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hey everybody Alex with bass city's construction here welcome to the show we have an amazing show today we're gonna talk about a project we just finished in beautiful Torrance California I've got all of these cool gift cards to give away since I am your professor of all things construction I will be quizzing you and if you get the right answer will be mailing you any of these little gift cards here so welcome to the show your we're gonna talk about kitchen bathroom remodeling and home it well this isn't a home edition but kitchen and bath remodeling my name is Alex with Bay city's construction stay tuned kitchen you want today from bases construction in the Southern California in Los Angeles area there is no better company who takes time out of the equation to get you a detailed plan of what your new kitchen will look like for two hundred ninety seven dollars get your design plans done your interior design plans done an entire project scope done right now get your finished kitchen in ninety days or less we are the best in the Los Angeles in Southern California area and there's no need to shop anywhere else just get started with Bay city's construction go to Bay's city's construction com that's Bay city's construction com hey everybody Alex with bay city's construction welcome back to the show today we've put together a really cool slide presentation for you about a job that we finished in Torrance California if any of you folks are here in the South Bay for those of you don't know they're watching anywhere all over the country or all over the world since we're live on Facebook we are located in Los Angeles California or in the Los Angeles area in this little city Beach City and Torrance it's called Torrance California so folks let's uh let's share I'm gonna share with you a few pictures of this project that we finished it was a very nice-sized project and looking forward to we're a commercial stand by technical difficulties hey youtubers did you get a notice to comply from the city of Santa Monica or Los Angeles you're going to need a pair of these you need some plans you're going to need architectural engineering and city representation I am providing a turnkey solution for you for twelve thousand four hundred ninety seven dollars I'm gonna give you architectural engineering and city representation if you want more information about soft story repair please visit our website bass city's construction comm follow the link below and give our office a call at eight eight eight eight eight one seven three five five my name is Alex Rodriguez with bay city's construction reminding you you don't need a contractor you need a team of pros hey folks thanks welcome back thank you for hanging in there so we had a little technical difficulty I want to be able to share my screen so if you are still for those viewers are still on please go ahead and share the stream and I'll send you a cup a couple cups of coffee on me from Starbucks okay my name is Alex with Bay city's construction in case you don't know me and we're in beautiful Torrance want to share with you this amazing project so let's get started let's get started we're gonna we're gonna now I gotta warn you okay the the picture of the outside the house hadn't been painted at the time so we did an interior remodel on this project going to put it up so you can see it iearnt right now this project was in Torrance that's where okay there we go okay a little background info on us in case you don't know us for those of you that don't know us we are licensed California general contracting company been in business for about 15 years right here that's me Alex Rodriguez as you know in my project manager Steve we were at a at a really cool construction training seminar a few months ago and though so for those of you don't know us we do interior design we will help you pick out a beautiful look the perfect look for your place and we'll also put together a set of plans to get it approved with the city especially if you're in Torrance you're gonna need a full set of plans if you're doing any major remodeling so let's get let's let's move on here many of you folks are considering a construction project right you you don't know where to start and we're here we put the show together to guide you through the process the process of construction so they're like like many other processes you got a beginning a middle and an end so you should first consider your primary goals for the space one of the questions I always ask is what what what do you hate what do you hate about the space what's the first thing that you really want to focus on and fix okay the next thing you should be considering and being able to allocate is is money right being able to allocate funds helping you establish a budget or put together a budget we can help you with that in the event that you need help with with figuring out how much you want to spend so so there's two questions right there in the pendant of each other in the beginning phases of construction or of construction planning there's the money that you feel comfortable spending and then there's the construction cost so it's our job to help you align those two things right we want to design a project that you can make sense of the the spent right like you you the last thing you would want is to design a project that you can't afford so that is always the the big struggle with with in construction or pre-construction is coming up with a design that makes sense to the home owners budget so keep that in mind you should also be considering inspiration pictures you know on Pinterest or house now there's a tremendous amount of different platforms that you can use to gain some inspiration inspiration so once you you have those things kind of lined up you have an idea of what your goals are you have an idea of what your budget is gonna be and you have an idea of what your look is going to be then you're ready to get started with construction so let's move on for those of you that are researching particular types of projects whether it's a kitchen remodel a bathroom remodel we have an amazing resource for you if you haven't been on our website Bay city's construction com it is a tremendous resource if you