Farba Royal Silk Primacol Decorative – film instruktażowy

Farba Royal Silk Primacol Decorative – film instruktażowy

This movie is only for instructional purposes The manufacturer recommends that before starting to perform each of the decorative effects presented, carefully read the description on the product packaging and perform the test on a small surface Instructional video Royal Silk Royal Silk Primacol Decorative is a decorative paint for indoor use Its composition contains special pearly fillers which create an elegantly glistering coating on the decorated surface Dynamic glimmering reflections change as the angle of light incidence changes The paint is available in ready-to-use colour versions and as a silver and golden base that can be dyed with any colourant Once applied on the wall, a silk effect will be obtained Products necessary to perform the effect Royal Silk Primacol Decorative Paint Priming agent Primacol Decorative Decobase Primacol Decorative Paint Tools necessary to perform the effect Painting roll Venetian trowel Before proceeding with the effect, we should protect the unpainted surfaces and prepare the substrate accordingly The substrate should be stable, dry, smooth, free from dust, paint and adhesives Losses of material and cracks must be repaired and made even using filler putty. Then, with the help of a paint roller, we coat the entire surface with a layer Primer Primacol Decorative It is a ready to use emulsion, recommended for strengthening the substrate, reducing its absorbability and optimizing its adhesion The primed wall becomes more flexible, resistant to scratches and has a regulated absorbency We leave the surface for 12 hours, so that it is dry and then, to unify the color of the substrate, we paint it white After preparing the substrate, we proceed to the effect. Apply two coats of Decobase Primacol Decorative on the dry surface using a paint roller It is water-borne paint in white color, used as a primer when creating decorative effects It is characterized by very good coverage, and after drying creates an abrasion resistant coating Applying the second coat of paint starts after the first one has dried, ie after about 3-6 hours We check the dry state by touch. We leave the wall so prepared to dry for 12 hours After this time, using the Venetian trowel, apply Royal Silk Primacol Decorative Layer thickness should not exceed 1 mm Apply the paint on small areas and in different directions to create the decoration pattern Before the paint dries up, after approx. 20 seconds after application, smooth the entire surface with a clean edge of the Venetian trowel In this way metallic reflections characteristic for this product will be become distinctive With the coating so prepared, allow the surface to dry for 4 hours If necessary, apply another layer of Royal Silk Primacol Decorative paint and proceed in the same manner as for the first layer The final decorative effect is ready after 24 hours Royal Silk Primacol Decorative paint allows you to create many interesting decorative effects When using it, depending on the expectations, the method of application and applied colorants, we can obtain the following coating colors: Decobase paint and Royal Silk Primacol Decorative silver base dyed with colorant: Sand Caramel Umber Black Burgundy Decobase paint and Royal Silk Primacol Decorative gold base dyed with colorant: sand caramel umber orange burgundy Royal Silk Primacol Decorative is so versatile that it can also be applied using other tools In addition to the Venetian trowel shown in the film, the paint can be applied with a brush or roller In the first case, we prepare the substrate in the same way, on which we apply a layer of the product with a brush Then, also with a brush, we create a decorative effect and leave the wall to dry Similarly, in the second case, after priming the substrate, apply a layer of Royal Silk paint with a paint roller and make the pattern After finishing the work, leave the wall to dry for 24 hours Remember that in both cases the method of painting contributes to the final decorative effect, so it is worth to plan it earlier

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  • Karolina

    September 12, 2017

    Witam chciała bym pomalować jedna ścianę ta piękna farba moja ściana ma 355 cm na 254 ile potrzebuje farby dla najleoszefo efektu. U jeszcze drugie pytanie jeśli chce mieć wszystkie szare ściany to najpierw maluję ściany a potem tylko nakładamy tą farbę i efekt gotowy dobrze rozumiem?

  • Marcin Gajek

    June 26, 2019

    Jakiego zestawu należy użyć, aby osiągnąć efekt biało-szarej sciany jak na opakowaniu produktu?


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