so we are here by Kenzie's college to help her get stuff for her apartment because she lives in an apartment this year or so me and Kali and Christian and my mom and William came out here and we went to like TJ Maxx and Marshalls yesterday and we're going to Target today so pretty much we came out here to shop with Kenzi so yeah we just have to get out of this hotel for a checkout so we're just going to clean it really quick I'm looking up from my window Suns coming up like the day before you're like a stone on my pillow I don't make a sound an eye shadow I'm doing really light makeup today so I just put on some concealer some of my savvy minerals foundation my heavy minerals bronzer a little bit of the Kat Von D shade and light palette just to contour a tiny bit and then my brows and I think I'm just gonna do some mascara maybe some eyeliner this is where all my makeup is in and it is like a mess okay you said nor my hair but my makeup is done my hair is a mess but I just did a little eyeliner a little mascara just took a little more put together and then this is my outfit so I have on this shirt my mom got me it's so cute it's just from a local boutique I have on this necklace that says William on it I got it on like Amazon and I like it but sometimes I think the chain is a little long and you don't like do a little better if it was like a tiny bit higher and then just these are like one of my favorite leggings and they're just the Massimo from Target yeah you don't love to wake up when you can spend all day Kalli clear the floor mark my Spears wings melted yay Kenzi now put that packing enough have to eat it must be enjoying it buckled in yeah we're gonna plan and ready to go to the happiest place on earth he's ready to go to target we drove all the way out here to Greenville North Carolina to go to the happiest place on earth target five look at those blue eyes he's so pretty you're handsome like a little keep score of Cali and Christian and then every time one of them gets yelled at you put like a check oh geez meows guys look how fancy she is so weak in my face oh wait I can't like see him because are these not the fanciest wait I'm like mom for someone that has high anxiety she sure gets down behind the wheel your camera was tilting towards me and no I just cuz I turn the car doesn't mean the camera goes on you I'm not wearing it it didn't just like look at my lips so last night William was sleeping in the bed with me and he was sitting up and every time lays in my bed in the middle night he'll like set up I'm he's half asleep and he kind of like falls over and his head bumped into my lip and I hurt so bad this is it like all cleaned up I'll show you a place right here what it looked like this morning when your coffee's too hot just turn on the air it is so hot this is actually the hotel coffee and it's really good and they had the lactose free like coffee meat French Vanilla creamer which was really nice because usually I can't have like coffee I like Waffle House or places like that because I usually just have like cream it's so hot though then watching Gabby and Nikki's new video obviously not while I'm driving we're parked and my mom and sister are unloading the car into my sister's apartment Williams riding in the big boy part for the first time ever with his aunt Callie was kind of nervous put him in there I had him in the stroller at first which is down there but it has like full top straps too and she's sitting with them buddy he's so cute I said and uncle Christian's fishing them look at how cute they are he's like in a daze yeah he is honey wait you says well who can see yourself who is that we just noticed that Christians been walking home target this whole time with these like crackers stuck to his back they're like the ones that don't solve that our Williams and he's just been walking around target like that you must have like they must have been on the seat in the car I think so you just had that all day I got breakfast and somebody's just having some carrot is you Keeney broccoli I'm gonna get this necklace because I've really been wanting necklaces my only necklace I own is this one that says William but I wanted one that was a little higher so these actually sit higher and they're rose gold so I thought they would be really pretty there's these ones they're $14.99 and then I also really liked my best chick filet and apparently there's like a million chick-fil-a's around here and this is the chick-fil-a mind you that we each drove by last night but obviously I don't know how to find things and we went to one and make this like ah I didn't what we were driving [Laughter] but the first one we went to you brought us on campus and it was like in campus like inside the school so absolutely under there and the second one next thing you know we pull to the mall and that ones in the mall and all we're trying to do is find a regular to play so I think I found it third time's a charm we didn't even practice so yeah we're getting chick-fil-a and then after chick-fil-a we're getting this coffee place that's by Kenzie school that's apparently pretty good keep it hush you know we had a pre pregame we did you know honestly it's better to think you're getting to the restaurant and then oh it's not there and over there and it's not because it builds up this anticipation in the middle time we actually get to play it's gonna be so much better chairs is up to here at this point Curtis down D here is down okay I got a necklace on you just some things he goes so once mom posted a Facebook post and it said Lona is with Kenzie and Lauren but we weren't with my mom and Kenzie was away at school and both of us got a notification and all of that is Mona is with Lauren and Kenzie and had our Facebook's tagged and we were like so I climate 'add liar and then Mackenzie coming in no I'm not and then she never responded I still still have no idea what we're talking about like a year ago she shuns me that up and it's like mom do you not get notification you're not like older either like you're very good with technology and you like you're not never happy yeah you're like the hippest of the hip mom's she's not a regular mom she's a cool mom and I'm not saying that did she she don't know how to control her facebook statuses so I'm gonna find it I do not result there it is there she is now I need no need turn around I came to the exit and I see there it is again the anticipation two years ago yo here it is oh my gosh whatever look Mona was with Lauren and Kenzie July 3rd 2017 and I said why early it was July 3rd so maybe I was drinking like three times in