click on the blog article our articles are organized by kitchen bathroom there's probably 370 ish articles written on different construction subjects but mostly residential remodeling in the emphasizing on kitchen and bathroom only so take a look at that there's there's it's a great resource it's all for you really we put this together so that you can be better informed and help you make better decisions when you're engaging in a project so don't forget to go there bass city's construction calm and just a reminder before we get started I'm gonna quiz you because I am a professor I I teach at the Mount st. Mary's and I love to quiz in your in your case you're right answers aren't going to be an a B or C it's going to be one of these cool gift cards that we have I got some Starbucks gift cards we've got some Home Depot gift cards I'll even buy you I even buy you dinner anybody dinner at the got Olive Garden the Red Lobster we got a bunch of gift cards so stay tuned to share in fact I'll tell you what I'll tell you what I will send the first five people that share this stream with their friends I'll send you a gift card so we'll get started off on the right foot the next thing I want to thank some of our vendors Kohler Ferguson's and Milgard windows they these were some of the vendors that we use on this project this was a single-family or is a single-family residence in Torrance and this is a picture of the finished space it's a 1990s built house pretty-pretty interest actually 80 is the thing that this is an 80s built house you can tell by the door so we didn't we didn't replace the front doors but the houses got some pretty cool features to it it's got a lot of natural light we replaced the flooring upstairs and downstairs this was a full house remodel so it's um a project we're pretty proud of this is a staircase pretty cool deal new flooring new carpeting everywhere now which brings us to our first quiz this is actually the family room it's a wide shot and I wanted to show you this shot so that it would be fair so you'd have the the largest opportunity to win your your card so can you tell me what this flooring is is it natural wood did we refinish the original wood on the floor did we install a laminate or did we install engineered what do you think it is what do you think it is going to post post your responses online but in the comment section below and we'll be contacting you for the winners to get your mailing address to get you get your cards out Lydia how are you Lydia we love you do you have do you have the answers do you have the answers to the questions Lydia blue leader commenting below are we're going to move on I'll see what Lydia says so the family room is pretty big leads out to the backyard the little wet bar there they elected to keep it now I want to bring your attention to the wet bar right like right now these days we're not installing many wet bars but we did we did cheat a little bit to help the customer this is going to be a rental they're not selling it but to keep the cost down we helped the homeowner by simply having the cabinet professionally painted and putting in some new countertops quartz countertop and a new faucet so basically giving it a nice new fresh look and that that was was a little technique that we use to cheat a little bit keep the cost down so we didn't the customer didn't have to incur the cost of custom cabinets for that space so here's a little close-up of there so you got nice new a little hardware on there right and a quartz quartz countertop now by the way those prefab countertops they come with a six-inch backsplash like what you see in the in the picture in here so keep that in mind if for those of you have some quartz questions we have some amazing blog articles at Bay city's construction com that deal with quartz just if you type in on the search pane quartz countertop or count-out kitchen countertops there's a bunch of blog articles on that let's go to the bathroom the bathroom so this place had three bathrooms three bathrooms this was the bathroom on the ground floor and we put in a mill guard window you can see what the guys hadn't taken the sticker off believe me we took that off later we had to move that window by the way which is quite a hassle in the city of Torrance for those of you folks living in Torrance you should know that if you live down in the Riviera in the hills area you will need in some cases if the window can be seen by your neighbors you'll need a letter from your neighbors off a right and that operates it but aware that you're removing the windows and it'll have a little big problem with it if that's only in the hills area the hills area is a little bit more sensitivity to to the neighbors so we have a Kohler toilet thankee Kohler for making such a cool toilet the the Kohler line of toilets this is a value price point toilet but it has a real elegant look to it if you look I have no mouse no mouths action oh yeah let me try that thank you sorry sorry Felix I'm trying together trying to get a little pointer pointer set up here alright it'll work okay so we got a we got a Kohler toilet really cool there it is yay trying to connect anyway okay we got a new vanity in a new Kohler vanity faucet right so the the stone and tile work were provided by MS international in Orange County for those of you doing some research on tile and countertop materials they have amazing stuff and a tremendous tremendous selection of materials so for those of you you could go on MSI international comm and check out their products they they have a pretty good website too they have a space planner so you can upload some upload kind of like an image of your kitchen and put it on countertops and stuff like that so it's kind of a cool deal so it's a good shot of the bathtub I would say 90% of the jobs we're doing now we're actually removing the bathtub in this particular case the they kept the bathtubs we had Oh upstairs I'll show you the upstairs shower in the guest bathroom we took the tub out we left one tub this is the downstairs bathroom we left the tub in that bathroom neat little tub made by Kohler also by the way a few folks want a list of the materials that we used just send us a write a comment below and we'll be happy to email your link a few days