Emily Dahl combines flash and lighting for video with the Profoto B10 and B10 Plus

Combining flash and lighting for video
with Emily Dahl and the Profoto B10 My name is Emily Dahl and I am a
beauty photographer and videographer. Today I am going to show you how I use the
Profoto B10 to easily light both photo and video. For this shoot, I want to bring a
1920’s vibe into the new decade. This will require some cinematic moody lighting,
which might sound tricky and advanced. But, I will do it with only two B10 lights that
I use as both flash and continuous light. My lighting kit is a Profoto B10,
a B10 Plus and two OCF softboxes. For my first setup I have chosen
the OCF Octa for my key light. I start by lighting the background of the shot,
using the continuous light of the Profoto B10 Plus. As I want the light to enhance the ambient
light from the light bulbs in the room, I adjust the color temperature of the
continuous light from cool to warm. Then I mount the Octa on my B10 and
use the flash to light my model. Today I am working with Annika,
a talented model and dancer who is great at evoking emotion through movement. To knock the ethereal cinematic feel up a bit,
my assistance stands behind Annika, spraying water that will catch and
reflect the warm light of the B10 Plus. Lastly, I bring out my gimbal
and start shooting video. No need to change the lights
or build a new setup. For my second setup of the day, I will be filming
and photographing Annika in a tiny bathroom. Luckily this bathroom has windows, so I place my
B10 Plus outside the room and let the continuous light create a warm dramatic atmosphere. Using that simple setup,
I can start filming. After nicely asking Annika to get in the tub,
I brought in a B10 with an OCF softbox on to let the flash bring an extra kick of light. I used a CTO gel on the B10 and
set the flash power very low. One of my favorite features on the B10 is that you can
turn the flash down so low that it is easy to control when you just want to light up the tiny details. Or, use the continuous light as a makeup light for
my makeup artist Jenny when the sun has set. Now it is time for our last setup of the day:
using the Profoto B10’s continuous light to blend with the ambient light of a restaurant. I start by turning on the continuous light on my
B10 Plus and changing the color temperature to blend with the ambient light. Then I adjust the color temperature
in my camera to suit the scene. In this case I wanted the light to appear
slightly cooler than it was in real life. By using only one continuous light I can easily
move around in the tight space of the restaurant, while also avoiding to disturb
other guests with flashing lights. Lastly, I get my gimbal out and I adjust the color
temperature to match the new lighting setup. And then I have finished filming
my last scene of the day. My workday is over and thanks to my Profoto B10’s,
I have managed to create everything I had envisioned. I hope you feel inspired to do the same thing,
because trust me: with them in your backpack you are ready to take on any
lighting situation – and the world. I will see you out there.

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