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[Applause] welcome everyone my name is Leticia o Dini and I'm the solutions Marketing Manager for the retail segment across Australia the regional segment is a new focus for Schneider Electric in the next few minutes of this video I would like to give you an overview of the key trends and challenges retail chains are facing today and then talk about how Schneider Electric can support you your teams or your customers so what is the retail segment we focus mostly on addressing the needs of retail chains and all of the stakeholders involved in running the business this could be the chain business owner the franchisee the facility manager or the external service contractor for 2019 we'll concentrate on three types of end-user segments number one the food retailers think of supermarkets and convenience stores number two restaurant chains such as fast foods and cafes number three specialty retailers such as clothing and home appliance stores what are some of the key trends within the retail segment most of you watching this video would have experienced at least once online shopping whether it was to order food to buy clothes order a new SmartWatch in 2018 the giant American ecommerce platform Amazon launched in Australia bringing along a huge success for all things retro from Nintendo's Mario games to Lego so online shopping is by far the biggest disruption for retailers in addition millennial shoppers are now the largest most diverse living population and consumers they grew up with smartphones and have the tools at their fingertips to do Omni channel shopping like no one else before them they can find the best price and ensure they're supporting the right brands in their minds the definition of convenience is no longer only about time and space it's about how they want to buy and how they will get it looking for personalized experiences so retail stores are undergoing a radical transformation to engage with this new generation and adapt not only their stores but also their brand for instance in-store technology and the customer experience is more important than ever retailers are bringing smart devices and apps into their stores to create a unique shopping experience strengthen relationships with consumers but also to boost efficiency and prevent business loss they're also collecting data and analytics together customer insights in addition brands are becoming more socially conscious rolling out sustainability strategies to address climate change and engage with more millenials 71% of Millennials say they'll be much more load loyal to such businesses finally we've also seen an increase in smaller proximity stores popping up in CVS where you can buy your day to day products so for a chain manager or facility managers maintaining large networks of hundreds of retail stores is a major challenge they need to help the store owners ensure business continuity that the Pyro's own lights are dimmed properly the temperature in the store is comfortable fridges ovens are working cash registers are connected and most importantly that customers have the best shopping experience IOT adoption allows the monitoring and control of all the technical subsystems in a shop enabling proactive maintenance and avoiding potential issues and revenue loss for instance monitoring the refrigeration units in a convenience store avoids any food wastage of the unit fills and helps with regulatory compliance another example with cash registers in the event of a power outage having a UPS behind the cash register provides backup power to ensure you can still cash out your customers Schneider Electric has developed the Eco structure for retail chain solutions to help you and your customers deploy an integrated IOT based platform that delivers best-in-class refrigeration environment and security control across your assets if you're involved with retail chains as a business owner and operations or facility manager an IT director or an external service provider Schneider Electric can help you address the challenges you and your customers are facing today by making sure your operations are running as efficient as possible customer and staff are safe and comfortable and you're able to save on your energy costs contact us today to find out more information [Applause]

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