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welcome to fix-it home improvement of covering projects that every homeowner should know and great products for home and garden this week we're gonna be talking about closet and pantry organization and we'd like to thank Luigi Foucault for liking and sharing the podcast Sydney's almost finished with book 6 and we'd like to thank our listeners on cashbox we've been getting a lot of likes on the amp many of the early American homes didn't have closets for clothes clothes were folded and kept in a chest of drawers and wealthy home owners they would have freestanding wardrobes in their bedroom to store their clothes and if you had a lot of clothes to store you'd want a double wardrobe and they based it on the eight small men method butts so it should be big enough to hold eight small men and that was a Display of wealth and the first hangers weren't even invented until the late 1800s and one of the first patents for a hanger was in 1897 huh depending on your home and its age you could have a dedicated storage area like a closet for your pantry or you could have kitchen cabinets that you're using to store your food and spices and if you're remodeling your kitchen and you're replacing the cabinets there's a wide variety of pantry kitchen cabinets and they're designed for organizing bottles cans and boxes so the floor-to-ceiling cabinets with pullout shelves they have built-in lazy susans it really makes it easy to stock and use and the pantry style cabinets are usually going to be as deep at your base cabinets and actually look really nice next to a refrigerator on one or both sides right and then you can add a wall cabinet above the fridge the same depth of the fridge and with those pantry cabinets you can really get a built-in look and this is where the kitchen designers in home centers could really be helpful that can show you a lot of options that are hard to search online or a lot of these they don't have samples in the store but they can pull them up on their computers and if you aren't changing your cabinets but you have the room they also have freestanding pantry they look like a piece of furniture and some come with doors without doors and I would look for the styles that have adjustable shelves or pullout drawers or the built-in lazy susan says it's really going to help you organize better Thomas Edison and Thomas Jefferson are both credited with inventing the lazy susan good PR teams and they say it was based on weald serving trays from France and Henry Ford would bring a 9 foot diameter dining table with a huge lazy susan on it on his camping trips so him and his friends would sit around this table and they could spin this lazy susan and no one would have to get up to put food on their plates and you should check out pictures of him online under this huge tent and everybody's sitting around this table is pretty funny if you have a pantry now you can organize it with adjustable shelves drawers bins spice racks and lazy susans to make better use of your space and if you have a spare closet you can turn that into a pantry so in the house I'm in now there was a closet just off the side of the kitchen coming in from the garage and I turned that into a pantry just it was just like an entry closet so there was a there's an entry closet at the front door and then there was like this entry closet coming in from the garage yeah the Builder said it's Chicago they need to have areas for coats so what I did was I took sew it originally just had a clothes pole and then a shelf above that so I removed the clothes pole I left that shelf on top I measured off to one side for a garbage can I added hooks to hang a broom and dust pans and then I added a hanging shelf system under the wood shelf on the one side so I'm leaving space for easy access to the garbage can the broom and the top bar of that shelf system is screwed into the studs on the wall and there's three standards that attach to this bar and they hang down and then you can put the standards into studs or you can use wall anchors for more so it can carry more weight the shelves are plastic coated wire that attach to shelf brackets and they can be adjusted so you can organize your food and supplies so I started at the top with the smallest cans and bottles and then started adjusting each shelf below it and I ended up with the biggest boxes and storage bins on that bottom shelf and because it's a hanging shelf system I can then put cases of water or bins on the floor under that bottom shelf and years ago when I set this up there weren't a lot of options in the home centers so what I ended up doing is adding five or six of these small wall-hung spice racks so on the side wall and so those small bottles on those wire shelves some of the small bottles right they took yeah yes so it's nice to add this specialty shelving to this some of the top rated hanging track systems you can get for a pantry are from ez track Rubbermaid they have their fast-track system closetMaid and john sterling has a heavy weight hang track shelving system for wood shelves so if you're looking for heavy like bulk storage so the other with the wire shelves Rick exactly my parents in their utility room created a pantry area okay but they used fix shelves so they're solid wood shelves okay but you can't adjust them I think they're too big they're very deep right yes are they rotating they're a step ladder that's why I think just will shelves are so much better because you can organize the shelves according to the size and it gives you better access and I think you should think about the depth especially if you do have a door because