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hi welcome back to decorating with style well displaying old unique pieces can be easily mastered and tasty done the trick is to follow a few ground rules and here to show us how is surely horowitz from davish shire interiors hello sir life and how are you good what are we going to learn how to do well we ask ourselves two questions when we're looking at something first of all if it's what is it that's a good reason to buy it and then once you find out what it is how can we use it what how can we use it in a home today okay so this first little piece is what is this little piece I mean this is a table you know that all right let's unusual bang exactly it's a little Tambor top table and of course the name Tambor is from this beautiful cylindrical lid it's a very difficult piece to make and of course this is still working beautifully after 200 years oh it yeah I would use this possibly as a nightstand would be wonderful between two twin beds in a small area next to a bed it would also be a great little telephone stand uh-huh and then what did you see when you opened it well I saw some tissues you it could be great in a bathroom maybe even to hide the toilet paper you know we're always trying to hide toilet paper these days and televisions it's been a great boon for the interior design industry oh this is wonderful it's about 200 years old 200 years old huh it's still know that beautifully all right now how about this this is a drafting table now we knew that this was a drafting table it's French it's one it works wonderfully with a counterbalance it has a 1 a big heavy weight and that stops the piece and a lot of different heights and a lot of different levels oh look at that neck right that's one so we can be used as a drafting table any architect interior designer draftsman would love to have a piece like this how else could you use it but you could also use it to display a painting in other words it could be used as an easel oh you could just fly up hating you could display a photograph or an etching something like that does it lay flat could you also use that something you could also use it as a dead that's marvelous how fun okay how old is this piece this piece is probably about 120 years old huh 19th century alrighty now the box that's on top of this table is actually the 19th century form of a laptop oh it was a box that was used as a writing desk they call it a writing writing box or a writing desk uh-huh and it was a piece that children took to boarding school or a man or woman took on a trip and of course they could do one of is this it'sit's an activity that was called writing a letter another stationery this held their pens and they're in could just become an all-star exactly exactly the next piece I would use it in such a radical way as to possibly use it the way it was meant to be used it's a silver wine carrier oh and it would be a wonderful piece on a dining table it can hold either a bottle of wine or a champagne bottle of champagne let's use our imagination what else could we use it for am I good as well you can put up you could put a candle in it mm-hmm you could hang it on a wall and put on my play a little glass vase that right fit with some flowers you bought a potpourri all right what's this the next piece i would use probably as just what we're saying a conversation piece what is this that is a 19th century pill cutter but your favorite doctor or your favorite pharmacist would love a piece like that that piece would be turned over on the other section of brass and they they actually cut the pills oh isn't that great nating yes now how old is this true that also is 19th century that would have been done around eighteen sixty 1870 okay then the box that all of these pieces are sitting on is just an old work box it's made out of pine we've cleaned it up we waxed it we've done all of it and we've put it on a stand mm-hmm so that it now would be a great cocktail table did you miss you have the stand made yes we had the stand man uh-huh yes it was Sandra not home but it looks old okay then the box that's on the floor my husband and I were at a restaurant not too long ago and he wanted to buy a cigar they didn't sell cigars anymore because they said that the cigars dried out before they could sell them mm-hmm they needed this this box this is a humidor okay may I open it haha it's lined with sort of a milk glass and of course that is something you could put your cigars in to keep them moist or you could put all the remote controls in that even in one place this item but just keep them in one place okay now this could be a fire screen or it could just soften an angle a corner in a in a room it actually is a game table and if you flip this mm-hmm it opens okay and it's just perfect for bridge or a tiny game of poker uh-huh and it wonderful yes what periods of this conference is also this is a Victorian piece so its 19th century late 1800s oh it's in such fabulous condition it is it really is and the wood is wonderful it's mahogany mm-hmm and as I said it's a great piece to soften a corner and then this piece can actually be used as a game too

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