I welcome to a phoner in the Philippines well we're going to do a work in progress on our house number 20 which we've started on a leap of faith we have been slow to learn this lesson that we're out the fund on this already so we're hoping that an angel will appear but anyway that let's take a look at how far we are with the word this is the second day of work second full day of work now we have our usual logistics problem here because it's way out way out in the middle of nowhere we've had a lot of rain so getting stuff to the site is is quite difficult but anyway there we are that's Lina's house there's the old house it's an old NEPA house and there's if I can see her there is a happy Leena let's see you Lena are you happy with your house okay well we'll assume that you are but anyway the house is about twenty by twelve which is what Paul and dude said that they would like to see and they put up the first money for the house so that's what we're doing so we're right now we're mixing up concrete we've dug the footings and and the first five courses of hollow block will go in and then on top it will be the usual thing that we've done in the past so there we are on that first pass a team you guys this is an easier one because we've got water right there which we brought in some time ago from our from our well so this is a fire in the Philippines bye for now you

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