Fall Decorating Military Style – Home Improvement Series

we are going to turn this front porch into a magnificent fall just cascading a beauty boozing of fallenness as I drink my coffee I've had too much already all right so foulness is the work so we're very excited to be here with Tiffany hi Tiffany hi she won our fall porch decor giveaway I normally go like beyond like normal for fall decor and it was about to get ready and do it on my own and then I saw this and so I was like oh that's kind of cool didn't think I would win at all and so I entered and then I watched the video we wanted to give you some ideas when you're decorating for fall with a DIY project for artificial pumpkins we picked these up at the dollar store so they're really bright orange and green and we wanted to turn them a little more rustic so we start off by painting them come on a little bit closer so yeah we start off by painting them with just some white chalk paint right now I'm gonna come like over here so you can see them in stages just painting with a little white and then we can end up with a final product that looks like that little the orange bleeds through you see we have a little brown antiquing on the top also chalk chalk wax actually and you can use that wax across across the whole body to give it a nice antique look these are a dollar yeah you can't kind of beat that chalk paint you can make your own there's a lot of recipes on how to make chuck paint but you can purchase it at any craft store this is a great way to buy some inexpensive artificial pumpkins and the tournaments of something beautiful and save some money another DIY project for our fall decor is beautiful happy baskets this is what they look like on the inside which is also what they looked like on the outside so we wanted to age them right so again use a little bit of brown antiquing wax and gave it more of a rustic look which was the same paint we already have for the pumpkin yeah so smoke will use multiple usin multitasking all right thanks you

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