after this post we'll probably put together a downloadable list of the materials that we used so let's move on to these other features this is a really cool transition piece by Kohler this faucet and it's mounted on a man-made a prefab countertop the sinks are parabolic you see how it has that cool shape at the base of the sink so that sink there is an awesome draining sink so for guys when you're shaving so these are the little features right that that I think you can you can take these little little tip these little gold nuggets of info sinks that have that parabolic shape for guys when you're shaving your wife gets irritated if you're out wife gets irritated with you when when you leave the like the shaving hairs with shaving cream and stuff on the bottom of the sink that stuff you won't you won't have to deal with right because that sink is parabolic and it also is tilted forward so it drains super super well the countertop is recycled glass so it has this kind of really cool look to it I think the glass kind of changes its geometric shape when it gets melted in the furnace and and kind of refabricated pretty cool product we got that I think from builder's surplus in Anaheim for for those of you that are interested or curious about that there's a little close-up of the faucet now I get to ask this question all the time if chrome is a smart you know is a smart material to use chrome is pretty good now you do have to pay attention to it I think it gets a little bit more water spots than then maybe a brushed nickel but you should be providing regular maintenance to your to your core to your chrome to your fixtures right you don't want to let them whether it's it's brushed nickel or chrome you don't want to let a lot of hard water you know we have a lot of hard water down here in the South Bay you don't want to you want to want to let them go a long time without cleaning them with the appropriate the metal clean product okay that that I think it is critical to keeping them looking beautiful over a long period of time these particular faucets are made to last the insides are made out of a nice brass material they're really sturdy and this is you know this is gonna be a rental but we wanted to put things together so that the you know you wouldn't have leaking or whatever after three or four years those real cheap faucets that you can find at Home Depot any faucet that's you know under 80 bucks it's got a lot of plastic inside so just be aware of that you you may be paying labor to replace those faucets in a few years so these are tip-top tip-top faucet from Kohler here's a close-up of the orb so it's close-up of the tile but you can also see the plumbing fixtures right this is the matching set for the shower it's a single function shower so it's basically just a showerhead and a tub filler pretty cool setup you can note it you notice that there are not a lot of grout lines here the tile that we use for the walls of the shower are a 1 by 12 excuse me 1 foot by 2 foot so the larger dimension your tile the less grout you're gonna have and we did use a grout that had a grout color that was the base color of the tile so the grout kind of disappears and you can see the beauty of the towel as its as its laid out a little close-up shot now there's a ton of options for shower heads this happened to be the shower head that came in the collection and you notice it has a nice sweeping kind of view to it it we picked the toilet the toilet has a very nice can of the toilet tank has a nice little sweep to it so those are kind of like some of the details that we like to keep consistent through through the design here's a close-up of the shower valve nice real nice transition piece and you know this type of design of valve is very go back to it this type of design of valve is very flexible you can dress it up with a lot of different types of tile or you know and and also the the way that the tile is set the tile pattern is very this faucet is very compatible with a bunch of different tile settings so keep that in mind you know when you're selecting your your look right when you're picking your plumbing fixtures you want to kind of have a cohesive look once you're all done alright folks let's take a quick little commercial break and then we'll come back and talk about the the main event the main room in the house the kitchen looking for a bathroom remodel in the Southern California and Los Angeles area if you've shopped and you've looked at prices and have no clue where to start let bass city's construction get you started with the quote of two hundred and ninety seven dollars that's a two thousand dollar value land for only two ninety seven get design interior design project scope and know exactly what it will cost to get your bathroom remodel there is no guesswork and no need to shop around just take time out of the equation to get your new bathroom in ninety days get your estimate now at bass city's construction com that's Bay city's construction com welcome back folks Bay city's construction here Alex Rodriguez the bay city's construction let's take a look at the kitchen so this kitchen is very white it's a white kitchen it is the trend now oh man that would change that it's a it's it is the trend to have basically white cabinets now you can get some pretty you know what would be considered and by most standards as a relatively plain cabinet and dress set up with some really cool hardware I think this hardware was still under five bucks so you know not very expensive hardware although there are a lot a lot of pieces to them this kitchen here we got full backsplash subway tile if you're considering remodeling your kitchen you want to keep the cost down and you really want to consider take into consideration what kind of material you're going to use for your backsplash because it can have a major impact on the cost now these countertops they are prefabricated these kind of tops are prefabricated but there are some very custom features to them right the square edging on them the fact that the backsplash is a different material than the countertop those are all kind of indicative of a custom of a custom design and a custom look so keep that in mind so as our quiz question number two the quiz question number two is are these