what your priorities not gonna stuff away yeah yeah yeah so now you stuff until you're painting there is very good and doing this kind of job it's very artistic so this they've always been made I think two years or three years ago before we start our YouTube and then because Terrance plans for is to make this and then sell sold it in because there's a woman furniture shop and it's a faded visiting us also on the time so that's our possible a possible job The Times wanted to do and then suddenly we start up our YouTube channel so I should saying it's already finished before but because of some little scratch press we put the television it and the television is on and off bring down bring up transfer them so there are some scratch so that's what he's doing on the final touch and this kids are very curious right do you know how to paint leave it I don't know so when you paint it should be uniform you know like the one that there is hold you know the way his hand like that is like a dancing you know you should you should dance in the move like that because if you pens exam horizontal it's not the good result so you should look like that right now it's like a make up if you make up on your face that's how it looks like so they're going to make up on your furniture in a minute with this this pain parent is getting whispers this mad at me because I did a video this and then I didn't I give instruction totally click and give me about the garbage to throw an intense annoying on me holding the camera and giving giving instructions in different areas but as you seen look ahead she's very good he's very good about that look at his hand right now what Beth is doing now is called stroking okay this is one she is behaved badly and then [Laughter] she's gonna get painted a minute yes again please like comment and subscribe this is the same thing it's not yet fully done uh it's gonna do the final final tomorrow this guy is getting dark now so again and our goat is the one who eat this right you notice this morning they still lives on this what happened to that goat when you see that when you see darling the goat sleeping there no sleeping on the table yeah I think after she ate my black hair respectful goat has almost as little respect for my work as you do you know because this morning my I just water this plant and there's a lot of blades on this you know so I think the goat ate it and then tired and sleep on the table ah yes again please like comment and subscribe again Terrence has a really good shot have a good day and God bless bye bye

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