Easy to make corner shelves for your home. Only need basic tools!

Easy to make corner shelves for your home. Only need basic tools!

4.5 billion years in the making. But it would have gone faster with Microjig Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer. Work smarter. I went through my scrap bin and pulled out a bunch of scrap pieces of half inch plywood for this project. And since this is a painted project, I don’t have to worry about the grain direction or the color of the plywood matching. The main challenge to this project is that every piece is a different size. I’m going to start by making a bunch of rectangles. You can cut these out using any kind of saw
you happen to have. A circular saw… A jigsaw… A band saw… A table saw… Or you could even use a hand saw. Nah! Five of these pieces are squares. These are the shelves and I’m going to cut out the curves differently than I’m going to cut out the curves on the
rectangles. The curve on each of the square shelves is just a quarter of a circle. To draw the circle, I’ll find the center of the square by connecting the diagonals. The distance from the center of the square to the edge is the radius of the circle I’m
going to draw. And I’m setting that using my beam compass. Cutting corners is easy with a jigsaw. Or a band saw. Or even a coping saw that I would hold like this if I had one. And there are all kinds of ways to sand these
curves smooth. But actually, when it comes down to it, most people just prefer using hand sandpaper and a little bit of elbow grease. Okay, I just totally made that up. One corner of each of the upright vertical
pieces gets a one inch radius. I’m going to join all of my shelves together using my pocket hole jig. I’m not really sure how to clamp this down while I put the screws in so I just put a board on top of the shelf so that I can push this up against it and hold it in place. I’ll see if that works. I’m just trying to be super careful that I don’t go so far that it comes through the other
side. Those pocket screws will be hidden because this side goes against the wall. It’s turning out really handy to have my plans available while I’m trying to put this all
together so I can kind of visualize how it fits together. I really should have looked at those closer because this next shelf goes on like this and if I had really thought that through I would have drilled those holes at the same
time as these holes. But I guess it doesn;t really matter. It looks like I’m going to have to make up this clamping strategy as I go along but it looks like if I just lay this on its
side, I can clamp this together and put the screws
in. And really, that’s the only tricky part about using pocket screws. You’ve got to clap your pieces together to hold them in place while you put the screws
in or they’ll just slide around. And I’m only putting these in until I feel a little bit of resistance. because they will go all the way through if I’m not careful. Now I can start working my way up. That was kind of tricky. After letting that sit overnight, it’s surprisingly strong. Of course, you could certainly make those
joints as complicated as you like. {Advertisement} I want to thank you all for watching this week’s episode of Woodworking for Mere
Mortals. And I especially want to thank my Subbable subscribers who often get to see these video a day early and without ads. If you’d like to make your own corner shelves, check in the description for a free set of
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video which will be one of my most requested projects.


  • Eva Warhead

    September 11, 2014

    Really nice work man! I love your projects in general but this is really pretty and unique looking, i like it a lot. Plus, i really like the little gags you put in your videos, they always make me laugh a lot.

  • curt sundell

    September 14, 2014

    Very cool. My wife already has a corner picked out.One minor change will be to notch the shelf into the wall piece creating a seamless unit.

  • I.F.A.I

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  • lolo ent

    September 18, 2014

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  • lolo ent

    September 18, 2014

    Look for the plans to make this with my kidz can't find it or won't come up

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