Colonial Williamsburg’s Craftsmen & Tradesmen Shops

able act from the Himalayans the horse from the mane of the horse in China the goat to me in Goregaon Turkey and the human from peasant girls from all over Northern Europe and Asia so once you determine the type of hair which is old smell your choice again all expensive all inexpensive but I'm gonna take that I'm gonna shave your heads ball you just let me know which one of you wants to go first how old are you fine well I usually don't start with ladies until the age of 10 but if father says it's all right we can go ahead and shave your head as measurements of your bald head have your custom block Ken Carter earrings that shape and size they get that back nailed on the mesh cap forms the base of the undercarriage this is what is ultimately holding your wig in place then the hair is will open I'm trusting frames to create each row each row stitched one at a time on the manage to create the layers to the wig so it could be as US ten rows or as many as 80 to 100 the lighter the color the more expensive the hair that were here involved more sense in the way so the ultimate question is simply what are you willing to spend to light good dark wings in the back for instance would be everyday fashions and an average cost to two pounds three shillings for me that's an entire month of my wages same amount of money buys you a half an acre of land on the outskirts of town or a team of just her add it to the back of the head to augment the styles and then on the window seat the side kernels not spray ins buttons for the ladies and then we're hairdressers so we can i those attachments and then you give you the illusion of length without the expense of the whole wig we're all still barbers so shaving basins like this one held under the gentleman Chen so we can lather out the face and say the friends I've made so we get it as well we're not be soliciting any domestic there you see how you girls walk about exposing your hair that damages that I can't use it because otherwise short cropped hair is not fashionable and either male or female so I'm putting these wax onto this cherry tabletop it's gonna go onto this table behind us and this is a piece that is being made for some donors but we don't normally do really high style furniture we're more building things like doors and windows sash so most of our time our finishes paint as opposed to waxes and varnishes so I think when you look at this style this is what the cabinet makers would define more and kind of the plain and neat style and that's really what most joiners furniture is if you're building a kitchen and then it's a matter of trying to get off as much of that wax as we can because we're just trying to really seal that surface and kind of fill up the grain and then we'll come back and a little scrape as much of that away as we can and then what and then shellac goes over the top of that in this case I think we're going to be using seed left which is akin to show life just not quite as refined it all comes from beetle in Southeast Asia you ever get like scream my legs just tired so she likes everyone you ever get it like like a backlash like everything real so the next step and we're doing a whole lot more dying than we've ever done before on a bigger scale we did Spain England to here so Brian these are all the more typical men's shoes for the period and very much what was available in the city during the 1760s and 1770s not just from one little shop like this but from 7 to 14 shoe shops though about a third of those shops actually made women's shoes now in addition to the local shoemakers you also have merchants who import shoes from England so there's a lot of choices for the consumer you can find locally made shoes in any size of any style you can go to a merchant buy cheaper importantly something that's specialized to your job if you ride a lot you probably have riding boots but if you ride a lot you're probably pretty wealthy and on the number of horses your average individual is not going to prepare where'd the typist store and this is also the origin of the terms uppercase and lowercase letters capital letters were kept in the uppercase the small letters in the lower that's something that most teachers don't know and distribution of the letters is dependent on frequency abuse so you memorize where the letters are kept and you pick them out of the cases and you orient them by feel a little nick on the body allows to tell you there allows you to tell which end the letters on and whether is right side up or upside down while I'm doing now is applying a thin layer to this you have to do for every copy different way things proficient is possible normally you run friends like this with two people I really didn't call the beater doing that job and then you have the polar groups we're gonna be running the prints so all I'm doing here is retained as it turns presses the platen movies a large block of wood down onto the title fortune the vapor onto it that's the second and third page of a newspaper we've previously printed the first last page so and you don't have to worry about it going through the paper No

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