DIY Wind Chime With Beautiful Paper Roses | Wall Hanging for Diwali Decoration | DIY Home Decor

How to Make Beautiful Paper Roses Wind Chime This is a beautiful DIY Room Decor craft You will enjoy making this! Before we start, please subscribe to our channel and hit the “BELL” icon to receive regular updates from us. Things You Need… Fevibond Glue, Craft Glue, Ruler, Scissors, Pencil, Color Craft Papers Decorative Lace, Decorative Beads, Stones & Flowers, Glue Gun Let’s start by taking a color craft paper and mark two square shape markings on it as shown Cut the squares using scissors Fold the square pieces multiple times as shown here. Using pencil draw the pattern as shown on the folded square and cut it. After unfolding the paper you will see the flower shape like this These are the petals of a flower Make multiple petals like this Using fevicol glue stick these petals on the top of each other as shown Let’s cut one petal and stick it using glue to give some depth. See our flower has already started taking shape Stick more petals inside to give it a beautiful and detailed look as shown. This is how the flower looks after completion. We need multiple such flowers. Take a mount board and draw the markings as shown. Cut it. Paste both ends of this stripe with adhesive to get a circular shape. Paste a mount board strip at the sealed end to give it strength Paint the circular shape using acrylic paints as shown. Now we will make the hangings using the decorative pearl beads and flowers as shown. Make multiple hangings of increasing length Stick the hangings onto the round shape in the increasing order using glue gun as shown To hang the wind chime take a decorative lace and stick it to the round shape as shown Now stick the paper roses around the circular frame as shown. Now tie a lace around the other laces for hanging the wind chime. Wow!! your beautiful wind chime is now ready. Hope you enjoyed watching this paper Roses Wall Hanging Craft. Please share your experiments and feedback with us. Thanks for watching and happy crafting!!

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