Come With Us To Hobby Lobby | Tons Of New Farmhouse Decor | Whole Store Walk Thru

hello guys so hey Jaden Jenna hey Jaden here's a hair there's part of her of Chewbacca Chewbacca anyways Jaden did my hair she's been practicing doing Dutch braids in whatever else breathe so this is ain't and it's a part of them inhale she did pretty good she's still practicing something in it you know I'm the guinea pigs I'll take it anyways I'm gonna be some new sunglasses from Walmart I don't recommend going to get these it's for some reason unless my nose or my ears are crooked they sit weird it's not I don't think it is I think maybe my face is crooked plastic gotta fix it anyway so over the st. really shaky it has been a while stuff them to video listed sir sir I'm gonna need to get together okay listen so we have not filmed a video in a very good while we've had a lot going on we've been doing a lot of journey so anyways me and Jaden on our way to go look at Hobby Lobby we are looking for a few things for the house and then we're also trying to find a little man a new mattress and box spring set that was a surprise anyways we had been really really busy wait a minute you really know she said she said try this you guys she recommends it okay I recommend this sugar free anyways we have been doing a lot I've had a lot going on I will do an updated video if you guys later but we're back and rolling I just kind of had a little bit of a burnout somewhere in between not burnout but just a lot going on and call me if you have tried my recommended milk from the cleaning video that I recommended just come if you tried it if you are as lost as I am know what I'm talking about the horse okay anyway so go ahead sir anyways we have been doing a the redoing a lot at the house that will be a separate video for you guys to see little man's room is actually I just finished it I reduced some of the furniture and it looks really really good the only thing is we got have a new bed but we're looking for the mattress set and I'm trying not to go buy one like super brand new like one that maybe he's barely used from somebody or something but I don't because I just don't want paid money for anyone anyways or if like family has one that they're not going to be using so that's the last thing I needed to get someone my little happy do la trails trying to get one of those and then the room is completely finished it looks really really good I try not to go with like a lot of themes for the room like any rooms that I'm doing because if we decide to change the decor or whatever it's not based solely on that theme but yeah I will be showing you guys that in a different video we've had a lot going on we decided that we're going to be at our house for probably another because it's paid for probably another two years because when we do buy a house we want to be completely debt-free and so the last things that we need to pay off are our cars and so we just thought well our house is paid for right now why not sit back and enjoy it and become you know all the way debt-free that we can and then turn around and buy a home so right now we are going to be do alive because our house is in need of it hasn't been done in years probably since we've somewhat moved in that house years and years and years ago we've been there for like almost 10 years and so it needs it it looks a hot mess right it has made the walls for a coloring book and you guys have seen it before so we're gonna go in here and Hobby Lobby take you guys with us Jayden is going hole in the living room wall thank you for that thank you jenna is gonna be doing my filming she's my camera guy today it's a little shaky you just tell me it better hubby guys if you want your hairline just just just find me we could meet all now we're gonna be killed and never not so we're gonna go pay our hobby lobby's see what they got I haven't really been to course shopping I am trying to do the videos that I'm gonna be showing you guys I'm redoing the rooms I didn't really record were you doing a little man's room because it was like I started it and then I was like this is too much my anxiety got a hold of me and then I just think you know what I powered through it so I will be taking you guys along on all the other rooms that I do and I will be showing you a little man's room and kind of what I did but they are going to be budget-friendly the paint is budget-friendly the supplies are budget friendly the decor is budget friendly I am trying to reuse and redo everything that we have by taking furniture that may look bad and redoing it to make it look better without having to go spend money to buy bigger pieces or so it's going to be budget-friendly renovations so yes you can't go Bella tree we all know we love some battle tree and I have these cute in our Dollar Tree on if you watched it if you haven't go watch that she probably at the poster because she's been lazy anyway thank you for attending Jayden go thank you for attending Jada night show anyways they have these cute little pineapples and cactuses and purple they want yeah yeah all right guys come on in Hobby Lobby let's go sometimes I'm about to ease away sometimes I go for the gold I never thought you were easy prey I just knew I warned you what my intentions were with me if I'm wrong I want new lines to be played cuz I can see shining baby from me hi shine don't you're no good I just wanna hear you side here we are please you put on Marvin Gaye oh won't you come closer baby tonight's gonna go our way yes I can see them Shyne baby hi and I see the don't you know that I just wanna one the cursor one as if the darkness and just I can so baby hi we see them light Shyne I just wanna hear your side don't you know that I just wanna hear the side don't you know that I just wanna tell me if I got your world but you don't wanna be your own spelling by yourself buddy you'll miss me when it's getting late got it all beep save us my lady I'm Amy I'm yours if you'll help me got it all beep save me I'm yours you don't have to play smart make it take it slow go and tell your friends talk it out what he won in you're never true to hide your name you when it's getting nerd got it all be safe on us when you're ready me I'm yours Servilia got it all baby I'm yours you don't have to play smart make it take it slow you know we can take it to the next level smart make it take it slow you don't have to play you don't have to play smart they can take it slow you know we can take it to the next level you don't have to play smart take it take it slow I've never been so loud before just trying to make you understand my ice and heads but you don't even hear my call and you make me wonder do you know what I see I see myself cry and say you won't be see your face do you know what I feel I'm sick of all your lies just say you want me bad just we can compete with Sweden sow cuz hard is hit hard to predict you shittin me slowly things will come I also have to say do you know what I see myself and say Oh [Applause] just stay off me No watch ask them alight creeps inside the room you're in the headlights I wanna feel the way you do remember somebody we chase the morning light we ran for hours you were always on my mind try to make it life we live away we only second shot we find another in the dark it's also clear now it takes me back to the start we chase the morning light we ran for hour you were always we try to make it but we live slip away we all and shine we find a No the best [Applause] [Applause] then I wait for you then our sake I'm sorry and I do the best good you have high expectations gonna know that you've explained how much way through I need to love again but I can't when I'm with you I need to find my way by my soon did not put you first did not reassure you did you ever do those things for me I don't mind complicated but the line is crossed I'm waiting for a sincere but you can't on your with me you need to find way but you can't when you're with me you can with everyone else just not me I didn't I wait for you yes didn't I say I'm sorry didn't I do the best I could I call it you have high expectations oh no that you've explained that how I should prove myself to you alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video our little shop with us looking at what kind of decor Hobby Lobby had we didn't really pick anything up because I didn't see anything else I wanted to get for a little man's room I'm going room by room and replacing stuff and I'm not moving on to the next room it's I've completely finished everything in that room and they didn't have any decor I was looking for for a little man's room and so I just wanted to film for you guys show you guys come what's new in there what's going on themselves going on with your pretty good sales I mean I just kind of wanted to get an idea of what I'm looking for the next room I'm going to is our room my my husband's room and so I'm kind of getting an idea of what I want to do in there so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and remember to like and subscribe and I'll see you guys next time

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