Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge | 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS DAY 1

[Applause] hey guys what would simply be seen guess what we're doing today boys what are we doing Wow let's go you gonna eat it that's all you worried about yes Brody have you made it into bread house before yes you did hmm Christmas we going to make a gingerbread house oh that's our new tradition huh every Christmas Oh sometimes we give me a gingerbread cookie for Santa's ha really mmm thank you I like that you didn't want that gingerbread baby bad daddy yeah don't break it can we leave make it first before you break it kidney videos oh so what is it what very dormers making that house and I will make a little bit creepy mother Oh buddy could you tuck pan on what you want for christmas what you want whether you write on your lip what do you want Bevin I do you all remember brought what do you want for christmas oh and a neighbor neighbor a big one oh you want a big one no house oh you wanna do it you can't heal in the buttons but it is but brah go Brown go look no brah go brah go bro Go Go Go crop shake shake shake shake shake shake what you do it bro we haven't even did the other side either brah something you can eat we trying to get it right first rock so easy luckily brah stop being difficult oh he's so bad yeah which I think so far but stop any man yeah but Brock brother don't stop bro stop being a troublemaker brah so aggravate keep your icing no longer [Applause] yummy okay make sure you guys go check out the kids Channel watch out keep calm gentle night me he can't see me oh BTW kids TV and they did a video testing out some cereal we're probably gonna part two because there's a lot of cereal that they didn't get a chance to taste but this one here with them jobs funny hmm a boy got a whole side of a house you i thought last time we let the house stay for a little while like at least a couple days a day not rody hmm you're a bad banana

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