cabinets prefabricated or the custom-made and let me let's talk a little bit about what the difference is between the two prefabricated cabinets are assembled are think of like IKEA cabinets right IKEA cabinets are prefabricated they're basically produced in a mass run in a factory and they're shipped flat or they could be shipped assembled but they're they're definitely not made to order for the size and then custom cabinets are made to order for the size you have a ton of for with custom cabinets you have a ton of options for storage and function and that kind of stuff not not as much flexibility in the prefabricated cabinets as you do in the MA in the custom cabinets but overall you can get a very similar look and the biggest difference why people choose one over the other is that the the cost a price point custom cabinets are much more expensive than prefabricated cabinets you can you could save probably 30 up to 30 maybe even 40% of the cost by going prefabricated so the quiz quiz number two quiz number two I'll buy you dinner buy a dinner at the Olive Garden or get something at the Home Depot are these cabinets custom or are they prefabbed let me know let me know what you think customer prefabbed on these cabinets the master bathroom let's take a look at the master bathroom I think you're gonna like that let's say zoom into the actual picture here I'm going to take me off of a picture-in-picture so this here my friends is a double sink double sink setup we hadn't put the the mirrors in here yet we put in pretty much there there was a double a double sink vanity on in this bathroom we just we replaced obviously got a mini vanity and the window to the right is a new mill guard window so that that that's the stuff that got changed and we I think we had to re Center the lights once we put in the new vanity in place the flooring is new obviously and everything in this space got got skimmed the walls got skimmed with something new now think about this you know when if you're considering a bathroom remodel a lot of the the bathrooms and these tall and skinnies have a jack-and-jill a jack-and-jill bathroom and you'll see that the the the function of the cabinets is not very good like the drawer banks and stuff are not are not wide or they're not they're not deep and they're kind of you know kinda hokey this set up here has a shallow top drawer and then two deeper drawers the storage on here is really phenomenal it's it's a nice setup especially if you're sharing a drawer bank with two sinks so which brings us to quiz quiz number three what do you guys think check out check out these floors do you think these floors are natural stone or do you think it's a porcelain tile I've got a set of gift cards for you let's see we've got some Pete's coffee cards here for those of you that don't like Starbucks I got some Pete's coffee Starbucks which one you want Pete's your Starbucks let me know so is this natural for a natural stone or a porcelain it should be a close-up we ended up using the same faucets for the upstairs also this is the master master suite some buddies Jill is asking what countertop material is that looks like we answer it here but she asked it in the previous slide oh yeah yeah so this is a quartz this is a man-made material in fact it's a prefabricated material let's go back there so this comes with a six inch backsplash we cut it down because six inches I think is a little bit too big for too high of a profile for the the vanity so we cut it down at four and real real cool material you know the the selection in the courts is probably larger than ever there's a lot there's a lot of options you know this may be too busy for some people I don't what do you guys think you guys think this this is too busy or your guys like it be curious to see what you guys I guys feel about this countertop but check out that this is a good shot actually of the sink the undermount sink pretty cool sink I think this is a Mirabel sink if I'm not mistaken Mirabel is a in-house brand produced by Ferguson's you guys ever been a Ferguson's here in Redondo Beach off a marine and Englewood really cool showroom if you happen to go by there say hi to Ted or crystal for me real nice folks over there so let's take a look at the shower this material is the same as what we used on the floor and it lays out real nice real nice real looks very swanky looks something you'd see in in a bathroom at Caesar's Palace or something I am so now I'm gonna show you show you a kind of a little little tip on saving money but getting a custom look if you look at the showerhead here right it's got a hose to it most of the time when we install those we'll use a multi will do a multi-function valve where you'll have a separate hand shower which is what that is and then you have a rain head or some other showerhead up on the wall now if you're gonna get a shower if you're gonna convert your bathtub into a shower this was this is exactly what that was you want to have a hand shower so that you can rinse the walls down right like when you come when you clean after you take a shower you can rinse everything down it helps keep the the water stains and stuff down so you really want to have a shower head askew a hand wand now in the case of saving money being a little frugal you can do what we did which is incorporate the hand wand into the showerhead so you save yourself probably 1300 bucks in plumbing fixtures you would normally have to buy a diverter and a pressure balance valve and stuff like that so by doing this you're really saving quite a bit of money if you if it doesn't if it doesn't if you like the luck right some people don't don't like don't want to have the hose hanging like that other people it doesn't bother them at all one thing you should consider though be careful you don't want the showerhead that the kind of shy can point and no pointer the the the hose on the showerhead you don't want it to hang too low that a child could actually get their their head in there and it's fixie eight okay it's pretty pretty high up there when we put it as a standalone hand one we make sure that there's plenty of slack on the on the hose and you know there's no risk of you know somebody a small child choking themselves that would be that would be bad all