Extended-Family Living

it was overwhelming initially we're having my mother-in-law lived with us she's going to have her own attached apartment and she gets to spend time with the grandkids that are growing like weeds we came into this project we bought the property in March of last actually the beginning of this year and it seems like it's been a long process you know with the plans being drawn up and then revised many times to suit our needs but once we get into the project it's going fairly fast i would say in the last five to seven years the trend is starting to go that direction probably for various reasons i would say that a lot of it is somewhat the economic climate this is grandma's space and this will be a pantry I just came in the entryway from the house as we go over here this is my front door and then over here will be my kitchen in this little look and then over here will be the living room and those are some other doors out to the backyard there's two dynamics in it oftentimes its children moving in or a parent moving back in so it goes one of two directions and generally it's going to be a case-by-case depending on what their you know situation is if it's a if it's generally a parent sometimes it's oftentimes an older parent that might have to go into a home and they'd rather have them close by and and be able to interact with the family more and there's a comfort level that they get it's an appealing option to us because she just retired last year and economically really would be struggling to live by herself this is working out great but it's nice to pull you money you know you can get more relief you know particularly from my point of view she came down from Northern California where she had a house and she was by herself and you know I would worry about safety you know if if something goes wrong just as you know she's not at that age yet but it you know eventually she will be I would worry about that we went to mark I'll design and Ramon and presented them our need and they came out and looked at the floor plan of the house and they created some plans for us of possible options for the remodel and we're currently in one of the additions so we built a master suite and master bathroom walkin closets reconfigured all the inner walls of the existing mirakkel let me be so hands-on every time I wanted to make a change and we're so good about it I mean look at these vaulted ceilings weren't here and those big windows in the bedroom that was my idea so and they just did whatever I said they were wonderful after doing this three different times I know that this was the best experience I've had so far we loved working with them the very personable we can call them with any matter and they would get somebody out here if something was wrong they would get it fixed if we had any concerns they would address it right away they were the ones that had the most progressive lay out the the best floor plan option that we liked they used as much of the existing structure as they could and obviously that is a benefit to us because it keeps the cost down for the project we've had cabinetry installed we have had lighting fixtures installed we've having our HVAC system installed so we have heat now we have put on all of the interior doors we hung the exterior front doors that I had made for the house before we started building welcome to my kitchen right here will be my 48 inch range with a double oven which I'm so excited about six burners and underneath here we have some honed black granite which won't show any sauce marks from ladles and whatnot that I rested on and I love the beautiful three-dimensional subway it's not the traditional flat give some dimension to the house all right here is wawa was just so easy five minutes just like on tv and it's all done not really everybody really worked extra hard to get my space done early because I moved in a month early so that's probably something that never happens on a remodel usually it's a month late at least I love everything about the house the office is great upstairs with a beautiful view okay so the kitchen is so easy to work in we would always bump into each other when I'm helping out cooking and stuff like that in the last kitchen so now there's plenty of room it's very open lunch is ready okay I'll be right there oh great I sleep so much better in this house it's wonderful i love my shower I love everybody my kitchen yeah mama got hooked up in the kitchen in this house that's good yeah finally got the good kitchen that we were never gonna be able to do with our last house that I don't what it's very pretty smooth actually I think working with Mike and George in the design team it's been very helpful they they keep on schedule and we keep on schedule or as much I love it it turned out perfect it turned out perfect i'm real happy with it I enjoy my grandkids you know they come home from school they come in and and you know we do our homework in here it's just great I love it

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