DIY Metallic Painted Furniture – Pearl Effects Tutorial

– Hi, I’m Jenni with
Roots & Wing Furniture, and today I’m gonna show you how to get an all-over metallic effect
on a piece of furniture. So this dresser is great as it is. It looks so much better
than it did when I started, but we’re gonna take it up a notch and give it a nice, pearly metallic finish right over the paint here. So if you’re ready to get started and learn how to do this, let’s do it. All right, here’s what you’re gonna need to make this finish. So I’m gonna use General
Finishes Pearl Effects for this. My favorite color in this
is the Champagne Pearl. It’s a really nice,
translucent pearlescent, and it goes right over the paint. It keeps the color of the
paint that you start with but just gives it a really nice shine. So that’s what we’re gonna use. I also use high-performance flat finish. This is also General Finishes. And what we’re gonna do here
is actually mix the two. When we mix the two together
before we put it on, it helps even out the finish and give a really nice all-over pearl without getting some of the streaks or annoyances that come if you just put the straight
Pearl Effects on there. So I just grabbed a clean jar here so you can see what I’m doing. One of the biggest tricks is to make sure you stir your
Pearl Effects really well. I’ve done that before where
I just started using it from the can after a little shaking and it was not shiny at all. So stir it well. It settles at the bottom. And you can see the consistency
is thinner than paint but thicker than a topcoat. All right, so now this
is nice and stirred. I’m gonna pour some in the jar. The ratio I’m gonna use for
this is about half and half. For a full supply list of
everything that you will need to create this awesome finish, check out the description
below this video. I’m using the flat finish. You could definitely use satin for this if you want to increase the
shine as you apply your topcoat, but either one will work just fine. And really, the shine
from this is gonna come from the metallic finish
more than the topcoat. I’ll just give that a good mix. And now we’ve created a
really pretty metallic glaze with the topcoat that we are
going to put on this piece. I just have my good old Purdy brush, which I use for everything. We’re gonna start on
these front drawers here so you can see. Now usually, I would take out
the drawers and set them aside upright while I would be working
on the body of the dresser. For this video and this purpose, I’m gonna paint these drawers in place so you can see kind of the overall effect and what it’s turning out like. When I turn off the video,
then I’ll go back in and get any pieces that I missed. But just want you to know, you can definitely set the drawers aside if that is easier for you. I’m gonna start on this drawer here. And I hope you can see how pretty this is. Instantly it just gives it a
really nice metallic finish. And like I said, it’s not streaky because we’ve added the topcoat. This piece has a lot of details, which is fun for a metallic finish because it gives it lots of angles for the light to bounce off of. You can really see the
metallic finish on it, more so than you would if it was just kind of flat plain piece. So sometimes the more detailed
and the curvier, the better for this kind of a finish. And what I didn’t tell
you in the beginning was we were just starting
with a painted piece here. This was two coats of
antique white milk paint. I did not seal it with any
additional topcoat or anything before we are applying the Pearl. Each coat of metallic finish will take about two hours to dry. If you would like to add more metallic, you can definitely do an
additional coat, just like this. Since we’ve mixed in the
topcoat with the Pearl Effects, I don’t find it’s usually necessary to do an additional topcoat. However, if you’re trying
to increase the glossiness of the finish or you just
want some extra protection, you definitely can. And I love how this
creates a subtle finish. It’s really, really pretty. All right. I’ve finished the front of
this here, so you can see. I’m gonna finish working on this, and I’ll be back in just a few minutes with the final pictures. Thanks so much for watching this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check out my website for more painting tips and tricks and DIY. Also, subscribe to this channel so that you won’t miss a thing. Click the button below.

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