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How to Tie the Perfect Bow
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easy ribbon bow tutorial Hello friends.
In this video, how to make the most of the satin ribbon bow. Such ribbon bow can be placed on gifts, decorate the room and decorate the hair. We need: Satin ribbon size 5 * 50 cm – 4 pieces, tape razmrom 5 * 8 cm, thread and needle, scissors, lighter, decorative stickers, holders lineup. 1. Process the edges of the tape with fire. 2. Take one strip, down, do fold. 3. Measure 2 cm, make a fold. This crease to fold the second edge. 4. This line of bend angle, level the edges intact. Make a second and – 2 are the same. 5. 2 more tape – again also, but to bend the edge of a Durga side and make the same 2. 6. Check the workpiece and place it in that order. 7. take a needle and thread – stitching around the edge. 8. Take the satin ribbon size 5 * 8 cm, down 3 times and the edge of the fire process. 9. The short tape sewn in the center of the bow ribbons 10. Glue the decorative sticker – Rhinestones 11. The bow of satin ribbon ready. Click like, write comments, subscribe to the channel. diy hair bow
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