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hey everyone its children welcome back to Jojo just wherever Wednesday I answer your guys a question some Wednesday's any random things other Wednesday's I don't know I don't know anyway so today what I'm going to do is I'm going to be doing a closet tour for you guys because I showed you a room tour but then basically I just kind of zoomed through my closet and it was no fun but today I wanted to show you guys the ins and outs and my face I don't know let's do it suppose you have a little nook where if I played on my phone I like to sit here because it's like kind of like just the right size otherwise I just keep some of my backside this is my dogs bag I bag it has nothing in it this bag is going my shoes but I just keep my corns in there like my random clothes this is a bag of bags back there on my beats a stethoscope my frogs um I mean of corn got some froggies oh they're all they're all following okay fine anyway so she will go to the right or to the left to the right to the left let's go to left voila we have my shoe closet now guys I know it's a hot mess down here but I like shoes cool I like onesies also so this closet is my pajamas slash skirts that need to get hung up like these like big fluffy ones so in here is my pajamas my onesies and my shoes it has a light in there I love the light that's in there it's like my life so now moving down there bright let's start on this end my closets like weird my mom hates it because she thinks that it's like too short like when I cuz she's really tall so everything I have nothing on the top shelf but then I have everything crammed on the bottom shelf and why did that is because you'll see on that side I'll show you I'll explain to you on that side so I have my closet is color organized so it's my whites my gold my rainbows my Pink's my red and my oranges my yellows my greens my blues my grades and my blacks very intense Mannie so then we have my skirts which I just got this one isn't he cute I love it then I got my camis my justice camis are with him like 24/7 then I got my booty pull back from todrick that he gave me I was at his house and he was moving and he was like and I go yo love you um have anything that you don't have room for and he goes yeah that Tiger backpack and I was like all hail Queen todrick it was great okay I got some hats an extra battery for my tornado thing oh yeah yells okay daddy coming back cousin hats let's switch sides so on this side we have my laundry now this is why I have nothing up here because one I took everything down before I came up with the idea so my original idea was to take her backpack and put it on a hanger cuz I have a lot of bags my bag problem isn't as much my shoe problems and then go like this and then hang it up but then the issue that I ran into is that not all backpacks have this little thingy and so when you don't have that it just looks not it's not like this is a short backpack but like with a long one it's just it's not it's not cool at all so then I just decided to put my laundry out there but it's going to be really annoying right now so just get rid of it on this side we have my swimsuits I like some suits they're fun then this is my extra hair stuff so like when I've already braised I like rainbow loom bobby pins more bamboo limbs more rainbow looms nothing hair clippings and then I just have my ponytails like this kind about every other type of ponytails in math and my friends steal my ponytails guys yeah back to the other side and one more thing tripod keep my tripod Hey so first up under here we have my little washcloth bin thingamajiggy and if you're wondering what this point thing is it's something that was under there that you are not allowed to see that endless we have a big old collection of my Clair stuff and some of it is out but others of it is not out yet so the stuff that is out is obviously the bows so we got some little puff balls these are out golden messages I don't believe these are out yet um but the really cool you'll find all about all about those you got some judges use keychains around the packages I might have one or I don't have one that's out of it it's okay that's another separate video also this is just a quality board got some earrings with little bows on them and then they don't really hold a little like sticker blind packs Hey alright guys that's it for my closets thank you so much for watching this video and subscribe and no this is not it this is a Joe Joe disuse what am I talking about it's fine I'll have common sense one day this is a jodas juice now I have special yes she didn't want to be in this part but she did want to do juice said she didn't do it last week guys she was good in last week not drink I think I look like the bottom of the earth right now and if you're wondering why it's because it's late and I'm tired and I got ready for bed and I was like oh oh I should do the Jews but then she was like I'm gonna do it cuz she go change over to the jail as to the chain to the you – I see that's Joe deduce what why – yours is what what hey Danny on him don't get down gonna get like my man Josh it ah hush miss my job or so okay do it I thought you were doing it no swing it on himself and I really like all open and ready for me oh what'd you do to everyone that you have in your videos yeah even poorly yeah I demand to be treated better oh okay there's a rule what you have to walk over your face remote lashes I don't kick it oh my new ones oh I miss today I'm my juice of choices Diet Coke cuz why I'm hoping the caffeine seeps through and again it wakes me up a little bit right over your face mmm over your face like when you wanna do it remember what no woman would watch all the judges juices and it was funny or what we did it over my face okay over your face this is my face like I dragon like oh like narge back Oh like like flash enjoy it yeah lot of ether no that's not the right size know what I say Saturday I like I like we counted in okay this is not choreography I go I want to do it on my like Miley Cyrus be on my own I'm done why George I'll kill you Jojo oh I'm not going to the gold I'm not done no I'm not doing it you're kidding all it up okay you look for those I hate you oh whoa give me my bathroom unless I think you'e clean ah hey hey hey okay hey everybody make sure you like and comment down below Jojo I will kill you topic Joe Joe stop Joe Joe hahaha here's what I really hope you love me it's just you one you're not satisfied I didn't you're not this one's a jerk just do a little bit no doing it love you guys nothing else sticky if you already are easy just rate okay guys thank you for watching I wasn't planning on showering but now I have to and now I have to like redo my whole back end because there's soda everywhere yeah wash all this hey Joe thanks for watching thank you with subscribe follow the audit stick I haven't ever will that instead of sue up follow her we're gonna Caillou follow you on Instagram I need more followers you do I do at Gesell's you uh is what that dude um you look at white dog God let's all just take a moment Joe Joe I'm never doing it again guys she grabbed just go she obviously loves it where did just go IKEA find her okay love you is out

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