FISH TANK ! Elsa and Anna toddlers visit Ariel's house – aquarium decorating – playdate – prank

Oh Elsie Ananya right here hi girls hi Elsa hi Jana huh nice to see you again Ariel Ariel hi your area is right over there Hariyama I'll see you Nadia are here oh okay hey I'm even done cleaning my room okay girls um we're gonna be away for around two hours so listen to Ariel and I heard that you're gonna be making some fish tanks that must be fun so listen to them and we'll be back in around two hours okay okay mommy I'm so excited we'll be back soon Ariel all right tough on bye Yuri ah do you want to explain to them what we're doing it's gonna be fun okay girls come on let me show you what we're gonna do if you say so I'll be hating okay so these are the two big giant fish tags whoa there's so big where did these look I'm not really sure my mom got them before my birthday it was a big surprise so I don't know but they're really cool aren't they yup of course Wow hey top on the jar yeah it's gonna be so fun this one's like a square one and guess what girls what they light up this is gonna be so much fun so when do we get started um well right now hey the fun's starting now girls I brought some colorful rocks to put in the aquarium and I'm gonna bring the other ones coming back wonder what your dad will bring now here are some more colorful jewels and you can put these at the bottom of the tanks to girls of course you can't have fun girls nice gems house like pink ribbon here's some boxes we can put some jewels in here okay yeah because they look like pink candies just want to sip them all up pick them all up Alanya I'm gonna put these ones in the box I'm looking for Christmas they kinda look like jello [Applause] there we go these three are all done so was this fun so far yeah it's very nice light and airy Ella I'm about to pour the last one and now I think are ready to put the mini box daddy these scones are boring can we put the rainbow ones yeah sure sweetie I'll just take off the cap and take them out these rocks these like sprinkles just all the colors just pop out just when it's silly LCI these colorful rocks are just for for the fishtank oh they just look like now you can put the rainbow ones girls girls look at all these treasure boxes they're full of gems poor the man daddy poor the man died all right here they come there we go and now that looks like rings and cereal yup and that's right now we could put the jewels boom I think I'm gonna do this one plop it in one to get one three you know what let's spill it all let's do it at the same time okay well we did such a good job Arielle yeah I know this is like a gem tank oh oh yeah you found our fish what do you mean well we're actually gonna put them in the fish tank after really oh this is gonna be fun and it's girls but you you're a lot to touch a little bit but not too much so you don't stress them out alright don't worry I won't hurt the fish I don't think audio would like to touch this mm-hmm no I don't think she would hey yeah yeah why don't you come along and touch the fish a bit don't worry these fish they'll bite um are you sure yes yes I'm sure Anya scaredy-cat dude if you do I'm not a scaredy-cat actually you are scaredy fish scaredy fish scaredy fish I'm not a scaredy fish okay then prove it on ya touch the fish okay okay just a bit come on on yeah you can do it I don't want to I don't want to if you don't touch them I'm gonna push you in okay then touch them just a bit you don't have to do it a lot huh I actually felt kind of slimy let me touch the fish oh it's actually kind of cute this is actually fun see Anya these fish don't bite yeah you're right hey girls don't you want to finish the tank so you can put the fish in after oh yeah yeah yeah sure money we will oh yeah let's froakie's she alley fish on Anya great idea but first I'm gonna make a wall so it will protect me from those jellyfish Anya really come on they're fake we prank you we prank you are you sure are you sure those aren't real Anya of course I'm sure I wouldn't just let real Jim only fish around the house felt like a real one yup they actually really do and it looked like a hat too and it was on your head the jellyfish hat I want to see I want to touch it a little bit no it did it I just said he tried touching it again huh it's not stinging oh I think they're not real after all yup and that's what we've been trying to tell you after all whatever come on come on let's make the second tank here comes and that's enough time to put in the joules time for the Bubblegum beads they look like bubblegum and get some more Tina beep and now make way for the rest jewels are coming look at all the fresh yummy colors yeah I love them so much hmm maybe if I hopped in a bit are you sure that's okay Anya I'm just gonna stay for a little um okay whoa whoa I can hear like a big echo in here oh and look at all the gems I mean I could see your feet do you see my face girls yeah please it's kind of cool in here but I think I should get out cuz we're gonna put the water in yeah don't forget to put the water plants in both tanks girls yep we already got them daddy and these plants are gonna go in this one and the other ones are gonna go in the bigger one whoo there's so look at this plant girls it has like arms on it can I feel yeah let me see you can stretch it out yeah kind of looks like an octopus it looks cool house yeah blue and this one matches my dress hey and the color of my eyes and I love blue so I'm gonna put it right beside its friend the orange one oh my girls I forgot to tell you that these rainbow-colored plants are called anemones huh anemone mommies know it's anemones anemones anemones yeah actually that's good really mmm anemones no not in them anemones I'm gonna put the seaweed right here and the brightly colored seaweed right [Applause] here there we go this tank is already and now we can do the bigger one let me hope your girls I'll push this over here thank you daddy no problem girls have fun I'm gonna put the anemone first right in the corner and because the seaweed matches my dress super nice colors I'm gonna put it in it will go right over here on the gems but what about this pink one in might fit yeah we'll just keep this one right here all right I think we can get the water in yeah we finally completed this tank look at the fish swimming around in there I think of their saying thank you for making sus such a nice colorful tank fish can't talk else yeah isn't your right oh and I like the color for plants huh I think the fish like it too yep I think so look at that colorful one wow it's so pretty you're just swimming nicely in here look at the other fish in the other tank I think they're having fun too look they came here to me huh there's swimming beside me so I'm so I'm so I'm swim swim swim they're so cute I'm jumping with them I see you girls in your faces looks so weird with the fish tank we sure did a great job girls yeah indeed we did I'm really impressed with so many colors that's so pretty but there's still one more thing yep I'm gonna turn the light off this is so cool it looks so cool where with the lights off so much glowing light sparkling colors and look guys I see a big circle around this fish tank it looks so cool look look over here girls do you see this one I think it's yeah getting ready to go to bed yeah I think so because you scared me with the jellyfish well I guess that was a good prank look girls it's so cool it's changing colors it's kind of funny look blue green red look girls this one can do it – nice – these fish tanks are so amazing yep I know yummy – turn on the lights now no no no just a little bit more now all the fish are getting ready for bed we're gonna turn all the lights girls wow the fish tanks look good even with the light on oh and thank you Ariella for letting us build these cool fish tanks we had a really fun time you're welcome girls hey fish cakes fish tanks pitchers tanks fish thanks bye fishy visit our channel and subscribe for more videos you

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