Exterior Maintenance Responsibilities of Tenants by GTL Real Estate, GA and FL Property Management

hi I'm Todd work-shy CEO of GTL real estate in this video I want to talk about something that many tends forget about long maintenance while most tenants do a pretty good job of taking care of the interior of the house many tenants forget that it's also their responsibility to take care of the lawn shrubs and general exterior condition of the home a small number of you may have leases that make this a landlord responsibility especially if you're living in a condo community but for the vast majority of you your lease says that this is a tenant responsibility which is standard in the states where we do business so what all does this responsibility include quite a bit actually obviously you need to keep the lawn mowed on a regular basis but don't forget that you also need to trim an edge don't let grass start to overgrow the curb or get too high around the edges of the house because the mower isn't reaching it all so please be kind to your neighbors and remember to sweep or blow the grass clippings off of the street and sidewalk most tenants don't forget these items what we see a lot of tenants forget is keeping weeds out of the yard yes this is a tenant responsibility how you do it is entirely up to you you can buy weed control products from places like Home Depot or Lowe's and handle the weed control yourself or you can hire a lawn care company to do it on a regular basis companies like true green can handle this or you can hire any of the wonderful local companies in your area there are many to choose from also important to keep in mind are the shrubs bushes flowers and other landscaping it is your responsibility to keep these plants in good condition most of them require very little maintenance just a little pruning every couple of months suffice is for most of them also remember to keep the pine straw or mulch fresh over time the rain washes this away leaving bare beds under your landscaping typically this needs to be refreshed once or twice a year another frequently forgotten item is gutters especially for those of you in Georgia where homes are frequently surrounded by tall pine trees these gutters can fill up quickly you may need to empty them a couple times a year depending upon how many trees you have around you if you don't feel comfortable getting on a ladder to do this there are many companies that do gutter cleanings that you could hire for a reasonable fee we can refer you to someone if needed just let us know last but not least for those of you who occupy a property for an extended period of time usually for several years you'll probably find the mildew starts to grow in the siding of the house after a while the way to get rid of this is to pressure wash the house we do not recommend that you rent a pressure washer and try to do this yourself it is very easy to use too much pressure and peel the paint right off of the siding you should hire a professional pressure washing company to handle this that way if they damage the paint you can attempt to hold them responsible and get them to repair it just make sure you hire a company that warranties against this if you turn the house back over to us at the end of your lease and there's paint peeled off the siding then you will be held accountable for that from your security deposit so you don't want to try to do this by yourself and end up owing thousands of dollars to repaint the exterior of the house get the professionals for this sort of thing we can refer you to someone if you'd like I recommend setting up reminders for all of these things on your phone so that you don't forget it's very easy to get settled into a house get busy with life and forget things like cleaning gutters by setting up a recurring reminder for yourself you can be sure to remember these items so that you don't have anything deducted from your security deposit when you move out if you have any questions about this or anything else please don't hesitate to email us at support at GTL realestate.com

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