hey guys okay don't do it what I'm ready for Christmas I'm ready right as Thanksgiving hit I was like okay I'm ready to celebrate Christmas now um I'm not one of those people personally that celebrate right after Halloween I have friends like that and they thought it was the solid Grinch for like a month but like you are now watching this video and you guys will know I have my ugly sweater on which like it's the amount of ugly I'm like why did I spend money on this like I spent money on this and then I got my flu B socks and it's like sixty degrees out so it's not like that cold but like it's fine um and I'm ready to decorate I got all my decorations out on with record I got my cat oh okay I think my camera's gonna die which is really funny like we should just make a compilation of me watching my camera died for like 70 minutes straight um but let's get into this little jingle-jangle I'm so excited we're gonna listen to Christmas you think we're all gonna get so much closer I'm just so excited and I'm sweating a lot all my Christmas stuff not all of it but most of it is in here and yeah you guys will see um all my decorations for my decorate it all goes with the aesthetic of my room I'm just so excited let's go okay I'm so sorry oh I like this song I like all of them what do you mean so I are these a little bit ago um this was stupid actually okay so I got this a little bit of girl um at Tractor Supply and it like gloves and it's like I don't know if the cameras gonna pick it up but it's obviously multicolored and my other fairy lights are just one color so I feel like that's obviously Christmassy and we just must that's a must finishing product I'm probably going to leave it for a little bit it's so cute and festive and yeah it's just broke you I just love fairy like that step one to our decoration a little do you know what we haven't store them sis not done yet yeah you know what I'm saying so let's get to it okay guys continuing on with the desk um we're adding this little tree it goes to my aesthetic of my room I'm super pumped I got all this stuff last year in the target dollar section because let's face it that's all your girl can afford so yeah I don't know where we're gonna set her maybe here I or I could like no that's not you I think I'm just gonna put it here okay you know I think we're just gonna put her there leave a simple if it falls that's your guy's fault for letting me put it there so keep that in mind to say now this video may begin forget the whole other thing honestly like now we're in the Christmas spirit am i right comments on a name for him okay um yeah because I am feeling I'm going to be wearing this literally all season so your girl doesn't put much here I swear if I say your girl one more time yeah right here and then this little cute happy holidays dude it's she's trippy so here she is we have betta fish food but to my fish that died recipes buddy he's recently to decorate because I've been in that spirit so we're gonna set them around my room just miscellaneous honestly take a tape set this they're all that's so cute you know it's really whoa okay I love that I love that yes oh my gosh yes yeah this almost pole like a laurdiy alicia marie like panorama right now but are not going to you cuz that's just not my brand literally don't know how but my camera died again so we're moving on to the handy-dandy iPhone se hopefully I get a new one of these phones am i right I get a new phone for Christmas wink wink am i right up when I continue putting these snowflakes or you know what should we put the refund wreath wreath weren't we all like you know we all go through a time where we'd say reef instead of wreath and then we were shook when we found out that it was wreath not wreath cuz I did I was shook and heartbroken I was lied to for my life thank you [Applause] LOL is still has attack we're exposed love that it looks like a hairy cheerio but you know what hey if i remember correctly i put her up here i love the lighting in my room it sucks [Applause] back in my day and alabama when i out the boys so I got I'm literally just dusting to call my dad up here or something to get back so we all update you guys later on that one we got these reversible stockings so they just hang on my bed I don't put anything in them they're just cute and was very small I think some of the last few things I got is my Christmas tree and these two frames I also got the dollar section cuz we're buying on a budget here but I realize I recently did this little picture wall thing and um that's gonna be tricky um also I really need to change that like really do cuz it makes me sad every time I see it and I really change it but I think I'm gonna change like two of those put one up there and put put one up there and one up there so weird Oh cuz I'm the wanderer but not not for December cuz I'm getting on a nice list so I'm not the wonder in December did you see that Santa did you hear that best time of the year I'm agree except for the weather I have yourself a merry little Christmas if you don't know that song what are you doing thank you okay so crooked I'm gonna leave it like that for all you guys yep still very crooked um that one seems fine though just like protruding from the wall a little bit good galbi next thing is really creepy and I look terrible with the flash on I can't believe I'm doing this this year honestly like do you see this if I don't come to school one day you know who killed me I'm just saying thank you cool now it's time to set the tree I got this cute little mini tree um the ornaments are definitely scarce scarce however you say it um but you know what you're gonna we're gonna do what we have to what we have we're gonna work with this um I have to go get batteries I kind of wish it plugged in but you know I can't complain it's a cute little tree she's great okay um so it's literally funny because you guys think she's like full of ornaments from well she's not okay she is bald look at her we got a Christmas tree we got mommy Christmas tree baby Christmas tree yeah jamming out to those good holiday tunes fix up the tree a little bit she still looks gimpy and depressed but we stand um I also what I don't do anything else no going to now change this sign that is a long overdue on being changed that lights up like you know these things but I never lied it up because of that I've used it twice yeah I'm kind of mad about that on a live I so just finished this it's really tricky by the way and just really annoying is this happy holidays because we don't discriminate we welcome all holidays here even though Christmas is the G you know got Kwanzaa we got Hanukkah so we're gonna set this little elf so I think I'm done at least for today at least for now um we don't want a decorating done and I'm really dreading school because I want Thanksgiving break it's Sunday and that means school is tomorrow and I'm dreading it so badly like I kind of want to cry low-key but like it's fine but good thing is smells like peppermint brownies in here all I gotta say yeah guys so I think I'm gonna do a little pano by man in this video here please subscribe cuz I really need those views right now a lot of my squishy subscribers are kind of not viewing so if you guys are watching this video and you aren't interested into my past videos then please subscribe because I can use all those views I can get honestly um yeah I love you guys so so much subscribe for more christmas content cuz there's gonna be a lot and yeah I love you guys so so much bye

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