that's the door well but if you did but if you did have the pantry but if you did have a door and let's say we put a door on therefore you would want the flexibility to be able to put some type of shelving on the back of the door so you could put spices or small things like that and you'd want to be able to close that and have enough room from the shelves so they don't hit each other to organize your pantry there are a lot of different specialty shelves you can get tilted bin can racks and they hold soup cans and when you take one the can behind it rolls forward and you can get these either like in the grocery store yeah they're cool so you can get them wide or you can get a tall depending on your shelving and for your shelves you can also get racks to hold your cutting boards on edge or cupcake or muffin pans and this will free up space in your kitchen cabinets right and they have similar racks for frying so they stack one on top of the other or all on their sides next to each other and they come either freestanding or wall mount if you empty your bagged and boxed food into airtight glass or plastic containers your food is gonna last longer and you can organize the space much better and I like the clear containers it makes it easy to keep track of how much is left make sure you label what's in the container though I saw these chalkboard labels okay that are reusable that's cool you just wipe it off and write what the new stuff is yeah a lot of that baking stuff all looks the same you put it into a container you can also get clear plastic bins to hold your wax paper aluminum foil and bags makes it easy to grab and organize I would get airtight wheel bins to put pet food in and you can set that on the ground under your shelves if you have adjustable shelves and then if you have deep shelves like your mom you can get small lazy susans and it makes it easy to spin and get the things that are behind there's a behind the door storage cabinet from a company called cab adore some of these are just great so it's C ABI dor and this attaches to the hinges on the door so it can be in front of the door or behind the door if you have room with your shelving and if you need some extra room to organize small items like spices you can create your own shelving between the studs in your wall so normal 2×4 is behind a wall are 16 inches on center so it's going to give you roughly a 14 and a half inch opening three and a half inches deep so you can build a box basically with 1 by 4 lumber drill holes for shelf pegs and put thin plywood on the back of this and set this in the space between the studs so you're right you would cut out the drywall you forgot to say that you would slip this in and then you could put screws or nails straight through the sides of the one before us into the stud so it's going to hold in place then you can add trim around the outside of it and make it more decorative you can also get pre-built wall niches and there's a company called concealed cabinet they have open cabinets that fit between the studs or they have concealed cabinets so you can put a picture on the front of this so it's very decorative and then you open it up and you can have like a spice rack they talked about them in all the medicine cabinet episode right if you're using your kitchen cabinets for pantry items you can add pullout drawers and it's gonna make it much easier to organize and get to your containers and by hitting something you're adding inside the cabinet yeah like base cabinets it really makes it easy if you add these sliding trays so you'd screw this to the bottom drawer so yeah so like a small open drawer it's almost like a flat shelf you can get a couple different styles but you screw it into your cabinet and it pulls out so it makes it easy to access stuff in the back your mom would love this and if you're getting stackable airtight canisters make sure you're looking for food safe to organize your clothes closets one of the easiest things you can do is add a clothes Pole right exactly so a common way clothes poles are attached in closets is with a piece of wood usually a 1 by 4 run horizontally on each end of the closet rod and it's nailed into the studs and then the closet pull socket is screwed into the 1 by fours and on top of the 1 by 4's it's usually holding a wood shelf and you could have a closet pull support bracket in the center of the pole and that's gonna help carry the weight of heavy clothes or that shelf and this is a good setup because you're not always going to have a stud in the best location for that closet pull socket ends so that 1 by 4 lets you adjust the depth of the pole and also gives you really good support why don't you explain how to put in another pole so you're gonna need to move your existing pull up if you have a shelf you want to remove that then you can remove your closet pole then you're gonna use a pull and pry bar and remove the 1 by fours or whatever the lumber is you have there you may have to remove the screw or screws from the socket depending on how they set it up and remove that Center support if you have one now you want to decide the height of the two closed poles so I would be able to reach it right so I would take mine you don't want them hanging on the ground right so I take my longest pants and my longest shirt on the hanger and hold it up against the back wall and adjust it for my height if you're smaller or not tall you'd probably want shorter right if you're shorter you probably want your longer items on that bottom pole and so you're going to adjust that and have the smaller let's say shirts for example on the upper pole that way you can reach it by the