it is 12:30 – we missed our freaking pedicure appointment today that was at 11 o'clock we are about longshots not even making it really can't even can't even the lady called me she say everyone to reschedule I said no I just call tomorrow and check about her walking I really really do not feel like even going anymore but first things first worry about the head to the bank number one then we're heading to our second new bank number two taking care of some business some situations and then we are going to go get food buy some furniture new furniture and then just see what the day takes us so let's just go you guys okay yes the mission / big number one second bank I am making moves and with every Mickey move I make it move but now we're just really out here being the second Carol that need to be taken care of that everybody should be out here taking care of on this nice glow me so we made a fab Bank and look at this how cute is this all the little kitty toys a couple of minutes later we are out the bank finally so now we can go on a journey of our day Danny I know come city diamond I don't come cheap nothing's anymore yet face hey don't fight people move quick stop at the mall probably I'll grab something eating here not gonna do any shopping we have enough clothes both brothers not going here get some food walk around a bit no stretch our legs get out the house wherever and no just hang out just look around yeah currently just left Linux and guess what I came out with nada can what did you buy nothing you liar he bought a jacket he bought a jacket it was a good reason well done but what did we say we wasn't gonna buy anything and kid bought something and I didn't aren't you guys proud because usually it was being me just a jacket then we love a shame that you know both what the offices like nah you know there's a lot of things I could've bought but I was like you know what not any worse the thought is in the same thing you got you some sushi anymore nothing else I got me some sushi and you got you a jacket well yeah it was not $10 what's not 30 he like some gives me but yes like he mentioned I did get sushi and it was a three who like sushi it was it was a three up I didn't eat it all I ate like a couple this is just like what is it tempura shrimp which is my shrimp rice and cream cheese it's not no like raw meat in here who likes sushi comment below who who likes all that crazy stuff sushi oysters like off-the-wall frog legs I like it all I like but we are heading to our favorite furniture store right now we are friends who purchased our chandeliers oh my god looking out freak you wait until we get those up it's gonna be freaking nice fun fact we don't have no lights in our house sup the kitchen so basically you have to put your own lights in the house it only comes with serving lights like our rooms doesn't have lights like automatically how I places usually have lights I already built in we do not have it ready have to buy lights so we are valuing chandeliers today I can redo they go up Hey probably my favorite furniture place out here Scott move Danny or mo Danny however you want to pronounce it only downside about this place they elevator broke so now you got to ease flights we always in here yeah we stay in here I think I read that is modern contemporary stuff we like that we like look around its families and move on up Carly in Bruce automotive airplane freaking car once again and that is why we are getting a new car so scrub but till then have to sit in here for about three days we got to get another car till they're patient away you know not over cuz you're not the car Yogi's service hopefully none too bad but you know it's an old car man so yeah breathe price and cold all you got was one I got three you know it oh we're gonna pick up a rental car and just keep it moving man saving money not the rental car part but you know which sexy girl you sexy isn't what why whoa really quick change of plans we were gonna go pick up a rental car but the traffic in Atlanta is terrible we weren't gonna make it by the time they closed you just have to go get one in the morning so we don't be stuck at home or at the uber everywhere we go now we just we chillin slacking go come on a night love a hip hop won't come on tonight so you know we finna just chill out cuz we got our TV on the wall so we can hang out in our living room finally you watch some TV a couple of minutes later you guys I have been knock the hell out whoa it is 804 and I just woke up and now watching lovely hip-hop because it's on now thank the Lord up in wings but it show to come on so I've just been sleek I don't know what the kid what the hell can been doing but obviously and I'm so freaking tired my head hurts I just want to go to sleep now I'm just so sleepy my ators soon today I've just been not today obviously so gotta wait till tomorrow so we can get around again other than that that's all I've been doing we can yep thank you do you see this oh my goodness Amy bad you gotta come get it very up it look good it look good every up this food looks amazing I've had jambalaya since you know like a week ago but it's there for that I haven't had it for a while good yeah you want so now you know you can't have a bite you can't have a buddy that size what you mean