Exposed Beams on ‘I Hate My Kitchen’ | Industrial Farmhouse

what is it about an ugly kitchen that gets people so the plan minimalist features to the bad layout this kitchens gotta go first up a new design suite tools to make the job go faster plenty of cool new products Kris and Kristyn are in the middle of fixing up their first home what is your budget I think we have about twenty thousand dollars to spend on occasion we're going to knock this wall down okay exposed wood beams are characteristic element of fire miles kitchens but they can be pricey I found a company that makes faux wood beams that are both cheaper and lighter if this was a 19-foot would being we'd be strongly yeah just a little bit maybe struggling the good thing about this is is you can stain it any color you want oh come on all right so here's the deal your school teacher got a little homework for you guys all right go ahead and stain it okay and once we get everything stained up we'll get around to it but just throw it up all right all right sound good got it all right you guys have at it now it's time to put Krishna the test and see how she handles the ceiling beams all right so we got our marks this is pretty easy if this was a big wood beam yeah much different project all right these lightweight beams are made up of high-density polyurethane which are molded from actual wood beams so you get the warmth of wood at a fraction of the cost okay pull this out because what we're gonna do is we're gonna sleeve around the header sheriff we need to make all our cuts before we bring it in the house because when we get it inside we won't have much wiggle room all right that one's done okay all right here we go keep it coming okay once it's up all it takes is a handful of screws on either side to hold in place all right so we got it up we got our outlet boxes cut out for our pendant lights uh-huh so they'll shoot right down we're all done now right yeah we're all done with this for now we got plenty of work to do so before this kitchen felt antiquated and useless with its bad layout and lack of storage and surface space now with this eclectic blend of features and materials it's classic farmhouse flavor meets urban industrial chic so we're going for urban farmhouse in this kitchen I think we nailed it it was closed it was cramped in ugly I love knocking down the wall just opens everything up and it makes the space feel bigger and going with that farmhouse theme look at that faux beam it looks real and it really adds a distinct element to the house it's hard to remember what it looked like before I don't think we could imagine that it was gonna end up looking like this like we were excited when we saw the design but the way it turned out was so much better than we even thought it would be my grandma's gonna love this you'll love this she's gonna love us scrum she tell me how is grandma gonna love the budget on this kitchen how'd we do I start out with twenty thousand dollars over 20 we spent about two thousand dollars less we got so about seventeen thousand dollars we came in under budget I don't think we did any project in our house under budget this is a fun kitchens cold a lot of hard work you guys did a great job I enjoyed it we're under budget yeah grandma's gonna be proud of this okay thanks you guys enjoyed a kitchen like sir

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  • kenmorgan5

    April 15, 2019

    Mr. Young who does the design and research the products. you have the best show on the airways today.


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