right those what the shower what are those little tiles called those so what I think David is referring to is the deco strip a lot of times homeowners want to use want to break up a little bit of the continuity of the tile or you can use the deco strips to change from one tile to the other or you can use the deco strip to change the orientation of how the tiles laid in our case it's all brick it's what's not brick pattern but it's laid in thirds by the way when you get tile that is this big that's a foot by two feet long you have to offset it if you look at the grout lines carefully in the picture you have to offset it by a third so you can't put these tiles 50 you know half the half they have to be offset by a third because there's a natural bow in the material and that's that goes against the recommended installation instructions of the manufacturer so I hope that answers your question Dave this is a wide shot of the master suite man this this place has an amazing master better this house is for rent by the way and any of you any of you folks looking to rent a house in Torrance let me know and I'll forward your contact info to the homeowner really nice owner her and her daughter worked with us to get this you don't get everything picked out and get it installed so put a new carpet in here new carpet on the on the top floor and there's some kind of cool French doors leading into the master suite so it's got the other bedrooms in here we we kept all the doors just painted everything put in some new hardware so that you know everything looks kind of nice and clean and neat it's ready for the new renters another shot of the other back bedroom bedroom is all the bedrooms in here were so nice and spacious it's got a wide shot from the top of the stairs we have another question from one of the previous slides okay the kitchen area oh yeah okay good so mark from Torrance is asking what door style is that oh the doors on the the doors on all of the vanities and the kitchen doors they're all shaker style it's a really cool and very popular look let's see if we go back let's go back in here let's go back to that look the shaker style has basically a rail and then a flat Center let's give you a close-up of that there you go so that's a that is a classic shaker-style door flat panel on the inside no millwork pretty just a very clean look and this this is actually a very flexible look you can make it look modern you can make it look very classic you can make it you can have a transitional look to it it's a pretty flexible look any other questions got any other questions out there do we have any any good guesses for the flooring material in the master floor gasps she says she's asking is it nope it is not it's either a stone or a porcelain stone for porcelain I believe she was trying to answer for the very first question oh okay quiz number one quiz number one it's a little she's saying it's a laminate could be anybody else anybody else have any guesses there's your flooring right there I know I could that could have been a a refinished oak floor it could be could be it could be just saying alright folks thanks for watching thanks for visiting us here at the live show we are we are here to help you we're here to be a resource for you every single week we are gonna be broadcasting live steady at on Tuesdays we're gonna move to Tuesday's 5:30 from 5:30 to 6:30 we're looking forward to answering your construction questions looking forward to being a resource to you also if you want more information are looking to research more on home additions kitchen remodeling bathroom Olie go to Bay city's construction com it you can look for the blog articles there and we have a ton of information and then don't forget to share sharing is caring folks sharing is caring we have any other questions anything else if you subscribe please subscribe so you can get notified of our of our live broadcasts we will also be broadcasting live on YouTube looks like there was Veronica was asking about the faucets that are in the bathrooms what type of faucets are those those are beautiful Kohler faucets I don't have the names of the actual the model names but they were supplied by Kohler if you post your your contact info below or just post a comment below ask that question we're gonna send you over a download of all of the materials that we used on this project on materialists materialists any other questions for the question for the cabinets okay Lydia says they're prefab oh for the kitchen for quiz number Chris course number two I believe is question number two number two Lydia you are a winner Pete's coffee or Starbucks Pete's coffee or star let us know below let me know they are 100% prefab they were that that was a key component to getting the the cost down the construction cost down and staying on the customers budget so we were able to configure and we actually changed the footprint quite a bit of that kitchen and we were able to use prefabricated cabinets we cut the cost down by at least of the of the kitchen section of the remodel then we cut the cost down by almost ten thousand dollars by doing that they have a lot of cabinets there was a lot of cabinets any other questions what else we got what else we got ladies and gentlemen my name is Alex Rodriguez I want to thank you don't miss another episode we will be back next week at 5:30 p.m. make sure you like us on Facebook share us on Facebook we need your love so don't don't remember don't forget sharing is caring my name is Alex with Bay city's construction reminding you you don't need a contractor you need a team of pros today from bases construction in the Southern California in Los Angeles area there is no better company who takes time out of the equation to get you a detailed plan of what your new kitchen will look like for two hundred ninety seven dollars get your design plans done your interior design plans done an entire project scope done right now get your finished kitchen in ninety days or less we are the best in the Los Angeles in Southern California area and there's no need to shop anywhere else just get started with Bay city's construction go to Bay's city's construction com that's Bay city's construction com you you

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