hanger and pull it off if you're taller it's not going to matter as much and you might want to adjust this to either have storage totes below it so you can have both of these poles much higher or decide whether you want a shelf on top and that's gonna give you extra storage use a stud finder and find the studs behind the drywall for your 1 by fours on the ends and then for your center support on the back wall Franklin censors zircon Stanley and Dewalt all make top rated stud finders you want to measure down from the ceiling and mark for your 1 by fours on each end you're gonna screw or nail them in place and then use a hanger with a shirt on it and decide where you want the placement of that pull socket on the 1 by 4 and then you can screw that into place put your clothes pole on the Sacketts and then use the pole to adjust the placement of your Center support you're gonna mark the screw holes over a stud and screw it in and then you can do the same thing for the other pole and just by adding a second closed Pole in a closet you're gonna double your storage space and it's pretty inexpensive if you want a closet system easy track Rubbermaid and closetMaid have organizing systems for closets and they come with multiple poles shelves drawers and bins customize it to what you need yeah and it's cool because some of the kids can be assembled in a variety of ways and rather than having to order custom systems you can get something that's a little bigger and then cut down the shelves and the poles so it's just less expensive and easy to kind of do yourself we've installed a couple of these yeah yeah yeah they do a good job if you have multiple closets or wide closets you can have one area with double closed poles for hanging clothes and use the other space for shelves so in my son's rooms they both have two closets in one closet I put in double rods and then the other closet I ran floor-to-ceiling shelves and the shelves are great for organizing and rotating the toys and games when they were young and I used to clearly do now yeah they won't give up any other toilets they're hoarders and so I used clear stackable totes for all their small toys and parts like for all their little kits and things so it really helped to organize it and my one son has a baseball cap collection so I got hanging hat racks so it keeps them all organized and then he uses that to display em thanks there are over the door hooks and racks that you can get there's also hanging organizers for clothes poles so my son has one of these in his college dorm it has a heavy duty velcro strap that folds over his clothes pole and this gives him a thin vertical cubed storage rack it has soft sides and solid bottom steamcube you can also get tie racks and belt racks that's going to save your drawer space there's a variety of shoe racks you can get for closets and this is a great way to organize your entry closets store your shoes they have them tall or wide you can have multiple levels and this is an easy rack you can build yourself that way you can fit it to the size your closet and if you don't have enough hanger or drawer space for your clothes you can use totes or bins and then rotate your clothes by season yeah we had to do this me and my sister when we lived at home okay cuz we shared a closet right so there wasn't enough room so it's a good time though to go through all your clothes Brizzy what fits what doesn't fit and then donate the stuff yeah smart or you could just simplify so I have ten Carhartt polos with a pocket even I see you every day that they wear for summer and I have ten Carhartt long-sleeve shirts for winter and then when they're worn they become my work shirts so I replace the shirts that become a work shirt so I don't need a lot of closet space I probably have more hammers than I have shirts so I better get this for my dad so he was a jazz musician and he almost always wore black dress pants and black shirts I don't think I've ever seen him in jeans or shorts and even when he helped me around the house he'd come over and like an old pair of dress pants so he really nailed that Johnny Cash look so polo shirts one of the most popular shirts in the world in the late 1800s in India polo players were wearing these shirts with button-down collars and John Brooks so one of the dudes from Brooks Brothers who started that I thought it looked pretty cool and he created a button-down collared dress shirt and it became popular for tennis golf and polo do you have anything else dad if you plan on remodeling your kitchen and changing out the cabinets take a look at the kitchen pantry cabinets I really like the floor-to-ceiling units with the pullout drawers it's gonna make organizing much easier some of them come with a lazy susan shelves built in if you have a dedicated space like a closet for your pantry and have fixed her limited shelves take a look at the hanging tract systems the adjustable shelves are gonna make organizing easy if you transfer your products into airtight clear stackable containers and adjust your shelves to it you can really maximize the space and there's a lot of specialized bins and storage racks you can get for closets you can quickly double your storage space with a second closed Pole or you can get a closet system with multiple poles shelves and pullout drawers to make the best use of your space let's wrap this up you can subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcasts Google podcast cashbox player FM or your favorite podcast and if you enjoyed it please leave us a review you can check out our home improvement videos on our youtube channel 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