back and then the other side of your roof is one entry field without supposedly Santa Claus no it was supposed to be somebody's face it's a face okay it's a little Samantha face you'll turn it back to the front oh and on the bottom I forgot this there's some gummy drops are here and these this is supposed to be like in Candyland and this was the rain like some icicles that was supposed to be Adam okay so there's Gabi's house all right so here's my house guys I went with the candy cane in the front door right here and then little dots all over and if you could turn it Gabby there's my roof I went with the gumdrops across the top with little tiny um the little balls on top as well with the squiggly line roof and then go to the back I didn't get anything on my back and then nothing on my sides and back to the front on my roof on this side is also the same and there's my front again so that is both of our houses so vote in the poll card now that you've seen our not finished creations but this is the challenge part but we are going to go ahead and finish the houses the way that we kind of wanted to and we'll just show you guys them when we're really done in the end but vote now the way they are now I think we both were trying to be like super detail and that's why we didn't get to like do more sides but um I had a lot of fun did you have fun this was super fun thank you again to the people that suggested that we do this challenge we had so much fun doing it so voting the poll card and stay tuned because we are about to show you our finished products thank you for watching guys I love you Marissa Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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