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My name is Jaqcues and today I’m here at HNS Landscape Architects
to meet with Arjen Meeuwsen who’s going to tell me everything about the master’s programme
of lanscape architecture and planning and the job he currently has. Let’s meet him! First of all could you introduce yourself to the viewers of WUR to WORK? My name is Arjen Meeuwsen I studied landscape architecture and planning at
Wageningen University & Research and now I work at HNS Landscape Architects in Amersfoort. And what is your exact function here at the company? I’m a landscape architect and project leader so its the design but also managing of the projects so having contact with clients, making sure that
everything happens at the right time in the budget that we have for making the design. What does an average day of work look like for you? What are you going to do today, for example? This afternoon I will go to Rotterdam to have an informative meeting
about a new highway that will be constructed. We’re designing the roofpark that goes over it. And actually the landscape around the highway. And are these kind of projects comparable to the projects
you work on during the master’s programme? Or is that very different? Yeah quite so actually, although the master’s programme
was more large scale strategics so we didn’t do much of this smaller scale site design. Which I actually like a lot; this. but I think that is also personal prefrence on
what kind of topic and scale level you’d like to work. Well, you’ve been working on these kind
of projects for quite a while now, what would you say is the best project you’ve done? I think in my second year I started working on
the national military museum and the most interesting thing about it is
that I was quite a junior then and was able to work from the very first start being present from the start until actually having it there and then following it in the development thats the beauty of the work and I’m very
proud of that project for that reason. Arjen is of to meet with another client and I learned a lot
from him about the master’s programme
of landscape architecture and planning and the work a landscape architect does. See you next time.

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