like I have a buddy that sausage does the sausage oh oh you take a bite my dear okay tiny I know y'all seen the jambalaya already no Sam got some dirt taking sandwiches with some collard greens eaten pretty good after I eat man and I'm gonna go out on the balcony and decorating with some lights and whatnot you know you gonna come out there with me I want to decorate the patio like like feel like a little what a mattress but like one of those little color lounge chairs you like allow moisture I don't sit on the floor not to coat it right now yeah yeah sure put a heater and and get your chocolate it sound like a bad idea whoa mutti yeah where you gonna decorate good yes good look at it I know it's cold outside it was freezing out there so we are about to go on the balcony now and put up life and then we're gonna come back in and finish decorating the tree we have yet to have all these silver balls for the tree because right now the tree is like all go but it looks like it doesn't have any balls on it so you want to get silver balls and put some more of the gold balls on and then try writer lights on a tree you've all cut your losses kuzey let's go I know it's gonna be freezing out here geez I was not that cold it's not that cold like I thought it would be plug is already down here ah Cuban ah beginning to look a lot like Christmas ah love what if kin like drop the like down all wait day only hit a car maybe I go to jail I'm is not enough held on this one looks like it's fingered up gonna have to get more of these lights Oh twister but what I was saying I want to put like a little comfy little seat couch / comforter right here and then put like a rug yes and they have like some chairs then we come out here with some hot cocoa with a cuz it's a plug out here so we can put like a a heater we can come out here with like hot cocoa and stuff and just chill like the width of them currently trying to untangle these lights so they can scratch father Baba mm-hmm I really like the colorful lights our balcony is way longer than we imagined we still have life they need to be on this side so far it looks pretty are you guys like neutral colors or you like colors like this like all the green blue red all those different colors or you just like regular go lights for Christmas open the door you locked me out open the door let me a before jump let me open the door like you about to make a deal with me for you open the door that's not gonna lose okay oh that's why I thought what's up so today's gonna let me get on her neck so I can fix the star because I let her get on mine there's only pair right no that's not fair at all come on oh are you gonna do this sit on the edge all you gotta do is stand straight up man you heavy I stand straight up just Nanda okay no no try again come on man no a bad side that's he convinced me and I didn't eight to blood game like an issue ten pounds right there sir let's ride no this right me oh you oh now I Reno I can lift you listen easy come on you guys look at our star I have yet to fix this star you see y'all star look how crooked it is it's hard to try to fix it I can't even reach you got stand on my shoulders you boys did grand I'll stand on your shoulders thank it man come on man let's take a registry you're not moving kind of decorate all right well I'm about to decorate the tree by my lonesome like a single man like a single man do you not hear me I'm about to decorate the tree you're not single why don't you look will you basically get out yeah a single man okay music make it out single man a single man yeah that had to decorate it to you by myself I am a single man pierced ear taking but I'm a single man yep taking that money to take a nude model fight me fight me fight me you like for flight by 22 do you think so tomorrow is good evening get my new chick on you back where me this season no I told my mom I know what you keep shut that man I gots my place get that person Maggie ma look at how small these are they're so tiny why how come balls doesn't come already with use anymore they used to they used to banana don't so you have to buy these little tiny things separate now many not a hustler basically hustling honky so we did a little bit more decorating it's more ornaments on there we're gonna buy a ribbon here we go put a skirt at the bottom just no and we're gonna put some of the present that in there too you know little Christmas shopping right man yeah yo yo hey penny Pierre is back in the room he's shy it's not like I come out of here but as always hope you guys enjoyed this vlog I will see you guys on day six getting lovely it's gonna be on me sick yes can't skin we get now we get it gently yeah yeah he's gonna live really hey hey yeah guys we love you here love you I love you more beefy beefy Benny loves you pn loves you well you know buddy love you because he met you he loves you his shot get his video a thumbs up for more vlogmas be careful l staff called miss hashtag blog mister width DK boil free shot okay that was solely on screech I bet without further ado though la vida que tengo we'll see you guys tomorrow okay all right bye I almost forgot believe in living women living an image with me a ticket with a way to visit with the wind

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