your life and you think the one year I never responded yeah and on that note Bosch we can get we're going to play now we finally made it should we just go through the drive-thru are we even gonna get a Tuesday if I was like if I was a big youtuber this video would get turned into Lauren Midgley's family all screaming for 10 minutes straight we finally did it we got no I guess I got we got the goods is it everything you were hoping for are you feeling Christian you look like oh who got the ball okay wait this is gonna be making we're back again this time this is and some of them not smoothies um this is a coffee place by Kenzie School and it is pretty yummy and where we going now Michaels Michaels and now a boyfriend and now we're going to Michaels and then we're gonna go back to Kennedy's apartment to decorate hopefully my battery doesn't die before then so I can show us decorating I'm at Michaels Michaels I feel like it was getting so much more cute home decor Hall Callie stay close oh I saw this sign as you know but I really want it kind of looks like that sign that says fresh pies big daily but look it says happy pumpkin spices and I think I'm gonna buy this for like the entryway table I really like that and I'm excited to decorate our house for fall for the first time Oh see like I think all this stuff is so cute how much is this $24.99 and it's 40% off I always think these little red trucks are cute especially like the ones for Christmas where they have like the Christmas tree sticking you know that this is a stroller my mom got him for this trip with a little umbrella stroller because we didn't have enough room to bring his big stroller and look like it's like me just for him no one any bigger would fit oh my gosh this section is so cute look at this stuff oh my gosh I just love these colors I like these too I really really I just love this outfit that I'm wearing today nice so pretty too the one thing you like about Michaels is they always have a 40% off coupon online we would always find one but I feel like they're really stepping up their home to Craig a mini I like they used to that's pretty okay so this is Kenzie's room so far and I think it looks so good so she has this gray um are you okay okay so she has this great comforter and then she has this which is so soft and cute white pillow that these are for the bathroom so these are going over here but then this and then she has like pop blue and then look at this rug it is so unbelievably soft so soft and it makes her room feel more like homey like my was cold and then we also got these little white beanie and then she has a tapestry too but I think we're gonna hang up like right there just trying to cover some of the windows yeah it's coming along really well and like I said this is an apartment not a dorm last year she lived in a dorm so it's nice because she has her room and she has her own bathroom and then she actually is like in a full-on apartment but her door like obviously walks this is what Kenzie had so far Oreo mint tea Oreo thins and I'm noticing some bagels yeah okay so this is where we're at so far the tapestries in the middle we obviously wanted to put those like across but we forgot to get an extension cord so it's just going like that for now somebody peed on the bed we're not sure how whoo jury's still out on that one like a mom now we got this where you gonna put that next to the desk somewhere I think I'm gonna put the dresser in the closet oh yes so then wait where is your where do you do laundry Oh in here no the laundry's other in the kitchen yeah oh that's nice you don't to walk somewhere now sorry for the loud music in the background myself cool are these my mom got these for my sister they're mason jar sip and straw lids so you just take a regular mason jar and then you can put a little lid on it with a straw house it was so neat look at this dish scrubber she died these are really need these bowls got some glasses actually really like these everything's from Target these two look a little mini Walker machine and then this is from Target – what's a good angle for right here winner kid's gonna post this c4 nonchalantly and just say oh I got a new room and that and not even acknowledge the fact that I'm in there do I do it one more time because you can't really see the card is that one better shiny different one do that do that family cuter I think this one's huge because he needs the carpet no then you can't see what I'm doing yeah but I'm a different post it looks like I'm just laying down it needs you more like extra what should I do [Laughter] hey what do you think might accrue as you can see me and my sister a little crazy when we're together my whole family is alright look how cute it looks so cozy and cute look how cute these are I'm so gonna buy some when I go to Target next would you tomorrow really that I'm gonna do my fall shop with me I think tomorrow I'm gonna hobby though yummy stuff without cute okay we're about to leave Kenzie's apartment so this is what her bathroom looks like so cute I love this shower curtain I kind of want to go get it for my guest bathroom look how cute it is like just the colors are beautiful and the details and I really like like these pinks in there so they got these towels to go with it that little rug and then this little rug and it's a pretty I mean this bathrooms like bigger than our bathrooms at my house so this is a really nice-sized bathroom and then obviously you guys saw the bedroom and now you're just packing up you're going to go okay I need you to cry for the video now say bye with a tear running down your cheek eyedrops Afeni one sip I Lauren you've always been such an inspiration or nice policing by to me the best older sister I could ever look up to you yes in true Kenzi fashion I'll miss you really are you sad we're leaving are you giving this up you guys excited that cameras making me nervous [Laughter] your room looks good it looks so good I can't wait wasn't really good yeah that looks nice your bathroom looks nice yeah I love your back comes together go live your life by yeah well back up the stairs oh my god we're still here we go back downstairs bye [Laughter] I'm back this camera is actually make you proud do you want to see yourself oh not looking too hot hey guys what a summer [Laughter] I'm Kenzie and you're watching Disney Channel I can't remain her nervous okay I'm looking awkward on here cuz I'm just like but I like know what to say yeah what you have 20 seconds to do what describe you best [Laughter] my fans want me five [Applause] you

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