Craftmaster Homes + Elite Window Solutions

how are you this is Jeff tonsil this is my wife Bobby sue we're with craft master homes we're a locally owned home builder here in the Richmond area we built homes for almost 20 years now dating back to 2001 we build many different products and many different house styles across the richmond area we partnered up with elite window solutions and have been extremely impressed and pleased with what they have brought to us they're willing to when we're designing home to this nature and so forth and some of our other products we were able to reach out to them and show them what we have and they brought ideas back to us which has been great and they've never said no which is always really nice we understand they can say no but they're willing to push the envelope and get us the product that we're looking for and meet the needs that we need to to offer to our customers because we do offer a different wide range of products and you know no projects too big or small for them and it's been great to have it's it's a it's a comforting thing to have when you have elite Windows solutions in your corner so for instance with this home here we had a a dilemma that we were faced with throughout the billet and we didn't have an exact answer of what we were going to do and it was in our master bathroom yeah and so our master bathroom the weight is home to design his design is situated at the front of the house so we really wanted to make sure that the glass on the front windows one that it didn't we could put a privacy glass in that would not disrupt the look of the front elevation and then also would make a buyer feel secure in their bathroom at the front of their home so we worked with the Lee twin of solutions they had a great suggestion for a privacy obscure glass it came out walked through with us we talked about what we wanted and when they were installed we were just really happy with that we were pretty far along in the process and they were able to turn around pretty quick because the clock was running right and it turned out great and honestly when you stand out at the front of the house you can't tell but when you're inside you definitely feel practical the biggest feature of this house that is so subtle but is so important is the windows we designed this house it's a very large house and when people came in the windows helped make this home because it allows so much light to flow through this whole living area and they just stand in the background and do what they needed to do and another thing that we offer in all our homes is double hung windows at any price point from our homes that start in the 200s to our homes that are over in the millions and Elite window solutions came to us and said look we want to help you all get to the next level and there's so many of the builders here in Richmond that do single hung windows and they were able to give what we needed at a great price and a great value so all our houses come with double hung windows and they're the most energy-efficient easy to clean I don't think windows but I heard they're easy to clean so with this home here it was a Lowcountry craftsman elevation that we were shooting for and I think we executed quite quite well it's a white house white farmhouse and then with the black windows and we were able to do the black on the outside and still have the white on the inside so the interiors didn't have to have to compete with a black inside and that's something that it's been great to have in our corner working with elite windows solutions they can do multiple colors on the outside to choose from and then you know have the white or the soft tones on the inside and that's a great feature to have

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